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posted by ChuckyLover1
To me nobody will ever tình yêu him thêm than me, I think he is cool,he's got swag, and everything else. If bạn don't like him back the heck off hoặc ill MAKE you. He loves who he is and I DON'T BLAME HIM.You may just see a burnt face guy... with a sweater and scary găng tay on, but under all that? Is a heart.. and sure he's evil and krap..... but just think about it?Let's say u were a người hâm mộ of Jason right? And bạn thought he was pretty cool and others didn't?Well if they don't like him they shouldn't open their mouth about it. If ur not a người hâm mộ of Freddy?Just don't even say anything, just say: IM NOT...
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These are my yêu thích Freddy quotes. It was hard to pick, because I tình yêu them all.

# 10: Wanna suck face?

# 9: bạn think your so smart, huh bitch?

# 8: Faster than a bastard maniac. Stronger than a local madman. Its, Super Freddy!

# 7: Now theres a face, only a mother could love!

# 6: Pick a pet, for the rug-rat bitch.

# 5: What do bạn know, I beat my high score.

# 4: Now I'm playing with power!

# 3: pretty graphics.

# 2: You've got the body, I've got the brain.

# 1: Welcome to prime time bitch!
I think one time I was watching Freddy vs Jason and like I actually cried... because Freddy was dying, I was like OH MY GOD OH MY GOD HE'S DYING! NO NO NO! And like I burst into tears because I didn't like seeing Freddy dying and being in pain he don't deserve that to me, but im serious I really did cry over Freddy one time, stupid right? But it's true and if bạn bình luận on this please do not make fun of me..... hoặc ill kick ur butt......... i promise you, i do not like to be made fun of. But anyways yea I think it happened when i was like 12 hoặc something.. im 14 now but but yea.. i am embarrased, that ever happened to some of you? U cry over ur fav character?
posted by ChuckyLover1
I tình yêu how Freddy created his weapon.
At first maybe I was thinking he could just use anything to kill.
But what's special is that it's soo unique how he built this glove.... it's cool.
I watched the first movie and in the opening credits I watched him build the găng tay piece bởi piece.
It took lots of guts to make that thing.
Freddy is a very impressive guy... I must say.
Anyways, the picture with this bài viết if a picture of his găng tay I have myself in real life.
It's a collectors/ & model of the replica of Freddy Krueger's glove.
I thought it was soo cool I had to have to it, to keep it as a memory of Krueger.
To be honest I think Freddy was a sweet man, from what I saw in his phim chiếu rạp from his childhood to adulthood, he had a rough time. And growing up all he had was agrressive ness and hate-ness to depend on I guess. But anyway's I understand he tried to be a good man I don't blame him one bit. He loved his family but when his wife turned on him, it was over and then they took away his daughter and everything it's just sad and I hate it! But now that he a monster...that can never BE DESTROYED again? He is alright, I think Freddy is cool... yea he can be a little outwitting and weird from time to...
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