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 Mất tích without a BFF
Lost without a BFF
Episode 17: Scary Moment

GG: Yes it's true, Blair Waldorf rushed to hospital, With an unknown problem, hoặc a known problem, Just unknown to us. Anyone let Chuck know? Better get over to the hospital C, I'm sure your the first one Blair wants to see, When she wakes up.

(At the Belleview Hospital)

Blair is lying on the bed, She is still unconcious. She has been in the hospital for 2 days.
Her collapse was caused bởi her years of bulimia.

In Blair's private room.
Eleanor, Darota, Harold and Roman are there.
Darota is standing bởi the door. Harold is sitting bởi Blair's giường holding her hand, Roman is standing behind him. Eleanor is matching around the room.

H: I mean how could bạn of not known about this
E: Me?! Oh and where were you? Oh yes in Paris
R: This really isn't doing Blair any good
E: Well it's not like she can hear us
R: Actually the doctor đã đưa ý kiến it's good to talk to her Eleanor
E: Ughh


D: Can I help with anything Mrs Waldorf?
E: Yes, Get out. Infact all of you, Out! I want to be alone with my daughter

Harold and marches over to Eleanor.

H: To hell with bạn Eleanor, I'm staying this is my daughter too, And if you'd of looked after her like a proper mother....Maybe we could of got this problem fixed before it got so bad
R: Calm down Harold
H: No! For God sakes this is my baby Roman, My baby, (starts to cry) My Blair bear...

Harold goes back to sit bởi Blair and holds onto her hand.

R: (whispers to Harold) Maybe we should give Eleanor sometime, This isn't good for Blair
H: (silence)
R: Harold?
H: Ohh, Your right...This isn't doing Blair any good

Harold stands up.

R: We will go get some food...

Harold and Eleanor give eachother evil stares.
Harold and Roman exit.

D: I shall leave too, Yes Mrs Waldorf?
E: Yes. Thank bạn Darota

Darota exits.
Eleanor goes to sit bởi Blair's bed.

E: Why did bạn do this to yourself Blair?

(waits asif she is expecting an answer.)

E: Is this because of school? Is someone presuring you...(thinks it might be here) Is it me Blair? Have I preasured bạn to much? (starts to cry) Please...Blair just wake up so we can talk about this. Your my little girl, I need bạn to wake up, Please...You'll have to get up soon, Serena's coming to see bạn later, and you'll want to talk to her wont you, and bạn know how Serena gets, So bạn have to wake up for her. Okay? Sweetie...?

Darota is looking into the room through the door and is nearly in tears also.

(In the Hospital foodhall)

Roman and Harold are sitting down.

H: I can't believe Eleanor is blaming me for this, Who the hell does she think she is?
R: (nods)
H: I mean I do everything for Blair, I'm a better parent to her than she ever is and I'm 3000 miles away.
R: (looks annoyed)
H: If this is anyone's fault it's hers...
R: Ohh enough, Your both to blame for this... bạn both need to stop arguing...Your forgetting who the important person is here, Blair. So work things out Harold, hoặc how is Blair going to get better with her parents fighting?
H: (looks ashamed) I'm sorry, Your right, Blair needs us to be strong for her.
R: (holds Harolds hand and smiles)

(At Constance Billard School)

Serena is sitting on the steps alone đọc over some papers.
She pulls out her phone and looks through her các bức ảnh of her and Blair.
Penelope, Hazel, Isabel and Nelly tham gia her.

P: xin chào S, Have bạn heard how Blair's doing?
S: She's still in a critical condition, I'm going to see her later
H: She's going to be okay though right?
S: I don't know
I: Is it true that she was bulimic?
P: Yeah I heard that too, Gossip Girl broadcast it the other day
S: (angrily) Who cares what Gossip Girl said! Blair is in hospital if bạn were any kind of 'friends' you'd care about how she is, Not how she got there
P: Don't pretend bạn don't know Serena, Just tell us
S: Ughh, (stands up) I'm not listening to this

Serena walks away from them.

P: (shouts) Don't worry S, We'll find out in the long run

Serena looks back at them and walks away.

GG: Spotted. The Mean Girls, not hiển thị much compassion in B's giờ of need, But if Queen B is down, Who will replace her?.... The words Serena and Queen come to mind.

Serena sees Chuck at the side of the school smoking and goes over to him.

S: (takes the smoke from him and throws it on the floor) Do bạn want to get thrown out?
C: Not that I care...
S: Where have bạn been the last few days?
C: In my suite...
S: Well aren't bạn going to ask me how Blair is?


C: How is she?
S: She's...No change...I'm going to see her later, bạn can come with me
C: I don't think so
S: Look just because bạn two are over, doesn't mean bạn have to stop caring about her
C: I don't care. I'm care free
S: (grins) God! What is wrong with you?! Stop being so selfish! Blair is not even consious
C: I thought she was okay
S: No Chuck, She in a critical condition
C: (stars to look thêm worried) I didn't know she was that bad
S: Well bạn didn't even ask did you?
C: I...
S: Oh forget it Chuck

Serena walks away from him.

(At the Belleview hospital)

Harold is sitting with Blair in her room.
He is at her bedside holding her hand, He is nearly in tears.

H: Come on Blair, Wake up for Daddy. Please Blair. Come on, bạn know when bạn wake up, bạn can come over to Paris with me and Roman, And we'll...we'll go to that cafe bạn loved so much last time, and we can go ice skating like before...You'll like that wont you?
Ohh sweetie can bạn hear me? I hope bạn can...I tình yêu bạn Blair, My beautiful Blair bear. I tình yêu you.

Harold stands up and kisses her on the forehead.
Serena arrives at Blair's room and knocks on the door.
Harold tells her to come in.
Serena enters.

H: Come in Serena
S: How is she doing?
H: No diffrent, I've just been having a chat with her, Nothing seems to be working
S: I'm sure she'll wake up soon
H: I hope so (continues to stroke her face)
S: I can go if you...
H: No. No. Blair needs to see you, your her best friend it will do her good hearing your voice
S: (mumbles) Oh I wouldn't be so sure about that
H: Sorry?
S: Nothing...
H: I'll go see how Eleanor's doing

Harold exits.
Serena goes to sit bởi Blair.

S: Okay, I know bạn don't want to see me right now but your just going to have to deal with it okay?...So I know your probably still mad, but don't punish me this way, Get up then we can have a proper chó cái, bitch fight and...(smiles) you'll win again...Just please wake up, I can't imagine it without my B...

Chuck is at the door with hoa and knocks on the door.
Serena looks at him and nods for him to enter.
Chuck enters.

C: Hey...
S: Hi, It's good bạn came
C: I had too, When bạn đã đưa ý kiến how bad she was...
S: Come to talk to her, the doctors say it helps
C: Ohh, I don't...
S: Come on

Serena push Chuck to sit bởi Blair.

C: xin chào Blair...I don't really know what to say
S: Just talk to her about anything
C: Okay... Well ummm, I don't know how this happened but I just think that it's important that bạn get better and get back to being you. (looks at Serena) How was that?
S: Great! Great, If bạn barely know her. bạn know her better than anyone...Give her something meaningful
C: How can I do that? The last time we spoke, we were done.

Serena shurgs.

C: Well...Okay...Blair bạn need to snap out of this, bạn can't be the number one chó cái, bitch when your stuck in here, Who am I gonna pest all day? Who's gonna be my rival? bạn can't leave, We never finished the game Blair, I want bạn too. wake up. I need bạn too.

Serena puts her hand on Chuck's shoulder.

S: We all do

Eleanor enters.

E: What's going on? Where's Harold?
S: Oh he's just outside
E: What is he doing here?
S: He's just here to see Blair, we're friends
E: Well now you've seen her can bạn leave please, This is a time for family
S: But Mrs Waldorf...
E: Please Serena...

Serena and Chuck exit the room,
But both look back into the room as Eleanor goes to sit bởi Blair.
They both then walk away down the corridor.

(In Blair's private room)

Blair's eyes start to flicker, then both open.

E: Blair?!
B: (looks confused) Mom?
E: Ohhh, Thank the Lord

Eleanor hugs Blair.

B: Mom?!

Blair continues to look confused.

GG: News to the Upper East Side. Blair's woken up, no worse for wear...We think, And we hear Chuck and Serena just missed the special moment, But how was it Chuck? Seeing your ex-beloved in that state, Are bạn changing your mind? It's your di chuyển Chuck, and bạn know who'll be watching. bạn know bạn tình yêu me. xoxo Gossip Girl.

 Someone's watching over B
Someone's watching over B
Summary: Four years have passed. Today was graduation day.
Everything had changed. Loves were rekindled and found. Friendships were torn and lost. Lonely, confused, hurt, deceived: everyone was. They all thought it was over; that the drama was done.

How wrong they were.

Today was graduation day.
Also known as the ngày that changed all of their lives.

A/N: Talking to Jovi randomly one day, the coolest idea popped into my head...what was it? Well, read on to find out ;)
Chuck -x- Blair, Serena -x- Nate, Carter -x- Georgina

Caution: This is story is pretty long, so be prepared :O
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Extended promo for episode 2.03 :)
Gossip Girl
season 2
episode 3
the dark night
Gossip Girl
Ed Westwick
A/N: Yes, I know…I should know better than to start ANOTHER multi-chaptered Chuck/Blair story when I have three going and I haven’t updated any of them in over a week, hoặc at least two of the three, but I really WANTED TO WRITE A NEW ONE!!! And this idea has been spinning around in my head since 2x07 aired. Plus, I want to add SO MUCH to it, and I simply can’t suck it all up in a one-shot, I mean…honestly. Lol. So, I hope bạn enjoy this and please PLEASE review!!!!
*The idea of this is that Blair tells Chuck she was jealous, after she spots him and Vanessa holding hands at the van der...
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 Bros before Hoes?
Bros before Hoes?
Episode 15: Down without love

GG: Frills and frocks, heels and headbands, It all comes out of the closet tonight. The social event of the year... All our U.E.S's will be there, and so will I, Gossip Girl's not missing this event, After all who knows what might happen?

- The Morning of the Charity Ball.

(At the Archibald Apartment)

Nate and Anne are in the apartment.
Nate is trying on his suit for the ball, when his cellphone rings.
Nate looks at the phone and sees it's Chuck.

A: Well aren't bạn going to answer that?
N: It's Chuck
A: Well answer it then he is your best friend Nate
N: (breathes deeply)...
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A/N: this is my new chuck and blair fanfic. i had the idea when i was lying in my giường a few nights cách đây and finally decided to put it on this to see how it would go with all bạn chair lovers. so i hope bạn like it and please review. plus please read my fanfic on chuck and blair's người hâm mộ site and review. dont worry i havent abandonded it but im sure i can multitask.

Info: chuck and blair do not know each other, blair and her mother moved to france when she was younger. she knows nate but they have never dated. serena is also her best friend. serena has still slept with nate but blair knows and doesnt...
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Gossip Girl
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