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posted by Knowitall123
There is a tradition in the Nabéshima family (of the Hizen daimyo) that, many years ago, the Prince of Hizen was Cô vợ phù thủy and cursed bởi a cat that had been kept bởi one of his retainers. This prince had in his house a lady of rare beauty, called O Toyo: amongst all his ladies she was the favourite, and there was none who could rival her charms and accomplishments. One ngày the Prince went out into the garden with O Toyo, and remained enjoying the fragrance of the hoa until sunset, when they returned to the palace, never noticing that they were being followed bởi a large cat. Having parted...
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posted by Dreamyunicorn
Hi, this is my first bài viết ever ! and please call me unknown i tình yêu fantaisie i believe in magic and i'm 14 years old , i'v read a lot of fantaisie guides that has a lot of fantaisie creatures story's from all different kind of fair folks but this one charms me the most ! ;) okay so the selkie is a water spirit, she's so beautiful, now the selkie's can take off there skin! , and once upon a time there was three selkie Những người bạn they were all beautiful females , one ngày the three Những người bạn went outside of the sea toke off there skin and started to dance naked ! they almost do that every night hoặc weekend...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
Miguel stood before the mirror and tried to see why he did not look okay to himself today. He tried thêm hair gel for his spikes. Still not right. His braces shined in the sunlight just rising above the horizon almost blinding him. "Stupid sunlight..." he whispered. It rose, but it was still very cold outside. Freezing even. A chill ran down his back and he whispered to the person that he felt was watching him, "I can feel you, your warmth. I know your there." He smiled...
    Last nigh something hoặc someone had awoken him in the most violent way possible. It was like the...
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posted by DragonAura15
Chapter Seven
Welcome to the Forest

When I got to the right place, Chester was waiting for me.
"Well, hi!" Chester greeted me. "Glad you're here. Ooh, bạn brought snacks?" he added, swiping some Chex Mix from my bag.
"Hey!" I protested. Then, I sighed. "Oh, well. If bạn hadn't taken that, I'm sure that Toby would've."
    "Exactly!" Chester agreed. "And I just prevented that from happening. You're welcome."
    I rolled my eyes. "Are bạn really trying to take credit for being a good friend right now?"
    "Maybe," he answered tersely....
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posted by DragonAura15
Chapter Six
To Dream and Ponder

    "What do bạn mean, she's not an Anipeilan?" I almost yelled. "She has to be!"
    "Just what I said," answered Faust placidly. "Amy isn't an Anipeilan, but she is a Truthseeker."
    "And what is that supposed to mean?"
    "It's a rare gift. She'll have extrasensory powers beyond any Anipeilan," Faust explained.
    I was dumbfounded. How could my sister, only seven years old, be a psychic? It made no sense. I also felt a little jealous. Even my little sister had...
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posted by prim17luvr101
Name: Natasha Kaylaen Oliviera
Nicknames: Tasha, Tash
Age: 17
Birthday: February 19th
Were: cheetah
Boyfriend: Beck
Hair: wavy, waist-length, pale blonde and black streaked
Eyes: light topaz
Skin: pale
Lips: medium-full
Body: thin and lean, strong, long legs, tiny waist
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 117 lbs.
Relatives: all dead
Where I live: Niger, Africa
Heritage(s): Russian, Polish, & Scandinavian
What the people I live with are to me: Beck-boyfriend, Fawn-younger sister, Rockelle-younger sister, DJ-younger brother, Demetria-daughter
Attitude: serious, brave, spontaneous, unpredictable, caring, hurt, sarcastic...
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We’ve already rehearsed a few hunting techniques that we have used the other millions of times we’ve hunted. All of us start padding toward a heard of gazelle, detected bởi our smell and sight, about 2 miles away.
I drift to the front while Beck moves to my left and hươu con, nâu vàng, fawn thêm behind to my right in a tam giác formation. Rockelle pads behind me as a backup while DJ takes up the rear. Demi is the youngest, so she’s stuck in the middle of our diamond-shaped formation of big, hungry cats.
All of us approach the herd with zipping speed and cleanly attack. I take down the leader’s mate, biting...
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The Seven Dragon Saints upon the Sky Palace are seven different lords of different areas.
The Water Dragon Saint: rules the lakes, the seas, and the ocean.
The Metal Dragon Saint: rules all the metallic objects.
The Earth Dragon Saint: rules the soil and the ground.
The Wood Dragon Saint: rules the forests, the trees and the vegetation.
The ngọn lửa, chữa cháy Dragon Saint: rules the flames, volcanoes and magma.
The Darkness Dragon Saint: rules the night shadow and the Underworld.
And, most of all, is the Dragon Lord: Sky Dragon King, who rules the entire sky, the holy God of Sky Palace, controlling the winds, clouds,...
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posted by DragonAura15
Chapter Four
In Preparation

    All I could do was take it all in. The village was lined with houses and small shops. The ground, except for the dirt roads, was alive with cỏ and beautiful blossoms. Among the many people there, I spotted động vật such as a panda, a deer, and a heron.
    Tia perched on my shoulder as a parrot, like she used to, only now she spoke, "So what do bạn think? Isn't it a nice place?"
    "Yep, I think I'm going to like here," I told her happily. "But which house is the one I'm going to live in?"
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A Mayan pyramid sits on what looks like a giant rock and standing above that is a teenager of about seventeen. Thunder booms and lightning strikes all around but this seems to not affect the boy. Helicopters are spotted a little ways in the distance and military issue boats come towards the island.

The person in charge uses his binoculars and sees the boy at the top. He puts them away "Target sided, everybody di chuyển in for the capture of Zaren Michaels." He says then the motion to the rest of the troops and they all get onto the island. As soon as they all set foot on the island, all hell breaks...
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I was inspired bởi teddybear64's danh sách of magical creaures, so I decided to make one of my own.

I tình yêu magic and magical creatures because everything is always so different. Magic is amazing because it shows how differently the world thinks. Some believe in faries, others believe in dragons. I believe in all of it, I want it to be real.

I made this danh sách to hiển thị my yêu thích creatures. I like nghề viết văn about fantasy, so these are mostly creatures I use.

Magic is love! I tình yêu using my imagination to create new worlds. The feeling is amazing!

Feel free to use any of the pictures:)
I found them on Google!

And Furthermore...

Plz read!
 #10 ma cà rồng
#10 Vampires
 #9 Kỳ lân
#9 Unicorns
 #7 Cerberus
#7 Cerberus
 #6 Phoenix
#6 Phoenix
 #6 Gryphons
#6 Gryphons
 #5 Những nàng tiên cá
#5 Mermaids
 #4 Sorcerors/Sorceress
#4 Sorcerors/Sorceress
 #3 Faries
#3 Faries
 #2 Những câu chuyện về rồng
#2 Dragons
 #1 ma sói
#1 Werewolves
posted by DragonAura15
Chapter Five
The "Element" of Surprise

    The chuông, bell continued to ring, and soon, crowds of people emerged from their homes and hurried toward the sound, muttering in anticipation.
    "Where are they all headed?" Toby inquired, watching them go.
    "To the plaza, of course. It's where most of Estic Village's special occasions are held," explained Tia. "Now, let's hurry! It's us they'll all be waiting on if we're late."
    Together, we sauntered excitedly toward the plaza of Estic Village. When we arrived, the first...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
Miguel got home, Mrs. Bangelle looked at him strange. Her small, cold eyes glared at him. And he just smiled to himself.
"So, Miguel, how was your day? I hope it was fine. "
She was slowly Polishing and sharpening a dark medium sized knife.
" It was lovely day. I talked to girl... And... I....... Told her how innaproprite her outfit looked..." She looked as though she didn't believe him but didn't say a word.
    As he walked up the stairs and then he realized that she was polishing the same dao, con dao he had been stabbed with in bed. But that dao, con dao was at least twice the size...
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posted by hetaliaitaly
Legends and Stories of Ghosts and nàng tiên have so many stories in the năm 2012 today bạn wouldn't think it was acutally real but i can tell bạn my story because i am a legend im a mythical creature people can't see me when i turn into my fantaisie but i can and it impacts on my life and im going to tell bạn my story my names Broken and this is my Life.




Friends:will come in later

I dont live with my parents i live with my cousin im 14 and hes 17 he doesn't know about me he doesn't know anything about me even though i lived with him for a year.
posted by nikkiluvzu
 The Night in the snow
The Night in the snow
     Gabby landed hard and fell into the chilling fluff of snow. It was dark out and the moon was full and milky white spilling onto her face. Not thêm than ten feet away there was a vast ocean of crimson snow.
    There was an acrid smell in the air."What is that?!" She crumpled up her nose and backed away, kicking the snow, otherwise untouched.
"Hello?"she whispered in the silent night. "Is there anyone out there? My name is Gabrielle Conrad... Hello?" Every desperate word plummeted into the snow leaving the night silent once more.
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posted by Knowitall123


Iannic-ann-ôd (Breton) - Ghost of a drowned person
Iara (Brazilian) - Female water spirit
Ibong Adarna (Philippine) - Bird that changes color each time it finishes a song
Ichimoku-nyūdō (Japanese) - One-eyed kappa from Sado Island
Ichiren-Bozu (Japanese) - Animated prayer beads
Ichneumon (Medieval Bestiaries) - Dragon-killing animal
Ichthyocentaur (Greek) - Human-fish hybrid
Iele (Romanian) - Female nature spirits
Ifrit (Arabian) - ngọn lửa, chữa cháy genie
Ijiraq (Inuit) - Spirit that kidnaps children
Ikiryō (Japanese) - can be considered a 'living ghost', as it is a person's spirit outside their...
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Winter Maiden

She walks in the night
while the crows are flying high
each one looks at her
staring into her eyes

She came from the north
where icy wind never sets
her lips are blue
her eyes sparkle
like the moon in the west

She walks in the winter
in the mountains at night
she cries Nữ hoàng băng giá tears
that haven't been blessed yet.

She could kill bạn instantly
with her Nữ hoàng băng giá breath
she is the Winter maiden
the daughter of death.

She has hair as white as snow
with silver eyes
staring at the ocean
as winter dies.

She's never seen in spring
because she can't see in the light
in the spring her hair melts
and her eyes shatter in fright.
posted by vegeta007
In a clear river the động vật receive their daily drink, the birds are hát and everything seems right, aside from the boy floating in the river. The boy is unconscious and has a hole in his stomach. What happened ? Why did it happen ? What was the cause ? We don’t know but the boy’s memories do, memories he doesn’t he even know he had.
100 years there was a great war between humans and shadows and at the end a gigantic shadow with an even larger army stands over a group of broken and beaten warriors as the forest and villages are either being burnt hoặc consumed bởi darkness....
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posted by Knowitall123

Waldgeist (German) - Forest spirit
Wampus cat (Cherokee) - Human-cougar hybrid
Wana-games-ak (Abenaki) - Water spirits
Wani (Japanese)- A crocodilian water monster
Wanyūdō (Japanese) - Demon in the form of a burning ox xe đẩy, giỏ hàng with a human head
Warak ngendog (Indonesian Muslim) - Egg-laying bird
Warg (English and Scandinavian O.N. vargr) - Giant, demonic wolf
Wassan-mon-ganeehla-ak (Abenaki) - Aurora spirits
Water monkey (Chinese) - Water spirit
Water sprite (Alchemy) - Water elemental
Wati-kutjara (Australia Aboriginal) - Iguana spirit
Wa-won-dee-a-megw (Abenaki) - Shapeshifting ốc, ốc sên spirit...
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posted by Knowitall123

Saci (Brazilian) - One-legged nature-spirit
Sagari (Japanese) - Horse's head that dangles from trees on Kyūshū
Sakabashira (Japanese) - Haunted pillar, installed upside-down
kỳ nhông, kỳ giông (Alchemy) - ngọn lửa, chữa cháy elemental
Samebito (Japanese) - cá mập demon
Samodiva (Slavic) - Nature spirit
Sandwalker (Arabian) - Camel-stealing, giant arthropod
Sânziană (Romanian) - Nature spirit
Sarimanok (Philippine) - Bird of good fortune
Sarngika (Hindu) - Bird spirit
Sarugami (Japanese) - Wicked monkey spirit which was defeated bởi a dog
Satori (Japanese) - Mind-reading humanoid
Satyr (Greek) - Human-goat hybrid...
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