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This Girl’s Generation/SNSD bức ảnh might contain legging, leging, che chân, bao gồm chân, playsuit, người chơi, quần bellbottom, đáy chuông, quần chuông, bellbottom quần, and chuông đáy.

shwiibge sangcheo badko shwiibge nunmulnago
shwiibge apeudeon nal giyeokhanayo
chigeumdo keuraeyo yeojeonhi katayo
ireon nal bomyeon eotteolkkayo
shwiibge doraseodo shwiibge meoreojyeodo
shwiibge ijji mothal keudael arayo
yeojeonhi ireon nal ajikdo ireon
nareul bondamyeon pabora hagetjyo
wonhago wonhaeyo keurigo hana
apeugo apado keuraedo hanbeon
darhko darhajindaedo nunmuri
mareuji anhado cheoeumeuro
doragal su itdamyeon
cheoeum majuchyeotdeon geuttae keu shigani
wonmangseureowo jil ttaedo isseoyo
kakkeumeun iraeyo keuriumjocha
heorag andwehmyeon sumdo mot shwiimyeonseo
wonhago wonhaeyo keurigo hana
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 Kwon Yuri
Kwon Yuri
1.Yuri used to call Yoona on set so much just to hear Yoona’s voice that Yoona had to turn off her phone during recordings. Yuri was at the Madame B performance for JeTiHyun cheering like a fangirl, and used to stay up at night to tune in to Chinchin & Chunji (with Sunny) and make call-ins as ngẫu nhiên listeners.
2. When Yuri is angry , she quietly goes into her room and write what she will say and her comebacks. During the argument , when someone gives an unexpected answer , she say ” Wait one một giây ” goes back into her room , write thêm stuff , and come backs out.
3. Yuri once found...
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5. Complete- one sentence "SNSD makes my life COMPLETE". Every sone would think this, right? I mat not know SNSD but I think they also make their lives complete. As Sones, they are like our older sisters; they are good at being role người mẫu and know how to be funny when there are times we need to cheer up but can also be serious and hard working.
The one bạn look after hoặc the one who looks after you, the one whom bạn care about hoặc the one who cares about you-------they make your life complete and SNSD is one of them...
Favorite Line: This line made me shed tears of joy "You make my life complete"...Not...
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Tiffany's Perspective

Sometimes being Những người bạn with moody Cancer can pose something of a challenge to you. This pal's capacity to brood is simply incomprehensible to someone with your sunny outlook. However, you're remarkably good at overlooking your pals' weak points and Cancer is no exception to this rule. bạn have to admit, it is flattering when the cua, con cua fixes your yêu thích foods every time bạn come over. It's also nice the way your friend insists bạn look beautiful, even on your worst hair days. In return, bạn give Cancer the unconditional tình yêu they've craved since childhood. Sure, the two...
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Taeyeon's Perspective

Being Những người bạn with a fiery Aries can be an exhausting but rewarding experience. The Ram has boundless energy and will take bạn along on some of their many adventures. You'll never know what you're in for with this pal -- on Monday it could be skydiving, Tuesday might be bungee jumping and so on and so forth. And while you'd never seek out such thrills on your own, bạn have to admit that some of your most thrilling experiences have come courtesy of Aries. And though the Ram may never admit it, this pal admires your willingness to try anything once. True, bạn don't appreciate...
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Taeyeon's Perspective

Forming a friendship with a Leo can be a bit of a challenge. You're shy and retiring, while Leo is proud and bold. bạn cherish your privacy, whereas the Lion craves attention. bạn have trouble with commitment, while your pal is fiercely loyal. Despite these differences, bạn do admire each other immensely. You're blown away bởi Leo's warm-hearted generosity, while the Lion is impressed bởi your prodigious imagination. If bạn can manage to downplay each other's weak points, this may prove to be a very rewarding bond. Leo can help bolster your confidence, while bạn can cultivate...
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được ưa chuộng Japanese men’s magazine, ‘GQ Japan‘ will đăng lên a SNSD special in their July issue which will hit newsstands on the 24th. The special issue analyzes the factors to SNSD’s success in the âm nhạc industry.

According to a báo cáo from the ‘Japanese Oricon’ on the 23rd, ‘GQ Japan’ will also present the thorough nurturing program of SM Entertainment. Through an interview with SNSD, the magazine reported that the trainees go through rigorous daily training sessions which can last to upwards of 10 hours a ngày and usually takes 5 to 8 years to debut.

‘GQ Japan’ also picked out...
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SNSD's first Asia tour will stop at its first stop in Korea on December 19th and 20th at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul.

The tickets went on sale today and it was sold out in 3 minutes! How crazy is that? A người hâm mộ commented, "I was only a few giây late but it just đã đưa ý kiến SOLD OUT."

I guess your chances are up. I hope the lucky những người hâm mộ who managed to get tickets enjoy their time.

Just in case bạn haven't realized, this is a warning for the Chinese and Thai những người hâm mộ that are going to purchase tickets soon... get ready for the chaos!

Credit: allkpop


SNSD will be performing their first solo buổi hòa nhạc at the Olympic...
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