1. Marriage is a union of love, not a union of genders.

2. Homosexuality is a human characteristic, not a crime.

3. 'Marriage is a human right, not a heterosexual priviledge.'

4. Homosexuals(nor anyone else) are not able to control their feelings hoặc affect to who they fall in tình yêu with, so they shouldn't be punished for that.

5. Many people are against Christian values and God, but it isn't illegal to believe in God. As well, many people are against gay rights, so it shouldn't be illegal for gays to get married.

6. If God doesn't exist, gays have been treated unequally for no reason.

7. tình yêu is an emotion, justice and right, not a concept that can be controlled/denied bởi law hoặc bởi an old book(bible).

8. Would it really bother anyone, if two people could celebrate their tình yêu equally?

9. Gays don't try to control straights' rights, so straights shouldn't try to control gays' rights.

10. Thiên chúa giáo is a choice, and religion is something bạn were taught. Homosexuality is something bạn were born with.

'Being gay isn't a lifestyle. It's life with style.':)