Look at all of the stereotypes that existed ever since the beginning of time! They're so toxic and so degrading!

Stereotype 1: Every woman needs a man (which is an issue in many high schools, even colleges and such).

Stereotype 2: All women need rescuing and constant protection.

Stereotype 3: A woman who stands up for herself is considered b*tchy, bossy, and unladylike.

Stereotype 4: A woman is supposed to be submissive and f*cking cowardly! (which is so common)

Stereotype 5: All women are less intellegent, thêm foolish, and can't learn anything.

Stereotype 6: Women are the weakest of the weak.

Stererotype 7: Women can't fight verbally hoặc physically when it comes to wars and stopping criminals.

Stereotype 8: Women can't drive. (Seriously?!)

Stereotype 9: The only place women belong is the phòng bếp, nhà bếp an toàn, két an toàn and sound. (Are bạn kidding me?! Stupid men.....)

Stereotype 10: Women get raped because they "asked" for it.

Stereotype 11: Women are less powerful because of natural fragileness, frailness, and passiveness.

Stereotype 12: Women can't hold jobs- they need to take care of children and cook ALL OF THE TIME!

If you're a sexist men and blindly believe those stupid stereotypes, then WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!! Women in truth are actually strong, capable, assertive, and can hold jobs- but aren't even aware because sexist society told them to live in that stupid gender stereotype!

And here's a message for women-

Stop thinking that bạn need men for protection and money and such!

Stop thinking of yourself as an object!

Stop hiding in the "corner" and start being assertive and Công chúa tóc xù and strong, because most of bạn tried to hide it because of the male dominated world trying to stereotype you.

Don't believe a man when they stereotype women- men are stupid and aren't even aware!

Think of yourself as a valuable person.

Be independent, strong, courageous, powerful, and thêm assertive than bạn actually are, especially if you're a girly teenager.

Be the best bạn can be in society, high school, college, and even the workplace!

Start adoring strong female role người mẫu instead of the weak ones that are like "Ohh pleease save me, my knight!" Because if bạn adore weak women, then you'll become a damsel in distress yourself.

Be emotionally strong- never hiển thị too much emotion. hiển thị too much emotion is a sign of weakness, and emotion should be replaced with stoicness.

If there's someone in trouble, do not hesistate hoặc get a man to help the person for you! Help the person yourself bởi either defending the person hoặc if it's a medical emergency do CPR and call 911.

If a bad man sneaks up behind bạn hoặc sneak into your trang chủ wearing the robber mask, do not scream for help like a damsel in distress would. Instead try to defend yourself.

Consider taking self defense classes- that'll help bạn find courage.

Get physically fit, and men wouldn't look down on bạn if you're muscular.