G.I. Joe Upcoming G.I. Joe Movie: "Gimme Flint" Campaign

JoeFreakJimmy posted on Nov 07, 2008 at 11:50PM
Yo, G.I. Joe/Flint fans:

I just sent this out to Paramount Studios who left Flint out of their new G.I. Joe Movie (2009 theatrical release,) and they better at least use Bill Ratner the voice of Flint for the movie trailers, or I'm boycotting.
Please send Paramount your own version via snail-mail and e-mail, so we can get Flint on board.

Brad Grey, C.E.O
Josh Greenstein, Marketing
Paramount Studios
5555 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Dear Mr. Grey & Mr. Greenstein;
I'm a life-long G.I. Joe Fan; I grew up on the tv series. For me and according to Rhino (Warner Bros.) Home Video the most popular character from the series is "Flint" played by Los Angeles voice-over guy Bill Ratner. From what I've read "Flint" is not in the Paramount live-action film coming out next summer, but I hope you use his very recognizable voice on the G.I. Joe trailers. (I'm pretty sure I hear his voice on other Paramount trailers.)
There are hundreds of websites dedicated to "Flint" and G.I. Joe and I'm in touch with literally thousands of Joe fans on Joe chatrooms.
Regarding movie tickets, I vote with my feet & my keyboard on the web, and I vote that you use "Flint" on the trailers for G.I. Joe.

Yo Joe!
Jim Kahane,
Los Angeles CA

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