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posted by 67Dodge
"Your Identification please, mister Barker," the female on the counter commanded. 

Damion reached into a pocket in his leather áo khoác for a plastic ID card, setting it gently on the desk. 


Damion sighed, getting several rolls of paper. 

The lady at the counter took a look at each and every form set on her desk, scanning the bar codes and typing away at her keyboard with scrutiny. She first looked at the ID card, the black text đọc "Todd Barker", and a non-smiling face stared back at her. She looked at the certifications as well. Her plump figure was clad in all black, with only one white patch on her chest đọc "Marie". 

"Well, everything here looks correct, you've vouched and own a property, congratulations, you're in business." Marie handed Damion the papers back with a smile. 

"Thank you."

He took each paper, folding them up and picked up his business plaque, shuffling each in his flippers, and made his way out of the building with an awkward hobble. 

Damion opened his cửa hàng as soon as each chair and station was ready to be used. He carefully organized each brush bởi color, size, and function, meticulously sharpened his ornate razors, mixed the creams and dyes until they were nice and pasty. The floor was tidied up, and register activated. Damion hung up his certificates, and threw on a white áo sơ mi and pants, black boots, and a dark blue vest. Now, all he had to do was wait for a customer. 

First they were slow minutes. Damion had all the patience of the world, he was thinking, wondering, picturing with his greatly expansive mind. phút became hours. As the clock over the register chimed 3 o' clock in the afternoon, Damion yawned with boredom, readjusting his dark brown contacts over his true eyes. It was a few phút in that a male chim cánh cụt stepped inside. 

"Good afternoon, um... Are you, Todd Barker?"

Damion didn't hesitate. 

"Yes, how may I be of service today, a stylish trimming of the hair? Soothing skin massage?" 

"Actually, none of the above, bạn see, I need to get to an interview with a company over bởi the RoPa district, and I-"

Damion pretended to listen to this man's gush of a story. 

Wow, look at this fool talk, it's as if he's a mouth with feet and flippers, no wonder why no one will hire this clown. The way he swings his flippers when speaking, how he's leaning on the door lazily, yammering, his accent. I'd say he's a dirty Prole from outside getting migrant work and feeding off my taxes. Look at his belly, is he about to lay an egg hoặc is he stashing red weed in condoms in his gut? Suppose I cú đấm him and he'll get high instantly. Heheh..

"...So I was hoping I could get my chinstrap bleached and a trim to the feathers near my jaw?" 

"But of course."

The chim cánh cụt sat himself in one of the seats, awaiting for a cloak. 

Damion grabbed one of the many creams he had closed up, getting a swab, Q-tips, and a small brush, pulling out one of his razors. He brought each one over to the station bởi the chair the chim cánh cụt was seated in, then proceeded to grab a cloak, draping it around his guest's neck and covering his body. 

"Sorry, could we start soon? I have an hour.." 

Typical Proletariat scum... They never just sit back and stop worrying about their nonexistent problems. Damion thought as he dipped the brush in the cream. 

With careful strokes, Damion lathered the dye over the chinstrap on his customer, smoothing out the edges where white feathers met black ones. He gazed upon his razor, eyes dilating as he did, slowly picking it up. 

Why don't I just put this filthy animal out of his misery...? After all, he'd want that soooo much...

Damion unlocked the razor, sharpening it on a board. 

He lowered the blade near his customer's jugular vein, his flipper shook slightly. 

Yes. Yes. I want this, it will be perfect... 

He quickly pulled back, instead, angling the blade to shave the offending chinstrap. 

"There bạn go sir, would bạn like anything else? Haircut perhaps?" 

Damion wiped the remaining creams off with a towel, held up a mirror, revealing a clean, plain white surface over his guest's chin. 

"Nope, that'll do just fine!" 

Damion weakly hobbled over to the register to finalize the transaction. 

"That'll be five Antarctic Marks..." 

His guest got the amount, laid it on his desk, and headed out. 

"Thank you!"

"Don't bạn want your change?"

"Keep it." 

The door shut and Damion stood in the cửa hàng in silence. 

I can't do that... I need Hannah.. I need her so much.. She's counting on me to change my ways. I can't let her down~ 

Damion sat in one of his chairs and sighed. 

Why am I tormented to desire such violent fantasies...? Ever since that slut abandoned me for a one night stand I've wanted nothing thêm than to purge the world of such RUDE people. Then, Hannah comes in, and she melted my tim, trái tim into her own~ I can't stop thinking about her hạt dẻ eyes, her beautiful smile, her delicate flippers, her small feet, her short legs.. It's so cute when she has to stand on her toes to Kiss me~ I can never forget her eyes staring tenderly back at me, her flippers caressing mine, her massive, wide rear en-

Damion paused. 

"Hang on!" 

He smiled. 

"The Kid is running around town slashing all the innocents of Antarctica for the sake of some demented fetish for blood. And I can't just make myself a target for the authorities... I WILL get to destroy somebody's life. Yes....! Oh that's brilliant~"

Damion put his razor blade in his pocket after closing it up. 

"Though, he's obviously masochistic, torture will do no good on him... Perhaps if I threatened to dispose of him swiftly and painlessly, I'm certain he'll be deathly afraid of not being able to fulfill his fantasies~" Damion smirked. 

At the strike of five o' clock in the afternoon, Damion shut off his "Open" sign, ready to close for the ngày for one lousy customer. 

"Hannah will adore me for absolutely annihilating The Kid~" 

Damion stopped as he heard the door open again. 

"Sorry, we're closed right now, perhaps if bạn can arrive tomorrow, I'll be here to assist you."

"Oh but Mister Barker, I'm suffering a terrible case of loneliness~" 

Damion recognized the voice instantly. 

"Hannah!" he ran over to his mate, giving her a soft kiss. 

"Missed me hun?" 

Damion blushed. 

"But of course I did~"

"What were bạn just talking about?" Hannah smiled. 

"I was thinking about the properties of the diameter of your rear end~" he chuckled.

"Oh is that so?" Hannah laughed.

"Yeah, it was awfully slow today~"

"Aww... Maybe I should take bạn for some bữa ăn tối, bữa tối, bữa tiệc ly to cheer bạn up~" Hannah hugged Damion. 

"No need to, I'm not that hungry." Damion hugged her back. 

"C'mon darling, let's at least grab some meat pies for a quick bite," Hannah đã đưa ý kiến as she kissed his cheek. 

Damion sighed happily. 

"Fine... Only because bạn suggested it~" 
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posted by Skiparah
It was a dark and chilly night. The rain and wind was freezing and forced it's way into a man's soul if he wasn't careful. bạn would imagine that only a chim cánh cụt could stand freezing temperatures. Yeah, Skipper thought so too. After five phút outside he was shivering visibly and his beak was chattering. He tried to
pretend it was nothing and walk it off, but every time he moved it felt like walking with a layer of ice encasing you. Finally he stopped behind a brick tường that stood blocking most of the harsh wind and rain and slumped back against it. Something hard and cold hit...
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posted by _Lexii23_
Lexii tumbled head over heels down the shaft which she had fallen into. She flailed her arms frantically trying to grab onto something. The bottom of the hole couldn't be seen.
She whipped her head to the side as she heard a mechanical whir. From above her she saw some type of claw rushing towards her. It looked like the ones in the games that humans play to get the plushies out of the glass box thing. The claw caught up with her and grabbed her around her ankles. It slowed to a stop.
She sighed and smiled. The penguins had rescued her! She didn't even know how they found her but she didnt...
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I float closer to the door and it was Kowalski. "There bạn guys are..." He stops for a moment, then continue. "May I come in?" Lech did not say anything, then he spoke. "Okay, but your tim, trái tim will be crush if bạn hate to see dead and almost dead friends..." He walk away, leaving Kowalski bởi the door. He rush inside and sees Emma and the dead me. "Wh-what happened?!" He jump onto the table, stairs fearfuly at them. I float down tiếp theo to Kowalski, stair sadly at Emma.

"Demon is what happened." Beast spoke from the chair he`s sitting on. "Demon...?" Kowalski stair confussly at Beast. Beast`s eyes...
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Dawn rose as the sun creeped over the horizon in the Central Park Zoo, the birds were whistling a merry tune, and the smell of freshly baked pretzels was in the air.

In the chim cánh cụt habitat Kowalski opened his eyes slowly, the sound of the Tv beating in his earholes. He got out of his bunk groggily and shuffled over to his teammates. Private was parked in front of the Tv watching his favourite show, and Skipper and Rico were playing cards at the cinder block table. Kowalski noticed the trademark cá coffee in Skipper flipper.

"Morning." Kowalski manged through a yawn.

"Finally up I see soldier."...
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"What are bạn doing here?!" Blowhole snarled. Julian scamped out the open door, but Blowhole cornered Private. A familiar clown head rose from its resting place on his segway, and Blowhole fired the beam of forgetfulness. Luckily, though, Private barely manged to dodge, and he tumbled across the room.
"CC! LEXII" he cried. "IF THERE WAS ANY TIME bạn WERE NEEDED, ITS NOW!" He kept dodging blast after blast. Blowhole, annoyed, swapped weapons, and started shooting a tranquilizer, dart-gun at him. He shot Private in the wing, and he fell over. Private's vision began to get blurry, and the last...
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posted by stlouisfan
The rest of the week passed uneventfully for Dave. The crowds came and the crowds went and the days passed bởi like the wind. The động vật all did their usual daily routines every single day. Nothing changed. Some days had a little excitement and some days were just plain dull. The most exciting thing that had happened for Dave was when Julian had kicked Mort into the con rái cá, rái cá habitat and had landed right on hàng đầu, đầu trang of Dave. He landed on Dave, while Dave was lying on the grass.

At this point Dave had gotten to know almost all of the động vật at the zoo. He really liked many of them. The only động vật he...
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    Lexii flopped on her back in the soft green cỏ and looked up at the clear blue sky. The air carried the scent of the first days of spring. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. 
   Lexii sat up and slowly looked around the park. A few birds flew to a cây and started to chirp. Lexii laid back down and closed her eyes. 
   She sighed and frowned as she remembered why she had really come out here. She came out here to think about her and Julien. The kiss. She didnt want a boyfriend right now but she knew that true tình yêu is a once in a lifetime thing. What if he is the one?...
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Yayz!! I finaly am finishing the saga!!!

Naio watched as the Grand Elder raised Hannah's power level to over SIXTY THOUSAND!!! Dende and Naio showed Hannah out the door. While walking out She saw something. It was..Long black hair? There was only one person that she knew that had long black hair. ' Is that Yamcha, ' She thought. ' Is HE REALY ALIVE!!! ' She turned in front of Naio. " So umm, " She said. " I didn't know Namekians had hair. So whats your secret? bạn a human? A wolf, hoặc ARE bạn YAMCHA!!! " Hannah screamed. Naio's Pupils got smaller. His mouth dropped open. He put his back side...
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(Ok, so this fanfic won't have Emma, Ashley hoặc the other main ones in because it's about the impact an incident has on 7 of my chim cánh cụt Ocs lives. :3 The first chapter's a little boring because it's thêm of an intro to the characters, their trang chủ and their school life. This is set in 2010 when they were 12. :3 Hope bạn enjoy and các bình luận are appreciated. :D)

Young penguins from all around the village of Rycombe, deep within the continent of Antarctica, shuffled across the icy floors, all heading in the same direction, as a nippy wind tugged at their feathers. They all were heading for a large...
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Emma watched the new transfer out of the corner of her eye, as she tried not to frown in suspicion. She was becoming even thêm sure that this was the villainous tyrant in disguise. She looked up at Kowalski who, judging bởi his expression, was thinking exactly the same thing.

"So what do bạn do for fun around here?" Tia asked brightly.

"Well we all have our own hobbies, but we do other things like watch Tv, get snacks, train, and even have movie marathons." Skipper explained with a smile.

"That sounds like fun!" Tia exclaimed, her eyes glistening a bit. Skipper nodded in response, daring to...
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