Role in the Group
So who is Kim, Taeyeon? Most of us know her as “the” main vocal of the Korean Pop group SNSD hoặc Girl’s Generation. Being the oldest in her group she was deemed leader and in charge of making sure the members do their best and to put a good image for the group. As a Main Vocalist she is in charge of hát most of the parts in their songs. So Let’s dig in deep to see what is there to know about the “Leader of SNSD”.

Good Points:

There is little doubt that Taeyeon is the best singer in SNSD, even with less than four years of training her voice shines above all others. She isn’t named the OST Queen for nothing. It’s not just her voice in SNSD that people tình yêu but also her voice in Osts. Wither she is belting, wailing, just hát her little hearts out its nothing less than heavenly.
As a singer she excels in controlling her voice perfectly. Wither she goes high hoặc low she manages to keep it together til the end of the note. She may not project emotion hoặc display excellent technique but her control is what keeps her a #1, don’t forget it.
What bạn hear on CD is what bạn will hear live, almost little difference.

She is known for her dorky personality, which entails strange laughing, and tổng thể funny faces and gestures. People tình yêu that she is willing to through aside her image for a little fun and laughter, she can laugh like an old woman, hiển thị care for her fellow members, and even hiển thị off a side of her that deals with her butt fetish.

Bad Points:

It’s unfortunate but lots of những người hâm mộ Sones hoặc non-Sones alike agree that she lacks good leadership qualities. Her timid hoặc let’s say “introverted” behavior shows that she doesn’t always take command when it comes to interviews hoặc off camera activities. Most members speak thêm than her on interviews and award ceremonies. It says something when the leader of a group doesn’t want to be the leader anymore because of incompetence.

While she has a fun personality there is also a dark side to that coin. Taeyeon sometimes will let her emotions get the best of her, which causes her to either say hoặc do things that would appear weird. She (because she was upset) made a racial bình luận on air, she will lets her mood become apparent despite where hoặc when people are looking. On an American interview she looked bored and didn’t pay attention to the speak. When she claimed she was sick and could perform onstage for an event, những người hâm mộ saw her back stage moving about. She is known to give members that cold shoulder at times. All of these things people say they don't like about her.

Best/Recommend voice: