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posted by unchartedmaster
I wont lie to bạn the maps on black ops is great compared to far cry but bạn cannot denie that if someone spents alot of time on one map of far cry they might come up with a few ideas

if bạn would be working on a map for 2 to 3 months wouldn't it be awsome with time and effort any body could pull it off the main thing the maps of far cry 2 lack is detail i mean come bạn step in to one building and say oh look it is a chair hoặc what is that cabinet doing here thier isint even a window on here what happend to the door.for crying out loud bạn are in afrika

i have been working on a map for about 1 week now and it has some detail but when someone walks in to a room they have got to think to themselves something mustif happend here