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 UES's evilest double act return
UES's evilest double act return
Episode 21: Alone in the Park

GG: Haven't bạn heard Upper East Siders, The chó cái, bitch is back, and no I'm not referring to Blair, This girl makes B look like an angel, Georgina Sparks is back in town, and at Constance... So getting that crown back wont be as easy as bạn though B?

(At Constance/St Jude's)

It's been a few days since Georgina's return
Georgina, Penelope, Iz, Hazel and Nelly are talking in the courtyard.
Blair, Nate, Chuck and Serena are sitting at a table.
Blair is staring over at them.

B: This is just my luck, I finally manage to disregard one chó cái, bitch and an even bigger one turns up
C: What is she doing back?
S: Apparently her parents thought after she finished at 'attitude camp' she could do with finishing her education
B: Finishing her education?! Oh please...
S: So what are we going to do?
N: What can we do? She's not just gonna go this time, I mean she has no reason too
B: Whatever, Georgina Sparks doesn't turn up for no reason

Blair stares over at Georgina.
Georgina waves to her.

B: bạn know what, It's not about power, this I'm gonna do for fun

(An giờ later, At lunch)

Blair is keeping her sách in her locker.
Chuck walks up to her.

B: Anything?
C: I got nothing, She's clean, Did her time at brat camp, rehab, the whole deal, bạn name it she did it

Blair slams her locker closed.

B: that can't be possible
C: Believe it, trust me no one is thêm shocked hoặc surprised than I am
B: There's gotta be something
C: Well that's all I could get

Chuck walks away.

B: xin chào Chuck, Thanks for trying
C: (grins)

Blair begins to walk away also.

C: xin chào Blair, bạn wanna discuss this over lunch?
B: (turns around and smiles) sure

(At a café on the Upper East Side)

Chuck and Blair are just chatting about how they can bring Georgina down.
Chuck notices Blair isn't eating her food, She is just playing with her food.

C: Are bạn going to eat that?
B: Oh, I'm not that hungry
C: Blair?
B: What? I'm not...
C: Do bạn want to end up back in the hospital
B: Chuck we're Những người bạn now, bạn don't have to care like bạn did
C: I wont ever stop caring
B: Thank bạn but I'm fine

At that moment Vanessa enters looking very angry, Nate is trying to stop her making a scene.

N: Vanessa please
V: Where is...(sees Blair) Oh there she is... bạn know what Blair, just when I start to forget about bạn and everything you've done...And I think I'm finally happy, There bạn are again!
B: Can I help you?
V: In fact bạn can, Do hate me that much that bạn have to take everything from me?
B: What is this about?
V: Unbelievable. Who the hell do bạn think bạn are?
B: Blair Waldorf

Vanessa is about to hit Blair but Nate pulls her back.

B: Nate hold her back please, what is her problem?
N: What do bạn think Blair?
B: Oh, that...
V: Yes that, What is wrong with you? Can't bạn keep your hands off other people's men?
B: It was nothing Vanessa, get over it
V: Is this what it's like in your world, bạn sleep with whoever, doesn't matter who...
N: (steps forward) We didn't sleep together
V: Oh shut up Nate

(Nate moves back)

B: Vanessa I'm sorry but we're over this, bạn should be too
V: Well I'm not...And why the hell are bạn okay with this, I thought bạn two were dating?
C: Blair said, we're over it
B: If bạn can't handle this world don't try living it
V: bạn know what, for once I agree with you, I'm done with this world

Vanessa exits.

N: (sarcasm) Thanks Blair
B: She's not my problem Nate, and now,she's not yours, your care free...Your welcome
N: Maybe I didn't want to be
B: (no reply)
C: Nate?
N: Don't worry man...I'll try to talk to her

Nate exits.

GG: Spotted. V back in town, another problem landing straight in B's lap, Didn't handle that situation with much sympathy did you? Then again there is no tình yêu loss between B and V...

(A few hours later)

At Central Park.

Dan is sitting on a bench waiting for Serena.
Serena and Blair walks up to him.

D: xin chào Serena...(sees Blair) and Blair
B: Did bạn know she was back?
D: What? Who?
S: Georgina
D: What? She's back, Georgina's back
B: Ugh, Did bạn have something to do with this?
D: No why would I, what do I care, who's “Queen B”
B: Because last week it was your little brat of a sister
D: What?! Jenny doesn't care about that stuff
B: bạn should ask her about that
S: Dan, If bạn know why she's back, Has she talked to you?
D: No, and if she did I wouldn't have anything to say to her

Serena smiles.

D: So what is she doing back?
S: Finishing school
B: Like anyone believes that for a second
S: It might be true
B: (shocked) What?! Why are bạn defending her? As bạn đã đưa ý kiến and I quote “She is a manipulative, psycho bitch
D: and what's makes bạn different
B: Tu Shay, However bạn might just wanna drop the psycho, I would go that far. But if she's back, I need to know why
S: We all do B

(At the Waldorf Apartment)

Serena and Blair are just arriving back from the park.

B: Ugh, if he's lying!
S: B he's not
B: (rolls her eyes)
S: Oh and Nate called me earlier
B: Oh
S: Yes oh, It seems like bạn made things worse between him and Vanessa
B: What? I was just being honest
S: He says they've broken up
B: What's the problem then, Nate should be thanking me
S: Thanking you?
B: Yes, Finally got rid of that skank for him
S: It was Nate's decision not yours
B: I didn't make her break up with him
S: Chuck forgave you
B: so...?
S: Well what would bạn of done if he hadn't?
B: It doesn't even matter anymore we're not a couple
S: But they were...
B: Are bạn just going to argue with me all ngày hoặc are we going to take down Georgina?
S: I've got an assignment to do. I'll see bạn tomorrow
B: But, I need bạn to help me
S: Call me if bạn need help

Serena exits.
Blair looks annoyed.

(A few hours later in the evening, at the Waldorf Apartment)

Georgina enters.
Blair is pouring herself a drink.

B: G, So glad bạn made it
G: Well how could I refuse
B: Drink?
G: Sure

Blair hands Georgina a drink.

B: So just between us G, what are bạn doing back?
G: I told you, my parents send me to finish school
B: Like bạn were ever one to listen to Mommy and Daddy, Come on tell me
G: (smiles) Ever been to brat camp?
B: I don't need it
G: Rehab?
B: (giggles)
G: No, because Blair Waldorf doesn't get found out does she? Every bad thing you've ever done, no one finds out no one tells Mom and Dad right? How do bạn think it was for me?
B: A treat...
G: No Blair it was hell, and that was all thanks to you
B: Actually it was your parents
G: Yes who bạn called
B: I was protecting my best friend
G: Yeah, well protecting Serena can only get bạn so far...
B: What?
G: Your took everything from me, I have a curfew every night, I can't go out, I'm permanently grounded, If I get a lower than a C on my GP it's back to brat camp, So bạn can understand why I'm unhappy with you
B: I guess
G: Well now you've taken all the fun out of my life, I'll take the fun out of yours...Not that thirsty anymore, I'll say Good night Blair

Georgina exits.
Blair looks shocked bởi Georgina's comments.

(At 10pm in Central Park)

Blair is sitting alone on in a decked area overlooking the pond.

B: I'm Queen B, that's all I am

Chuck walks past the decked area.

B: Chuck?
C: Blair? What are bạn doing here?
B: Why are bạn here?
C: Nate's in my suit he's driving me crazy, Going on about Vanessa
B: Oh, blame me then
C: So why are bạn here?
B: I just needed to get out of the apartment

Chuck walks onto the decking and sits tiếp theo to Blair on the bench.

B: Oh bởi the way, I found out why Georgina's back
C: Really? Why?
B: She wants revenge
C: On you?
B: Uh huh
C: Why?
B: Because I took all the fun out of her life, and now she's going to ruin mine, Like she hasn't done a good enough job already
C: Your life isn't ruined
B: Really? bạn think so...I have barely any friends, I'm a nobody at school, Serena's getting tired of me I can tell
C: You've got me
B: (grins) I've always got you, we're two of a kind, Anything I've done...
C: I've done worse
B: Exactly, We're as bad as each other Serena says
C: Yeah she's right
B: But if we weren't I wouldn't be me and bạn wouldn't be bạn and I wouldn't change you
C: and I wouldn't change you

They both smile at eachother.

B: Shouldn't we be getting home?
C: I guess
B: Back to land of hatred
C: Back to “Oh why did she break with me”
B: (smiles) Poor you
C: (grins)
B: Goodnight
C: Goodnight Blair

Blair and Chuck walk away from eachother in opposite directions.

GG: Well the Những người bạn who became những người đang yêu who became soul mates spotted at Central Park parting ways, back to their own problems...But it will only be a matter of time before their worlds collide again...We certainlly hope so. bạn know bạn tình yêu me. xoxo Gossip Girl


This is one of my fave eps, So please if bạn read let me know what bạn thought, I really really adore and appreciate comments/reviews. Thank you
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