Fantage vs Club chim cánh cụt Club
tham gia
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posted by awesomme1
Fantage is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than club penguin!!! First off, even if bạn are not a member, bạn can still dress up, just not with the ALL the clothes!!! In club penguin, bạn can only dress up in stupid looking clothes! Also, in Fantage, bạn are REAL people, while in Club Penguin, you're these fat, colorful penguins wobbling around!!!! Also, if bạn are non member on club penguin, bạn can't do almost anything!!! It's different on Fantage! The non members can do almost all the things that members can!!!! If bạn are đọc this and bạn are on club penguin, GET OFF CP AND ON FANTAGE!! IT...
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