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posted by FireFly113
*Everyone's sleeping on the RV*

Kuki: *Sneaks to the door and open it*

*A big wind comes and everyone falls out except Jared,Lindsay,David,Saphira,Zoey,Jade,Ray,Trent,Cedric and Katie*

Jade: *wakes up* Umm guys where is everyone?

Jared: Somewhere! *half asleep*


Kuki: Welcome final 10! Horray for you! bạn all made it to the merge! Your all gonna go to Disney world! But first bạn need to partner up with pairs of 2! Cedric picks first!

Cedric: Umm... Zoey?

Zoey: Cool! *Runs tiếp theo to him*

Jared: I pick Katie!

Katie: EEEE! *Runs tiếp theo to him*

David: Lindsay?

Lindsay: YAY!

Trent: Jade!

Jade: Okay!...
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