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This ranking is for fun. I just recently thought about doing this kind of list. I hope bạn liked it. Some members joined instagram later, so it should be understandable why they have less followers than others. Please support our girls and tình yêu them :)
 Taeyeon’s “Butterfly Kiss” buổi hòa nhạc
Taeyeon’s “Butterfly Kiss” concert
những người hâm mộ clamor for tickets following announcement of Taeyeon’s “Butterfly Kiss” concert

đã đăng on March 26, 2016

A ticket fanwar is ongoing after Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon announced plans for her first solo buổi hòa nhạc tiếp theo month.
On March 26th, it was announced that Taeyeon will be meeting những người hâm mộ through her first solo buổi hòa nhạc titled con bướm, bướm Kiss on April 23d and 24th at the Olympic Hall, Olympic Park in Seoul, South Korea. As this will be her first major event since making her debut as a solo artist, những người hâm mộ have started to aggressively find ways to reserve tickets with some expecting it to immediately sell out.
SM Entertainment also assured những người hâm mộ to expect a lot from this buổi hòa nhạc as ticketing opens on March 30th.

Source: Dispatch
Update: ‘Rain’ Achieves All-Kill on Korean âm nhạc Charts
Posted bởi moonrise31 on February 3rd, 2016

Update on February 3rd, 2016:
Shortly after the release of Taeyeon’s “Rain” âm nhạc video, the single has charted as the bestseller on Korean âm nhạc sites: MelOn, Bugs!, Mnet Music, Monkey3, Naver Music, Olleh, Soribada, and Genie. On several of the same âm nhạc portals, “Secret” has also placed highly.

Original bài viết on February 3rd, 2016:
SMTOWN has revealed the âm nhạc video for Taeyeon’s new single, “Rain”, on its YouTube channel. The track, accompanied bởi another song bởi Taeyeon,...
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Taeyeon 'SNSD' Melancholy in Video Clip Rain

SEOUL - Taeyeon again showed his golden voice in a new solo single titled Rain. Leader SNSD Rain was released video clips through SM Entertainment's official Youtube account.

Just as in the first song, Taeyeon also melancholy in the Rain. In the video clip duration 3 phút 49 seconds, the former lover Baekhyun "EXO" it seemed to put a sad face.

Meanwhile, Rain is a song that brings jazz and soul that lriknya tells the story of tình yêu in the memory of the past. Puddles that appear throughout the video clip is like the memory of an old tình yêu it.

Rain song belongs Taeyeon is part of the project belong to SM Entertainment SM Station. Through SM Station, the agency which also administered Super Junior will release one song every week sung bởi their artists for 52 weeks.
Taeyeon Rotating Turn Left On MV Teaser For 'Rain'

Taeyeon has finally released the MV teaser for his new digital single, entitled 'Rain'. On the afternoon of Wednesday (27/01), SM Entertainment teased the những người hâm mộ bởi releasing a teaser video for the latest MV Taeyeon, 'Rain'.

As previously announced, Taeyeon became the first artist to be contributing to the gần đây projects SM entitled 'STATION', where SM Entertainment will release a digital single from their artists every week over a period of 1 year. In the âm nhạc video teaser, Taeyeon looks sweet with short hair, looks a bit half-conscious with the addition of a reverse effect. The song 'Rain' sung bởi Taeyeon is scheduled to be released in February. Immediately see a video teaser below! (
Seohyun Cast in ‘Moon Lovers’ Drama

Seohyun has been cast in a new SBS drama, “Moon Lovers”. “Moon Lovers” is a Korean adaptation of a Chinese novel named “Bu Bu Jing Xin”, which was also made into a Chinese drama known as “Scarlet Heart” in 2010 and 2011.

“Moon Lovers” will ngôi sao actor Lee Junki and singer IU. Seohyun will play the role of Princess Woohee. This will be Seohyun’s một giây drama, following “Passionate Love”.
Girls' Generation subunit TaeTiSeo hoặc TTS for short recently released a winter mini-album with the banner "Dear Santa" on December 4th of this year.

Immediately upon release, "Dear Santa" topped on both domestic and international charts including iTunes where the album sang at the first place in nine countries including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Macau, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

It also reached the hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 in albums chart in many other countries such as Indonesia, Japan, Hungary, the Philippines, and Costa Rica. The album topped charts in Châu Âu and even climbed up...
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posted by soshisonesever
Following the wild success of the debut solo album from Girls' Generation member Taeyeon, her bandmate Tiffany was thought to be tiếp theo in line for the individual spotlight.

Amid heavy speculation from những người hâm mộ that Tiffany Hwang would drop an album in early 2016, unconfirmed reports spread to Korean news sites, forcing the singer's record label, SM Entertainment, to issue an official statement to address the rumors.

Their statement was short and to the point: "Nothing is certain yet."
SM neither confirmed nor denied when hoặc if Tiffany would have a solo debut, so hopes are still high for a 2016 debut.
For the time being, both Tiffany and Taeyeon are currently busy promoting with their Girls' Generation project group TaeTiSeo (also including member Seohyun) for their Christmas-themed single "Dear Santa."
Girls’ Generation – TTS Releases ‘Dear Santa’ âm nhạc video and Album

Girls’ Generation – TTS has just released the “Dear Santa” album and two âm nhạc video for the “Dear Santa” track. English and Korean versions of the âm nhạc video were released simultaneously to coincide with the album release on Korean âm nhạc portals such as MelOn and Bugs!. The album is also available through iTunes.

The physical album may be ordered through online retailers such as synnara via Gmarket, YesAsia, and Kpoptown.

Girls’ Generation – TTS will appear on tonight’s “Music Bank” on KBS, MBC’s “Show! âm nhạc Core” on Saturday, and SBS’s “Inkigayo” on Sunday to sing “Dear Santa”.
 MAMA 2015
MAMA 2015
Check out the Winners of the '2015 MAMA'!

The '2015 Mnet Asian âm nhạc Awards' is taking place in Hong Kong, and all your yêu thích idol stars and groups are being awarded for their amazing music!

Launched in 1999, the 'MAMA' is a major K-pop award ceremony that attracts performers from all the over the world. It aims to bring together international những người hâm mộ and musical artists of different cultures and languages on one great stage as well as bring Asia's âm nhạc to the world. This is the sixth time the event has been held outside of South Korea.

You can keep up with what bạn missed on the red carpet here,...
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December 3, 2015 @ 3:56 pm

The lovely girls of TaeTiSeo recently held a live broadcast on 'V' just prior to the release of 'Dear Santa,' where they talked about the time Tiffany got in trouble.

During the broadcast, Tiffany stated, "Taeyeon had her solo buổi hòa nhạc on Halloween. It was October at the time and I prematurely revealed that TaeTiSeo was making a comeback... I got in trouble bởi the people at my company."

Meanwhile, the three beautiful girls of TaeTiSeo also talked about how they prepared for the release of 'Dear Santa' and how some of the fellow Girls' Generation members also contributed.

In case bạn missed it, bạn can check out their "Dear Santa" MV
Tiffany Experiences A 'Pink Fantasy' For Beauty+

Girls' Generation member Tiffany starred in "Pink Fantasy" for the December issue of Beauty+. The highly anticipated issue follows an everlasting party theme, because of the end of the năm festivities. The featured topics include 'fastball' cosmetics, the keratin face mask trend, and holiday makeup tutorials.

Tiffany's pictorial included a lot of pink, since that is the star's yêu thích color. She modeled lông, lông thú coats, white stockings, short-shorts and open-toe pumps while posing on a giường with a dramatic headboard. The set...
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Girls’ Generation – TTS to Release Winter Mini-Album, ‘Dear Santa’

Girls’ Generation – TTS, made up of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun, is set to release a new mini-album for this winter season. The mini-album will be made up of six songs, with “Dear Santa” as the tiêu đề track. Seohyun participated in nghề viết văn the lyrics for “Dear Santa”, which will have both a Korean and an English version.
The “Dear Santa” mini-album will be released on December 4th at midnight KST. Image teasers are currently being released through Girls’ Generation – TTS’s official website.

Sources: Newsen, Girls’ Generation’s Official Website
Girls' Generation discuss their nearly perfect teamwork as 8 members

November 22, 2015 @ 1:57 pm

Members of Girls' Generation opened up about their teamwork in their gần đây exclusive buổi hòa nhạc 'Girls' Generation 4th tour Phantasia in Seoul' on November 22 at Olympic Park in Seoul.

The girls said, "There are a lot of happy memories when looking back at this past year." Hyoyeon continued, "Shooting a reality hiển thị with all the members was the most memorable. It was really fun and I was really happy, we talk about it even to this day. We had the best teamwork this past year. It was nearly perfect."...
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Girls' Generation's Sunny says goodbye to her radio show

November 17, 2015 @ 5:25 pm

Girls' Generation's Sunny, who has been active as the DJ for 'Sunny's FM Date' since last May, delivered her thoughts on departing from the hiển thị after a one and half năm tenure.

She wrote on her Instagram, "The last night of 'Sunny's FM Date' coolly drew to a close. I'm in trying to bọc my head around the farewell. I want to thank all the 'FM Date' family for the good memories and for tuning in and sharing their stories bởi sending messages and texts. Please wear a smile until the very end. Tears don't suit us. Let's enjoy ourselves. Only with a farewell are we able to meet again!!! tình yêu you," and shared a picture of herself holding a plaque of appreciation and wearing a toothy grin.

Like Sunny said, don't feel too down, everyone. You'll definitely be seeing thêm of Sunny around in the future!
Yuri wants to remind bạn of Girls' Generation's upcoming buổi hòa nhạc 'Phantasia'

November 16, 2015 @ 9:33 pm

Just in case bạn forgot, Yuri is reminding bạn all that Girls' Generation's solo tour is almost here! In a new Instagram post, the pretty member uploaded a bức ảnh of herself bởi a giáng sinh cây with the caption, 'GIRLS' GENERATION 4th TOUR – Phantasia – in SEOUL'.

Her festive bức ảnh is also getting us into the holiday spirit! giáng sinh is only a tháng and a half away, after all.

Girls' Generation's solo buổi hòa nhạc 'Phantasia' will take place on November 21 to 22 at Seoul's Olympic Stadium.
Girls' Generation's 'Gee' MV reaches 150 million views! (there is pic as proof)

November 16, 2015 @ 8:06 pm

Holy crap, Girls' Generation isn't legendary for no reason. The MV to their hit 2009 track "Gee" has reached 150 million views!

This is an incredible feat, and just beyond words. It looks like the các lượt xem starting shooting up again after the 'glitch' YouTube had, where this original MV was deleted, taking away all of the accumulated views. At the time, the view count was close to 150 million. But after những người hâm mộ protested, the video was thankfully put back up.

Congrats to Girls' Generation and SONEs!
Tiffany Performs with Truedy in ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ Guest Appearance

Though she is neither unpretty nor a rapstar, Tiffany made a guest appearance on last night’s “Unpretty Rapstar” to perform with Truedy. Truedy sang “Ruedy Boogie” with a short feature bởi Tiffany in the latter half of the song.

Check out Truedy’s “Ruedy Boogie” with Tiffany on “Unpretty Rapstar” below. “Ruedy Boogie” is available for purchase from Korean musical portals such as MelOn.

Source: Mnet (K-Pop), MelOn
Girls’ Generation has been nominated for “Best Female Group” in the “2015 Mnet Asian âm nhạc Awards”, which will be held in Hong Kong on December 2nd, starting at 8 PM KST. In addition, Taeyeon is a “Best Vocal Performance Female” and “Best Female Artist” nominee, and “I” is nominated for “Song of the Year“. Both Girls’ Generation and Taeyeon are nominees in the “Artist of the Year” category.
To vote, please visit the “2015 Mnet Asian âm nhạc Awards” website. One vote per account (i.e. per social media ID) can be cast per day. Mnet, Facebook, and Twitter accounts may be used. bạn must đệ trình a vote for every category of the ballot. Voting will close at midnight KST on December 1st.
Check out the “2015 Mnet Asian âm nhạc Awards” nominee video for “Best Female Group”, “Best Vocal Performance Female”, “Best Female Artist”, “Artist of the Year”, and “Song of the Year” below.
Girls' Generation releases additional poster for their 4th solo buổi hòa nhạc 'Phantasia'!

November 10, 2015 @ 8:33 pm

Get yourselves pumped for Girls' Generation's 4th solo concert!

'GIRLS' GENERATION 4th TOUR – Phantasia – in SEOUL' will take place on November 21 and 22 at Seoul's Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

Their 4th buổi hòa nhạc is well overdue, as their last one was nearly two and a half years cách đây in 2013. Famous choreographer Rino Nakasone, who is known to have worked with Britney Spears and Chris Brown, will be in charge of the concert's choreography.

Their latest album 'Lion Heart' was a total hit, and we're sure những người hâm mộ are thêm than excited to see performances of all the songs in this album and thêm at the Phantasia concert.