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posted by PeetaMellark12

Finnick shouldn't have died. Prim shouldn't have died. I don't know why Suzanne Collins killed my yêu thích characters. She probably thought the book was too clean and that she needed to blow someone else up. Annie and her child has to live without Finnick. Their child doesn't even know who his/her dad is. Prim could have had a future. She could've become a doctor/healer/nurse/medic/whatever and soooooo much stuff and Suzanne kills her!!!!! I know it probably made a twist bạn weren't expecting hoặc whatever but still.
And the ending was VERY rushed. Peeta seems to get better in one paragraph and Katniss has NO tình yêu for her own children. I know war does VERY bad things but it doesn't mean bạn can't tình yêu your own children!!!!
posted by Zutara4always
He didn't die.

That's alli was going to write but then it đã đưa ý kiến it had to be longer so yeah now I'm just typing for the sake of typing just to make this longer. I have no real fanfic but I like to pretend he never died because yeah it was heartbreaking and stuff. Ugh it just đã đưa ý kiến it's still not long enough rawr maybe I'll just put this somewhere else. Ok I'm gonna try one thêm time if it doesn't work now i'll just try somewhere else. Ugh face i hate this wait hold on i have an idea.