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 A custom Dreadnok Thunder Machine of my own design.
A custom Dreadnok Thunder Machine of my own design.
Hasbro should expand on the Dreadnok faction. Add some new characters,Heartwrencher would be a good one to start with. They should also make some new and imaginative Dreadnok vehicles. The original Thunder Machine should be updated and reissued to fit the modern figures,as well as the original Dreadnok chopper,and Swampfire. Pretty much everything they did after that was just ripped off gi joe vehicles remolded in the màu sắc of Zartan's Swamp Skier Chameleon,and passed off as new Dreadnok vehicles. Those first few I mentioned were awesome,they combined 3 things I loved as a kid in the 80's....
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posted by MightyWilliam
As a kid , my grandfather would tell me stoys about World War 2 and his days in the Navy and would use a Shipwreck figure as an example during his storys .

I know if your đọc this , bạn thought this was going to be a bài viết about a G.I.Joe episode hoặc comic , but I just wanted to tell my own personal yêu thích memory and incurage others to do the same .

Anyway , Shipwreck became my yêu thích G.I.Joe because of this and to this ngày , I still have my original "extreamly worn out" figure to this ngày as well as a better one rom EBAY .

If bạn have a story like this , hoặc would like to talk about some episode hoặc comic , please write a artical and make somthing out of this page .

YO,Joe !