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So, just to tell you, I didn't make this. I basically copy-pasted it from rnemory on tumblr. All credit goes to him/her.

[Hans:] Think about it Anna, didn’t it all just seem … too convenient?

[Anna:] Convenient!?

[Hans:] All your life had been a series of doors in your face
And then suddenly I bumped into you

[Anna:] bạn tricked me! bạn knew
I was hurting my whole life, finding tình yêu to chase

[Hans] And maybe bạn were being desperate and didn’t think it through

[Anna:] How dare bạn …
[Hans:] But through you

[Hans:] I found my place…
[Anna:] bạn were a fake…

[Both:] And it’s nothing like...
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1.WHERE ARE KRISTOFF'S PARENTS?At the beggining of the movie he was seen working with ice harvesters so maybe he was raised bởi them,but then one of the trolls find and adopt him..No,kidnap.What was he doing with those ice harvestesr?Did those trolls steal him from them?But he still works for them as an adult so was he just watching and copying them?But he had their uniform!And the ice harvesters and Kristoff are okay with this?

2.Why didn't the trolls tell the parents that tình yêu was the opposite of fear from the start?That would've stopped this whole thing from happening.

3.Who was ruling the...
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MMD Little Elsa dosen't like to get tickled!
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