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posted by pigstacker17
barra - goldenbaramundi
piggy - pigstacker17
matter - friend pronounced may ter
ellie - barra's sister
tayla - friend
bear - barra and ellie's dog

barra's day!!!!!! bởi pigstacker17 add me!!!!

i awoke and i smelled the fresh air. i crawled across my sleeping bag and unzipped the tent flap...... the morning breeze was very chilled, i leaned back into the tent and awoke barra and matter. matter was very tired because we stayed up all night, but barra was very bright. she was that bright she opened the eski we had and pulled out a 1.25L bottle of cô ca and guzzled it down. matter thought she was dreaming,...
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posted by GoldenBaramundi
Here are some of the things that I like. *This is coming from Barra herself and is NOT an opinion.* Please comment. Thankees!^^

Name: Sam Preston
fanpop Username: GoldenBaramundi
fanpop Nickname: Barra *This is what I like to be called*
Food: Pizza
Song: These days
Band: Foo Fighters
Country: Australia *Duh! I live there*
Colour: Orange
Book: Warriors
TV Show: M*A*S*H
Sport: Tennis
Animal: Bottlenose Dolphin
Pets: Dog- Bear, Cat- Sam, Chicken- Chookyah, Budgie- Sunny.
Best fanpop buddy: Sparky!!!

Thanks for reading!!!