"yes, i know i haven't spoken to bạn in a long time
i guess i Mất tích hope that you'll ever help me...
but now, all i ask is for you
i know, i realize that...i haven't always believed in you, but i never doubted. i always prayed. trust me. i wouldn't lie about that.
But bạn never answered.
i was hurt. i thought bạn could understand being hated, but i guess to many tình yêu bạn for bạn to know true sadness.
Please help me, i've been hurt one to many
i've tried to fit in, i really did.
no let me in. No one truly cared.
all i felt was anger and mistrust
i couldn't feel anymore, i couldn't hiển thị emotion, i was,well, heartless. i tried though.
I'm sorry for that ngày in kindergarten, when i sat on the swing, waiting for bạn and bạn never came, i'm sorry i cried in self-pity. that was selfish to think i own you.
but you, bạn never helped me, even when i apologized. bạn never set someone's eyes to see the world as i do, only they see their way.
after i prayed the first time in years...you.....took away my only true friend.
i was left alone.
then bạn sent JJ.
i guess i should say...thank bạn for trying to help me
i promise to pray to you, one thêm time,
before letting go."