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 snsd philippines 2010
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girls generation
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girls generation
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It changed so just if you're wondering...
1. Soona
2. Sooseo
3. Yoonhyun
4. Jeti
5. Taeny
6. Sunyeon
7. Soosic
8. Yoonsic
9. Yoontae
10. Sunsic
11. 2ny
12. Soofany
13. Yoonfany
14. Seotae
15. Seori
16. Hyoseo
17. Seosic
18. Soori
19. Soosun
20. Sootae
21. Seofany
22. Hyotae
23. Yulti
24. Taeri
25. Yoonsun
26. Yulsun
27. Seosun
28. Hyosun
29. Hyofany
30. Yoonhyo
31. Yulsic
32. Hyosic
33. Taengsic
34. Hyoyul
35. Hyoyoung
36. Yoonyul
The changes were...
Jeti, Taeny, Hyotae, Yulsic, and Hyoyul went up 1
Yoonsic went up 2
Sunsic and Seori went up 5
Yulti went up 9
Seosic went up 11
2ny went up 20

Yoontae, Seotae, Yoonhyo, and Hyoyoung went down 1
Sunyeon, Yoonfany, Soori, and Hyosun went down 2
Soofany, Taeri, Seosun, and Taengsic went down 3
Hyoseo, Seofany, and Yulsun went down 4
Hyosic went down 5
Sootae went down 6
Hyofany went down 11
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girls generation
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.... @tiagih2 gave me the idea,I liked this idea of doing an bài viết like that but of course I hope they don't disband any sooner than 10 thêm years :P But anyways let's start!


I definitely don't hate her hoặc anything like that but she has a strong người hâm mộ base in Korea and look,her boyfriend is one famous rich guy!Even if she can't be part of snsd anymore,I'm sure SM would still keep her in the company and make her an actress.


I remember saying that she wants to get married in a program a few years ago.I really hope she will get married soon.It's every woman's dream to get married...
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