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lamy221 posted on Feb 14, 2011 at 04:49AM
read and enjoy....... it my fantasy!

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I was named when i was five.
i sould tell you that we are only named when we earn it. i know what you are thinking, and i know it sound werid, but we are weird. we are not normal. You will soon see why.
Anyway, i was a sweet little five year old girl who was skiping down a path in my forest. ever since i have been born i have been nameless. most people just called me kid. for some reason i was thinking about my name, or what would be my name.
i sighed an plopped down onto a rather large rock and swung my legs over a small creek.
A noise behind me told me something was wrong. i moved slowly, just like my mother had taught me to, and came face to face with a wolf.
i stayed dead still, but i had to breath. i let out a slow breath that twirled around the wolfs scruff.
he snapped at me and thats when i knew when to run. i rolled into the creek and, screaming for my life, ran back torwds my small village.
the warriors of the village met the wild beast with there swords, and their animals met it with their teeth.
but the beast was mean and hungry, he pushed through the line of men and beast.
he would have killed me, i knew that, if a small, loveley sparrow didnt swoop down and lead the beast away with it's enchancing song.
while the wolf was distacted, the men kild it.
the sparrow came and landed on my small shoulder.

chapter 1.

-Sparrow! Come on, its time to go to training!-
i looked up from my book to see my best friend, rose, almost bouncing off the walls with energy.
i smiled and rolled my eyes at her, but i put my book down and strolled towrds her.
she laced her arm through mine and we walked down the staired and headed out side.
-sparrow! rose! over here!-
jay, boy was he stunning. Rose and i jogged over to him.
a small sparrow and a pretty fox swirved towrds us. rose threw her arms out and the fox leaped in them, and it liked her nose.
the sparrow landed on my hand and i beamed at her.
A black cat streaked across and curled around jay's feet.
a whisle blew and more kids with animals of all kind joined us.
the man who blew the whisle was couch polor. he was a mean, cold man. but he knew what he was doing. a polor bear rumbled beside him.
-alright birdys, geuss what we are doing today?- he said.
i supreaded a grin. i saw all the land kids sigh and step back a few paces.
i winked at rose and jay, and they both gave me a big thumbs up.
-all right, land lovers, get a move on.-
i watched as kids and animals with four legs go back into our school, or to the lake and forest.
rose and jay settled at the edge of the feild, watching me.
-all right, lets run through some small flights.-
we all knew what this ment, and we got into a line, with me in front. kids who been here the longest gets to go first, thats the rule, and ive been here sence i was five.
-go!- couch polor shouted and my sparrow and me took off.
the goal was to chanel the energy from my sparrow to give me and extra boost of speed.
i was the fastest in the school, because ive been working non stop on the conection with sparrow for 8 years now.
we did other normal things, flight, landing, take off, and charm speak.
charm speak is a birds only thing, its the voise of the bird. Some call it the birds song. And if a bird kid mastered it, they will be able to get anything or anybody.
sooner than i knew it, the lunch bell sounded.
rose and jay joged up to me.
i linked arms with both of them and we started to head to the lunch room.
the lunch room was a huge open area with lots of pretty plants surounding it.
Jay went to grab all of us some food while me and rose sat in the spots we have always sat in since we were five.
rose and jay were also sent here the same year i was. rose was five like me, but jay was seven.
it dosent matter though, he could have been 20 and would have been in the same class as me.
A few minutes later jay showed up with three ham sandwhiches, three sprites,a cup of bird seed, two packages of meat, and some milk.
all of us dug in.
we pushed what was left of our lunch of to the side and started to watch as sparrow tried to drink so of jay's cat's milk when dimond and her group showed up.
dimond was two years older than me, but two classes younger than me. that ticked her off. she grew up more near normal kids, so she thought just because she was older than me that she should be two classes higher. she had straight, blond hair and her peacock that always followed her around.
her boyfriend, wolf, scared me. he has a white scar that runs down the side of his facea ,and he has ragged black hair that falls into his eyes. his wolf never leaves his side.
then there are the other two girls with them. dove, a quiet younger girl, and fawn, who has a perfect tan and a pretty, freakly face.
dimond scrowled at my sparrow and jay's cat.
-what do you want?- rose demanded and brushed back
her short dark brown hair so they can see her clear green eyes that shot daggers at them.
dimond smirked and said -oh nothing, nothing at all-
jay's deep blue eyes glisent with distaste, and he brush his raven black hair, -good, then leave is in peace.-
-whatever, i dont see why you hang out with them, they are losers.-
jay sprang to his feet and pushed dimonds shoulder so she fell on her butt, -they are not! they are way cool than you are!-
she scrambled to her feet and shook her self off, -whatever!- and with that she and her group left.
jay plopped next to me and i grabed his hand, -thanks jay.-
he smiled his warm yet small smile.
rose coughed and i stood up and said, -im going out running, anyone want to come?-
i already knew the answer to that, its going to be a big fat no. not because they didnt want to run with me, but because they knew that that was my thinking time. i alwas asked anyways, i dont know why, i just did.
rose shook her head, -no way i would be able to keep up wish you spar, and besides, im so going to go and "find" something today.-
rose was the best theif i have ever seen, she has even taken stuff right from my hand with out me noticing.
-find me something nice.- i laughed and she noddeed, said goodbye, and left.
i turned to jay.
-i would love to come but i have a inportant class today with ms. cat, i need to be there.-
he gave me a small hug and made his way into the school, silent as an owl.
i smiled at sparrow and we sprinted through the forest. just us and the trees........

i hope you liked it!

the best pic of rose that i could find
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 I was named when i was five. i sould tell bạn that we are only named when we earn it. i know what yo
hơn một năm qua lamy221 said…
How do you like????
ok so i should just tell you they are on a boarding school and you are forsed to be there for two year, but sparrow, jay, and rose have been there for 8. the reason they havent left yet is because they got no where to go. sparrow and rose are 13 years old and jay is 15. rose and jay were also attaked by wolves and were save by there animals (a cat and a fox). rose was named rose because she was holding a rose when she was attaked and jay is called jay because a few days before he was attaked he was chased around by a bunch of blue jays.
please reply/comment!

chapter 2.

i walked into my room to find rose waiting for me.
-hey! look what i got!- she said, holding up two necklaces for me to see. they both had half of a heart and one had best writen on it and the other had friend.
have i told you that rose was the world best theif?
-i thought they banded you from stealing?- i said.
she rolled her eyes and smirked at me, -what they dont know wont hurt them, now will it?-
She handed me the necklace and i put it on. No, i dont belive that people should steal things, but do NOT tell rose she cant steal. she will just do it more.
I heard shouting outside our door, and when i opened it, i saw dimond marching down, red faced, with rose's fox in her hand.
rose ran at her, hands balled up, and said, -what do you think you are doing! put her down!-
it was against the rools to handle other kids animals, but dimond didnt care. she waved the fox in rose's face and snareld, -why did i find this mutt inside my room!-
i stalked up to them and snapped, -a fox isnt a mutt, dimond, but i geuss you would need some brain cells to know that!-
Dimond gasped and threw down the fox and stomped off.
rose picked up the fox and together we turned and slipped into our dorm.
rose was pissed. She pased around the room with her green eyes flashing. i sat on the bed and watched her.
i dont know how long this went on, hours maybe, untill the door opened and jay slid in.
it was also against the rools for a guy to be in the girls dorm, but we didnt follow the rools, at all.
he closed the door...

i will finish this later
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That was goood!!!! the syory line is really interesting!!!