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 Tiffany for Allure Magazine June 2015
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Note: This was voted bởi những người hâm mộ in this club.

From the prettiest to the least~
1. Sooyoung
2. Taeyeon
3. Sunny
4. Jessica
5. Seohyun
6. Tiffany
7. Yuri
8. Yoona
9. Hyoyeon

Sooyoung- She deserves to be at the top.

Taeyeon- I would consider her to be tied with Sunny, she looks amazing.

Sunny- I'm glad, people in here also think she looks pretty bangs.

Jessica- She looks good with everything. ^-^

Seohyun- I like her thêm without bangs, but she also looks cute with it.

Tiffany- She looks fantastic.

Yuri- She looks pretty good with bangs, but not as great as the other members though.

Yoona- No offense, she doesn't...
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