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So obviously one of my yêu thích days of the năm and I have to highlight my yêu thích movie series ever with a special bài viết of my ranking of all TWELVE Friday the 13th movies. Enjoy!

For those who are (sadly) unaware of what Friday the 13th actually is, here's a brief history thanks to Wikipedia:

"Friday the 13th is an American horror franchise that comprises twelve slasher films, a ti vi show, novels, comic books, video games, and tie‑in merchandise, as of 2017. The franchise mainly focuses on the fictional character Jason Voorhees, who drowned as a boy at Camp Crystal Lake due to the...
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posted by wifeofjason
I wanted to let everyone know, if bạn don't already, that there is a script confirmed for the Friday the 13th remake sequel. I know there's been a lot of talk last năm that the sequel was dead. But it looks like that's about to change. I found a 2011 post saying that a script has been written and now they're just waiting for the film company to be ready.

Producer, Brad Fuller, has spoken: “We are ready to go, when New Line is ready. But as of yet, they are not ready.”

Read more: Friday The 13th sequel script is “ready to go” |
Let's all hope that this goes through.
posted by wifeofjason
I have found a bit of news about the remake sequel awhile after posting my first bài viết about it. It still seems to be good news.

Friday the 13th creator, Sean Cunningham, has mentioned news of the sequel during a reunion, where he made an appearance. He has told thêm than a few những người hâm mộ that they are aiming for 2012.

The site,, has more:

"While bạn look at Brad Fuller's trước đó tweets about trying to get the sequel approved and now hear that Sean Cunningham is aware of a 2012 ngày to get the sequel film out into theaters, những người hâm mộ must at least be somewhat optimistic that...
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posted by ChuckyLover1
"I think I like the FInal Friday movie the best.
It was kind of cool.
Like at the end when Jason was sent to hell Freddy Krueger's găng tay came up out of the ground and grabbed Jason's left over mask and dragged it under the ground with him.
And then I assume that's where they made the sequel to making Freddy Vs. Jason.
So that Jason would have another enemy to defeat.
Freddy Vs. Jason was a pretty big hit too".
But then I would have to say Freddy was the best in that movie.
I like all Jason's other phim chiếu rạp too.