Hi S♥NEs, today is August 4/5th and it's almost SNSD's 7th Anniversary! linkIt's khó tin that it's already been 7 years since their debut. These 9 wonderful girls have matured into beautiful ladies. I'm very thankful for their efforts and I hope there will be thêm years with you, SNSD.link

I can't really take credit for nghề viết văn these articles, since it was all of bạn who wrote these sincere and sweet messages.

So this các bài viết format will be just like the first message ^^


To our dorky Kid Leader; Taeyeon:

ɞ "I can do it!" Those words taught me to face all events with courage and confidence. ʚ

linkI will always remember Taeyeon as the one who shouted over a bridge saying, "I can do it!" Thanks to those words, I've learned to face things head on, without fear hoặc doubt. Thanks to you, I've also really gotten to know Girls' Generation better.link I found out that bạn nine girls were a bunch of dorky little princesses. That bạn guys can sometimes be a bit weird. However, that only made me tình yêu bạn nine all the more! linkThere's never a moment where I'm not laughing when I watch bạn guys.link

Happy 7th Anniversary Taeyeon! bạn truly are a goddess among goddesses. You're beautiful, caring, and kind. No matter what the haters say, just linkdon't worry, be happy!~ You're with someone who makes bạn happy, along with the members, and your những người hâm mộ that are still supporting you! Just remember that no matter what may happen, we're always here for you.link Remember that ngày bởi day, bạn are always surrounded bởi our love!

To the beautiful and mature Maknae; Seohyun:

ɞ To me and all SONEs, bạn are our precious maknae. No one could ever be the same as you. Best maknae ever.ʚ

linkYou're starting to get infected bởi your members' dorkiness, but don't worry, it happens to everyone at some point. xDlink But linkwe still tình yêu you, because bạn are you.link So just stay true to yourself! linkAlways remember to be the studious, disciplined, and lovable maknae that the những người hâm mộ grew to know and love!link linkI just want bạn to know that bạn are an inspiration to every Seomate out there.link linkI hope we can be together until... forever!link

Happy 7th Anniversary Seohyun unnie! We tình yêu your innocent yet mature personality. For being so mature, beautiful, and wise years beyond your age, bạn should be được trao an award for that.

For our Lively Princess; Sooyoung:

ɞ I tình yêu how bạn don't care about your image. Just being who bạn are; Loving and Dorky. ʚ

linkSooyoung, my dear Sooyoung. You've improved a lot, look at the lanes bạn had before compared to now. bạn now have thêm than you've ever dreamt. People now recognize your talent and realize that bạn aren't a talent-less member.link You're talented in so many areas. bạn are beautiful, smart, tall (Yes, it's a talent xD For having such beautiful legs), a great dancer, and a humorous person. So it is true that every once in a while, God creates a perfect person.~ linkI can never get bored of bạn and bạn always leave me speechless.link linkEverything about bạn is wonderful, your personality, your dancing, your singing, your beauty, your never ending talent.link Those are just some of the many reasons why all the SooYoungsters in the world tình yêu you. ♥

linkKeep fighting Sooyoung!link Happy 7th Anniversary, Sooyoung unnie!

To SNSD's one and only Aegyo Queen:

ɞ I will always remember Sunny as the one I really admire among these girls. Your energy, your strength, your power to face everything. ʚ

linkI remember seeing bạn in the IGAB M/V and wondering... "Who did that to your hair?" xD But, since then, bạn were the first member I recognized thanks to that.link As I continued to dig deeper into the world of SNSD and SONEs, bạn were the member I paid the most attention to. Watching variety shows like Hello Baby and Invincible Youth, I gradually came to be a Sone. Those shows are what linksolidified bạn as my bias to this day, and I never regretted it.link There's so much thêm that I and every SunShiner wants to say, but words alone can't express how much we tình yêu you.

linkMuch tình yêu on your anniversary~ Hwaiting!link Happy 7th Anniversary, Sunny unnie!~

For our Goddess Yoong, YoonA:

ɞ You're the face of Girls' Generation. Yet bạn never took the spotlight from the other members. bạn are beautiful inside and out. ʚ

linkYoona, my deer (get it? xD) I personally tình yêu that bạn can still smile after all the hardships you've faced in life, and that to me, is my yêu thích thing about you. Also, don't be insecure about yourself! Just be yourself, and be comfortable in your own skin.link linkAfter all, bạn are considered to be one of the most beautiful among the group.link In my eyes bạn are beyond beautiful. Some may say bạn are plain but I think that it takes a special kind of person to be able to be plain and look beautiful at the same time. linkWhen people say that bạn don't have enough talent to be in SNSD. I always feel the urge to type an entire essay just to try to convince them that they are wrong.link bạn may not be the best singer, but bạn aren't the worst singer ever. bạn have other talents such as diễn xuất and dancing. Always know that there are people who will support bạn no matter what happens. Those special people are called fans, specifically, YoonAdicts.

Through the storms and snow, SONEs will always stick close to you. Some of us might be thousands hoặc millions of miles away, but we'll always be close to your heart! Happy 7th Anniversary, Yoona unnie!

The puzzle of Girls' Generation isn't complete if there aren't 9 important pieces. Each one of bạn have made mine and every SONEs life unforgettable and complete. In fact, this người hâm mộ club is proof of how much we tình yêu bạn nine goddesses.

Whenever you're feeling down hoặc discouraged, remember that the hate bạn receive is only a tiny fraction compared to how much tình yêu we SONEs give bạn each and every day. ♥

Jessica, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon

Taeyeon, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Sunny, Yoona


- Akumi

- lumina_louella

- DaniMF
- naoimings

- snsdlover4ever

Note: YoonAdicts were not listed above because to those who I have sent messages to, none replied. Akumi and snsdlover4ever helped write part of Yoona's message. ^^

Special thanks to snsdlover4ever who helped write messages for Sunny, Yoona, Taeyeon, and Seohyun! She really helped me out, so thank bạn so so much. <3

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