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Well i saw Emmy Do it so i shall :D not in order

Peppergirl30 (Emmy!!!)
KitKatLex (Lexy!!!)

Most of ya propbably dont know well actually yeah bạn probably do XD

If i forgot someone i is deeply sorry.Forgives Pwease?

And DARN IT I GOT TO ADD thêm DX Weell.....

All bạn are amazing Những người bạn that i love!!! Not in weird ways no no no but like Những người bạn hoặc sisters.You are all EPIC in your own ways too.I hope im Những người bạn with chu forever guys!!!!

Claire Bear
NON-Loser (happy Emmy XD)

If bạn are what bạn eat.... then bạn guys most of aten a legend tình yêu you!!!!143!!!!
posted by KitKatLex
Claire is a great friend. She is the one that always cheer me up when I'm down. I always look phía trước, chuyển tiếp to chatting with her on Fanpop. She is a very fun person who knows how to start a great conversation.

I remember when I first met her, I have no idea what to talk about. I'm really awkward talking to people who don't have the slightest idea what HP is. When suddenly, she talk about Harry Potter, I was shocked. My whole expression towards her just increase x50. Then she told me that she ships Harmony, I was like 'OH MAI GUS! I tình yêu THIS GIRL.' We were best Những người bạn from then on.

Now of course there are times like we have arguments for no reason at all (i.e. her giving me too much props.) But that's us. That what makes our friendship unique. Claire, Emma, and I makes our own golden trio.

That's who Claire is. That is what the very best of her that I know. Claire is not just any other friend in the world. She is my sister.♥
posted by peppergirl30
gigibear16, hoặc Claire...
fanpop will always mean a lot to me. Because I met you, and Lexy, and LOADS of other people that I love. But you, me, and Lexy together makes our own little Golden Trio, and I will never forget that. bạn are one of the most biggest Harmony shippers I have EVER seen. (Along with Lexy, of course..and-Harmony-....and HARMONYForever) But anyway, I just want bạn to know that bạn are one of the many people that I think deserves to meet the famous Hermione Granger. I mean, I can so totally see bạn talking to her and telling her that she is like your honestly makes me happy. And yeah, I ship Romione, and bạn ship Harmony, but guess what? We still turned out to be Những người bạn on here!! And that's what matters. So, if bạn aren't a người hâm mộ of gigibear16 (Claire) yet, then I highly suggest bạn do. She deserves people to follow her. And if bạn can't, then I'm proud that you're a part of this fanclub.
Because she really deserves it.