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Please tham gia my group if bạn have a Facebook :)

Hello my name is Lauren for those of bạn that don't know who i am.Let me a little bit about myself and then i will talk about bạn wat this group is really about and why i actually created this group.Okay I am very shy,caring,kind and I get embarrassed very easily.I am always there for people in need and i never give up on people.I always try to help people and i never judge them.I am someone who is there for them and I listen and give them a chance.Okay for those of bạn who are wondering why i made this group for.This group is for people who feel alone,misunderstood,who get judge,bulilied and need a friend.I want to be able to reach out to people who feel like they can't be themselves and hiển thị them that they can be anything they want if they just set their tim, trái tim and minds to it.I want to help people who feel useless and help them make something of themselves.My goal for this group is to build up self esteem and give hope to those who don't have any and feel lost.I want to encourage people to work on their dreams and to stand up for wat they believe in no matter wat anyone thinks.To those who joined i wanna say thank bạn and bạn are doing a very good thing for yourselves and others.I hope u will enjoy it here and feel an toàn, két an toàn here.I want bạn to feel like u can express yourself here.This group is all about peace,love,unity and respect.You can post anything bạn want here just as long as your not being mean to anyone hoặc bullying and judging them.Every ngày i will post các câu hỏi of the ngày and u can answer them.They will help u come out thêm and build up your confidence.You can put pictures here ,videos and anything bạn want.We are all about tình yêu here and peace.That's wat this group should be like.It should be full of peace,happiness and love.If u ever feel like u need to talk to someone please come here and talk to me because i am willing to help those in need.I will always be there for u and u won't ever have to go through anything alone ever.I am here if u need someone t
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Gay Rights Các Câu Trả Lời

sMCCarthyTV said:
Okay. Do bạn have the link to the page?
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