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Netizens must have always been expressive how they are Chuyện thần tiên ở New York bởi Yoona's beauty but let's face the fact that she's not perfect at all.

Yoona's proportioned physique saves her skinny body and she always looks good in everything she wears... expect perhaps super skinny jeans? Netizens shared some unflattering các bức ảnh of Yoona's legs which appeared awkwardly for some reason.

Maybe it's because she's too skinny that even though she has that perfectly shaped thigh gap, her bowlegs to appear awkwardly like this is kind of unflattering.

Hope she gains thêm weight.
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Yes, that tiêu đề is the best thing I could come up with, but at least, it's straightforward. Let's begin!

Casio Baby-G

9th: Sunny
Not a big người hâm mộ of the makeup, the hair looks terrible although I like that color on her, the mũ bảo hiểm looks super out of place, and overall, the picture didn't do Sunny any justice at all.

8th: Seohyun
Again, not a big người hâm mộ of the makeup, her eyebrows look weird, the hair doesn't work for her but I like that they put it in a ponytail. I don't want to even know why in the world the photographers wanted Seohyun to wear that outfit. It's too tacky.

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