bạn are thêm than the choices that bạn make. bạn are thêm than the many hearts you’ll break. bạn are thêm than your dreams that don’t come true. bạn are thêm than whatever people think of you.
bạn are thêm than the things that bạn say. bạn are thêm than the places that bạn stay. bạn are thêm than the things that bạn do. bạn are thêm than I could ever think of you.
bạn are so much thêm than what bạn think. Your life right now is only beginning These tests and trials that come to you, are meant to make bạn someone new. bạn are more. bạn are worth it. bạn are so much greater than bạn think bạn are.
So stop right there and see the light. There’s a purpose that bạn can’t fight. bạn weren’t put here for nothing. bạn weren’t put here to waste away. bạn were fearfully and wonderfully made to live here everyday.
Your smile makes the skies turn blue. So don’t stop, whatever bạn do. No matter what people say, don’t let it ruin your day.
This isn’t how your story ends. So don’t end it early. If it isn’t how bạn intend, keep trying anyway.
There is a turning point in life, to push away pain and strife. Sufferings can come undone, to hiển thị bạn the Spirit and the Three in One.

God Bless You!