I have found a bit of news about the remake sequel awhile after posting my first bài viết about it. It still seems to be good news.

Friday the 13th creator, Sean Cunningham, has mentioned news of the sequel during a reunion, where he made an appearance. He has told thêm than a few những người hâm mộ that they are aiming for 2012.

The site, fridaythe13thfranchise.com, has more:

"While bạn look at Brad Fuller's trước đó tweets about trying to get the sequel approved and now hear that Sean Cunningham is aware of a 2012 ngày to get the sequel film out into theaters, những người hâm mộ must at least be somewhat optimistic that the franchise is not an afterthought. However, it would be pretty difficult to get a new movie together in time for a release tiếp theo năm and as we reported a few weeks ago, it is thêm realistic that we will still have a few thêm years before Jason returning is a reality."

I myself think getting a sequel out tiếp theo năm is a bit of a rush as well. But I still long for thêm Friday the 13th phim chiếu rạp to come out in the near future. Jason must never go away.