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posted by woowie
Once, there was a girl named Madison, who went bởi Sparky. She had an imaginary friend named Kat. Sparky hadn't created Kat, though, she found her.

One day, Kat heard very bad news, Sparky was moving- which meant they had to get rid of Kat! After dinner, Sparky and Kat were watching television, when a commercial came on. It was about a place called "Foster's trang chủ for Imaginary Friends", where bạn could bring your imaginary friend, and they would live there. Sparky looked relieved that Kat wouldn't be a gonner. "Please don't!" Kat thought. She didn't want to go. Sparky made Kat pack her bags,...
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posted by jessieinCA
 The Wonderful Bloo getting down to eat!
The Wonderful Bloo getting down to eat!
Mac's 5-year-old imaginary friend and best friend who resembles a simple, domed cylinder. Bloo is sometimes self-centered, egotistic and narcissistic almost to the point of psychotic delusion and has a knack for getting into trouble. However, he still has a good tim, trái tim and apologizes for his actions. Bloo loves paddleballs even though he can't make the ball hit the paddle (though the only time he was able to do it was in the episode "Let Your thỏ rừng, hare Down"). His full name is "Blooregard Q. Kazoo". He became increasingly mischievous over the run over the series and is shown to have bad memory some of the time. He is voiced bởi Keith Ferguson.

We all tình yêu Bloo. He is the life of the show, the thạch, sữa ong chúa on the đậu phụng, đậu phộng bơ sandwhich, the sprinkles on the cupcake. Without him Foster's trang chủ for Imaginary Những người bạn would be nothing.
T'was the ngày befor Easter
the house was so busy
the Những người bạn worked so hard
one got dizzie....
Eduardo:"Frankie! I think she's comming around!" Holly(suddenly waking up)-"Uhhhhh, what happened? Where am I?" Frankie(enters the room and gives cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly a glass of water)-"It's okay Holly. bạn just fainted when bạn smelled my cheese appetizers while cleaning the kitchen".Coco complains in the only language she knows:"cococococo" Frankie-"I know Coco. We all have been working hard these two days. Who knew it took so much work to make a party? Oh well, at least wer'e almost done. bạn gyes just need to colour...
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Mac came to foster's like everyday. As he entered, the first thing he saw was Frankie, mopping the floor. Mac-"Hi Frankie" Frankie:"Oh hi Mac.Just cleaning as usual." Mac-"Yeah, but didn't bạn mop the floor yesterday?" Frankie-"Yeah I did. But mr. Herriman made me do it again. He said, and I quote "This is unneceptable! These floors aren't clean at all. The madam wants everything perfect and perfect she shall get! Mop these floors again miss Franciss and this time-proparly!"Ooooooh I hate that rabbit!" And she continued to mop the floors of the hollway. The hollway was very large. It had the...
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So, bạn think that Mac loves Franky and Franky loves him back. bạn think Bloo is forever going to be his FRIEND! Well, I disagree.

Sure, Mac was very much a complicated and loner kind of guy. He never had any Những người bạn except for Bloo. Bloo was born to be Mac's soulmate, partner, and a perfect match for Mac. Bloo is and always will be there for Mac, even when times get hard.

What bạn may not know is that Mac's sister, Coco, kept wanting to leave their house. When she left for about the 1,000th time, she came trang chủ saying she was married, but didn't know who she married. Immediately after she came...
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posted by happyian2
Mac:it is all about bạn and bloo :c.
Ian:i know this.
bloo:and it is about me!
Ian:yes bloo it is about bạn and me.
dede:what do bạn want!
dede:go away!
bloo:i want cookieeeeeee!
dede:mac what is up with bloo.
mac:he LOVES cookies.
bloo:i want cookie!!!
Ian:see the cookie bloo FETCH!!!
dede:hey that was my only cookie
dexter:mom wants bạn home.
dede:OK bye.
wilt:bye who ever bạn are
wilt:i am sorry bye
bloo:finnaly wilt is gone!
posted by happyian2
Ian:lets run!
mac:i told bạn that bạn should have not done that.
Ian:no bạn did not.
mac:ya i did.
Ian:no bạn did not.
mac:ya i did.
bloo:be quite bạn are right ian bạn are wrong mac!
Ian:stop fighting!
bloo:y should i.
berry:ya y should he!
bloo:berry! stay out of this story!
bloo:so as i was saying i do not have to be quite!
Ian:fine talk all bạn want!
Ian:i am leaving!
mac: no the whole story is about you!!!!!!
Ian:no it is all about bạn and bloo!
Mac:well look at the hàng đầu, đầu trang it says ian&bloo.
mac: it is about bạn and bloo i am not even in the title.
Ian: o ya look at that.
posted by happyian2
Ian:Im lonley and board but Im gonna see cousin mac.
mom:time to go ian!
Ian:hi cousin mac!
mac:o hi ian.
(mac's backpack wiggles)
Ian:whats up with your backpack?
mac:come on out bloo!
Bloo:amazig he's like your almost twin!
mac&ian:you think?
Bloo:great now i got two dorks!
Ian:hey i am not a dork!
mac:i am not either!
bloo:yes bạn are.
Ian:o ya do dorks like pranks!?
bloo:go on.
Ian:do bạn want to egg frankie's car!
bloo:ya lets go!
Ian:ok bloo ready aim FIRE!
Frankie:IAN! BLOO!
Ian:ok bloo what i want bạn to do is RUN!
posted by woowie
Kat was about to say something crazy that made no sense, "I'M BOB OF UNDERBACONWEAR!", but instead she just watched the movie. "I bet that guy's gonna die." Kat said. "Yeah." Bloo responded. All of a sudden, some hiển thị about underwear came on. "WHAT!?" Kat yelled. "BOO!" Bloo screamed. "WHAT... WHO... WHO DID THIS!?" Kat said, "Oh well!"

Kat turned on the radio, and one of her yêu thích songs came on. Hot n Cold bởi Katy Perry:
You're hot n you're cold,
you're yes n you're no,
you're in n you're out,
you're up n you're down...

Kat took out her DSi, and secretly started taking pictures. Then, Bloo decided to get up for thêm potato chips. Kat secretly took a picture of him. "Yes!" she said.

Then, Frankie came in. "We're going to Florida tomorrow!" she said. "Wait!" Kat thought, "I had a bad dream about Florida last night..."
posted by woowie
The tiếp theo day, Kat was listening to her iPod. She was listening to Potential Break up Song bởi Aly and AJ:
This is the,
potential break up song,
our album needs just one,
oh baby please, please tell me,
this is the,
potential make up song,
please just admit you're wrong,
which will it be?

Things went black. All of a sudden, she was in the house alone, but it wasn't Foster's, it was actually a hotel. "Bloo? BLOO?" she shouted. No answer. She started to cry, not tears, but blood. She looked at herself. She was covered in blood. All of a sudden, something started eating away at her, then the house caught...
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Bloo is busy doing something very important. As in important of course I mean playing không gian Blasters the video game. Bloo is glued to the screen and doesn't even notice when Mac walks in.
Mac: Hey, Bloo!
Bloo: What's that spaceship? bạn wanna piece of my death ray? Oh yeah. bạn want some of that, không gian dude?
Mac: Hello? Never mind. I have great news. There is going to be a newscast!
Bloo: Yeah, Frankie. Just set the snack bowl anywhere. The floor preferably, and could bạn blink my eyes for me? I haven't done that in awhile either.
Mac: I was going to tell bạn about the newscast, but I see bạn are...
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Bloo: One OW! One Ow! One OW! One OW!
(Just then Wilt walsk into the room.) Wilt: Hey, Bloo. bạn look like bạn have been hitting those low fat chips pretty hard.
Bloo: No, for your information I am rehearsing my act for the Foster's commercial. (holds up a paddleball and cradles it like it is thêm than a plae of wood with a rubber ball attached to a string.) It is improving majorly. I have personal talent that bạn all only wish bạn could have.
Wilt: That's great. Mind hiển thị it to me?
Bloo: Puh-lease. I have thêm important stuff to do, but I guess I can spare a few giây of my life to hiển thị my...
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Children imagine they're own imaginary Những người bạn when they are young, we all know that. bạn had an imaginary friend when bạn were little right? But what happens to the friend when it's creator grows up? When he/she doesn't need it any more? Does the poor thing get thrown on the streets? Alone and helpless? Sadly yes. Kids used to throw they're Những người bạn on the streets until a kind old woman (yet very enerjetic and full of life) named Madame Foster figured out a solution to this problem. She made an enormous, unbelievabbly big house for imaginary friends, a place they can call home, until someone...
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