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bạn can no longer donate VIA Kickstarter, but bạn can still donate using Paypal: link
If bạn donate $15 bạn can get a DRM-Free hoặc Steam copy of the Digital PC, Linux, hoặc Mac Key.
If bạn donate $15 bạn can get the PSVita hoặc PS4 Version.
If bạn donate $15 bạn can get a Wii U Version.
If bạn donate $15, bạn get the Digital Soundtrack.
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posted by chantellealexis
the legend of the Xbox and the creation:one ngày two young children were playing in the jungle. harieyma (harry I ma) and lorinasia (lorie nass E a)they were both bored as their mother and father had gone to collect some water from the distant river bờ biển on asemaboo (a seem a boo) island.
the children decided to make a game which doesnt involve running around but they could both enjoy together, as a team hoặc even individually!
so they got some bamboo canes and wieved a small box. tiếp theo they got two logs and carved some bobbly bits into them! tiếp theo a magical creature walked bởi with a small leather pouch of Chuyện thần tiên ở New York pixie dust. he said: sprinkle this all over your magical invention and it will come alive such as the souls with in your bodys. then, asd the children sprinkled the Chuyện thần tiên ở New York dust on the box, it came alive just as the creature đã đưa ý kiến it would! it provided hours of entertainment and the children named it 'XBox' The End
bởi Chantelle Alexis xx