I'm so sorry for making so many các bài viết recently, but i'm in the mood of making them so...xD

This is my ranking of the prettiest SNSD members, without makeup. Who looks the best? and who looks the worst?

Feel free to disagree with me, in the các bình luận =)

Btw i'll use gần đây pics. And i KNOW, that, in the pics i'll show, the girls aren't entirely without makeup. BUT they're wearing very little makeup.

Number 9- Sunny

It's not that she looks bad but the difference between her with makeup and without makeup is HUGE. Tbh, i couldn't almost recognize her in those pics, the biggest difference is in her eyes.

Number 8- Seohyun

I can't say she changes that much but she obviously looks better with many, MANY makeup on her face, imo. Without makeup, her eyebags are even thêm visible and bạn can tell she has a pretty bad skin

Number 7- Yuri

it's ironic because Yuri is my third prettiest member, overall.
But when i saw her pics without makeup i actually turned a little disapointed. She looks really plain

Number 6- Jessica

i remember thinking Jessica was one of the worst without makeup but now that i see her most gần đây pics with a bare face..she does look good.
And this coming from me, is a big shock guys, because bạn all know i don't find Jessica pretty at all. I mean, i obviously think she looks MUCH better with makeup but she looks good without makeup too. It was really a surprise

Number 5- Yoona

I find Yoona plain even when she has makeup on, so it doesn't surprise me that i still find her plain without makeup.
I have to say though, the difference is really small, and that's a good thing.
She looks ok/pretty to me.

Number 4- Taeyeon

Sometimes i don't know where to place Taeyeon. I've seen some bared face pics of her, where she looks quite bad but, in others, she looks pretty..
Anyway, Taeyeon's face doesn't change much but the difference in her eyes is quite noticible, they look much smaller.
Still pretty and cute, though

Number 3- Hyoyeon

I had a hard time trying to find Hyoyeon's pics without makeup.
But, i eventually did find some good ones and i think she looks really pretty. I don't understand why most people put Hyo in the bottom 3 of the prettiest members without makeup i mean, look at her.

Number 2- Tiffany

I đã đưa ý kiến so many times how i find Tiffany much prettier with little to no makeup and well, these pics prove me right.
She looks so beautiful, omg. I wish i could see Fany like this, thêm often
Really pretty girl

Number 1- Sooyoung

Was this really a surprise to bạn guys? i mean, COMME ON.
All sones pretty much agree that Sooyoung is the prettiest member without makeup. She still looks the freakin' same and we can tell she has a natural beauty, which means, she can look beautiful without tons and tons of makeup.
Even the other members praise her non-makeup face like hell.
I can see why

So, here it is. I hope bạn liked it <33

Btw, after i made this article, i decided to compare my ranking with the comedian Kim Shinyoung, on WIN WIN show, back in 2010. She made a ranking of the prettiest members without makeup and surprisingly, her ranking is VERY similar to mine. The only difference is between Jessica, Yoona and Taeyeon.
But our bottom 3 and hàng đầu, đầu trang 3 are the same xD
here's the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq_W4Z8a4ug