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Jane Rizzoli spotted a man step out of a taxi and nearly walk into a woman rolling a baby carriage.
The man caught her staring so she turned away.

"Jane?" asked Maura, jarring her out of thoughts.
"Wha-? oh, sorry, Maura, I was thinking."
"About that cute man who stepped out of the cab?"
"No! And don't bạn think, Maura, that after your LAST boyfriend, you'd be a bit thêm careful about who bạn think is cute? What does he have in TWO suitcases? Severed body parts?"
" Ha! I'm careful!"
"Like bạn were careful about the psycho who gave bạn a severed hand encased in plaster?"
"Good point."
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posted by kowalskirocks14
Truth in lies 4
It was about 4:00 am, and all but the lemurs were done partying.
Amber and skipper were pacing the floor, one waiting for dillain, the other for kowalski.

The cá bowl hatch opened, but only dillain came in.
"where's-" amber started to ask.
"oh, I... Forgive me, but I had to knock im out." dillain said, diễn xuất as innocent as possible.
"why?" amber asked.
"well, it's kinda a long story. He started saying your a jerk, cuz you've been hanging with me. So I started telling him up. So he pulls out a hand gun and loads it with bullets, while hea doing that I cú đấm him and goes K.O. See?...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
It was another typical ngày at the secret lair in Coney Island, trang chủ of the evil Dr Blowhole. Blowhole was sitting in his big chair nghề viết văn about what to do with the penguins next.

"Hey Doc" đã đưa ý kiến one of his lobsters. "You've been working too hard, why don't bạn take a rest" "No I can't, red one" đã đưa ý kiến Blowhole. "I have to write up these plans so I can do my tiếp theo attack on the pain-gyoo-wins. I'm thinking of a suprise attack of some sort"

That's when I came in. I was wearing my dragon gear, crept up behind Blowhole and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned his chair around. "What is it..." he started....
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posted by Tressa-pom
We Found tình yêu -Part 2-
Scene 1 -HQ
Skipper: Your giường is right here. And if bạn need a lab, Kowalski can share his lab with you.
Kowalski: *not pleased* Okay Skipper.
Tressa: Thanks, sir! *to Kowalski* Don’t worry, Kowalski. I won’t disturb you. A little bàn is enough for me.
Kowalski: If bạn need anything else, just tell me.
Tressa: Okay.
Private: So, did bạn meet with other animals?
Tressa: I haven’t met with them. *blushes* Is it necessary?
Private: Don’t be shy! I will come with you.
Scene 2- Marlene’s Habitat
Private: First bạn will meet with Marlene. I think bạn will be great friends....
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posted by 67Dodge
"Boss, we just brought her in," Al đã đưa ý kiến bluntly. 

"Oh, her? Why good god, I know bạn guys are pathetically weak, but Lune got mugged bởi a girl? Haha! Aren't bạn all such good bitches~" The Kid softly purred, sitting back in his office. 

The door opened, two mobsters, armed to the beak with knives, dragged along a short female penguin, slightly thin with curled hairs as a result of being beat with fists, she didn't speak, not even evoking a feeling of anger, if anything, she almost looked glad that she was here. 

"Excuse us for a moment Al, she looks like she'll make a perfect victim.." The...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
 Steve wins the pinball tournament
Steve wins the pinball tournament
Steve: Well folks, this really has been an amazing adventure! I got to defeat Voltaire in person, saved my neighbors' baby, and got me a girlfriend. Well, now that it's all over, let's go play some pinball!
Curtain opens revealing arcade and cast. Steve approaches Cirqus Voltaire pinball machine.
Josh: She's all yours Steve. Good luck!
Steve: Thanks Josh! (plays pinball)
Cast: C'mon Steve! bạn can do it! Alright! Win this game!
Steve: Alright! I got all nine marvels! Now to tham gia the circus! Almost there! (Shoots) Yes!
Cast cheers
Machine: Welcome to the circus! We need your skills. Spell CIRQUS!
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
 Steve and the gang battle Voltaire
Steve and the gang battle Voltaire
Voltaire draws chainsaw even closer to Steve
Voltaire: This is too easy! No one can stop me now!
Cat's voice: Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr....!!!!
Sherlock: What the heck was that?
Cat continues while running on stage furiously
Steve: Cat?
Cat continues and breaks through cage
Voltaire: What the?
Cat: ...aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgh!!! (Tackles and hits Voltaire while riding on him)
Voltaire: Ow! (Drops chainsaw. Chainsaw turns off) Ouch! Ouch! xin chào get off me!
Cat: Don't touch my boyfriend! (Punches him and gets off)
Voltaire falls and his arms get pulled back bởi Cat
Voltaire: Yeow! Let go of me!
Cat: First give me the key...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
 Steve flies on the trapeze in attempt to save Cat
Steve flies on the trapeze in attempt to save Cat
Voltaire takes a bow as audience applauds
Voltaire: Why thank you! Thank bạn all! Y'all are too kind! (To cast) So, wasn't that an amazing song hoặc what?
Steve: Bravo! I'd applaud you, but my hands are tied to the back of my chair!
Voltaire: Ah yes. I tied bạn all in the dark so bạn don't miss a một phút of my show!
Josh: We don't want to see your hiển thị anymore! We want our Những người bạn back now!
Voltaire: Quiet you! Now watch to see if they can escape their acts before I lead them to their doom! (Chuckles)
Mr. Travis: What are bạn gonna do to them?!
Voltaire: I'm glad you've asked! I will shoot boom balloons...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
 Steve and the gang get trapped and meet Voltaire
Steve and the gang get trapped and meet Voltaire
Intermission ends. Lights go out. Circus calliope plays again. Curtain opens revealing the inside of Voltaire's Circus tent.
Cast enters while calling for Voltaire.
Steve: Voltaire!
Mrs. Travis: Voltaire!
Sherlock: Come out, come out, wherever bạn are!
Josh: Man, where could he be?
Mr. Travis: We know he's here somewhere, but he is no where in sight.
Steve: Oh look! There's that calliope.
Josh: Whoa! It's playing bởi itself!
Sherlock: Must be one of those coin operated ones.
Steve: xin chào guys! Look what else I've found!
Mr. Travis: It's an old switch. And it has a sign. (Reads sign) "Pull for assistance"...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
 Kendall rushes to save Cat from the train.
Kendall rushes to save Cat from the train.
Steve and the gang come on stage
Cat Valentine is tied to train tracks in front of tunnel
Cat: Help! Help me, please!
Steve: Oh no! Cat, what are bạn doing tied to the tracks?
Cat: I don't know! All I remember was that I was minding my own biz and then this scary green man comes out of nowhere and kidnaps me. And tiếp theo thing I know, I'm stuck here!
Sherlock: Hmm. A scary green man bạn say? How peculiar.
Mrs. Travis: I'll say, whoever this troublemaker is, he's sounds and probably looks creepy.
Cat: He sure was! Creepier than that evil clown I saw in a movie last night! I need to lay off on thrillers....
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
 Sherlock examines blue hair left bởi the thief that kidnapped baby Junior
Sherlock examines blue hair left by the thief that kidnapped baby Junior
Steve (Enters): Ah, what a beautiful ngày in the neighborhood! The pinball tournament is tonight and all my Những người bạn are gonna watch me play!
Mr and Mrs. Travis (enter): Junior! Junior! Where are you! Please come back!!! (Mrs Travis cries)
Steve: Hello Mr. and Mrs. Travis! (Gasp) Why Mrs Travis, what's the matter?
Mrs Travis (crying): Our baby Junior is GONE!!!
Steve: What?! What happened to him?
Mr. Travis: He's been kidnapped! We went to wake him up this morning and he wasn't in his crib.
Mrs Travis (crying): Instead we found this! (Shows baby dummy)
Steve: Oh my gosh! That is strange.
Mrs Travis (crying):...
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I knew this was going to happen....I just knew it. *facepalms*

Just so bạn know...I'm gonna put the rating at T hoặc M just to be safe. Cause...Well...You'll see.

Prussia: Kesesesesese~ I'm totally getting my cookies!

Me: No bạn are not!

Prussia: Then can I have the reader's vital regions~?

Me: Nein, but bạn can have mine.

Prussia: Okay that works. Kesesesese~ *slings me over his shoulder*

Me: Wait...If bạn do that then bạn aren't getting any cookies! Wait till I'm done verdammit!

Prussia: Nope~

Me: *says very quickly* Penguins of Madagascar and Hetalia do not belong to me. They belong to their rightful...
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(Ok so I đã đưa ý kiến this one would be different and it definatley is. This is set almost in an alternate reality to my other ones, basically, in this, penguins and humans are both the dominant species, and they both live in harmony together. And the penguins go to schools, have houses etc. This is going to be set in Emma's school in England, an all chim cánh cụt school, and instead of crushing on Kowalski, she likes someone else. I think people who know me well will figure out who it is. :P Honestly, this is a bit like my school life, but some things are different, and some things in this have actually...
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posted by MelanieSmith442
Taylor and Kaitlyn looked at each other's helmet's. Afte a moment of silent thinking, the two shook their heads. They took of the helmets and tossed them about. Taylor walked to one side of the hall, standing just before the start of one of the main stairways. And kaitlyn stayed where she was, at the beginning of the một giây stairway.
Taylor looked to kaitlyn to begin. She counted in her head, nodding at each number. When she had counted, long and slow, from three, she yelled, "GO!!!"
The irks then got onto their make-shift sleds, perched atop the steps. In one second, the girls had le go of the...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
The tiếp theo day, kẹo and I were in the living room, talking about what happened last night. "Did bạn see the look on Skipper's face?" I laughed. "Yes, yes I did" đã đưa ý kiến Candy. Then I asked kẹo "Say, where's Blowhole?" "Hmmm" đã đưa ý kiến kẹo "Good question, I have no idea"

At that moment, a tôm, tôm hùm came running into the living room screaming. "Yo" I đã đưa ý kiến to the tôm, tôm hùm as he hid under the couch, "What's wrong?" "There's a hideous creature heading right this way!" he said. "Oh come on" đã đưa ý kiến kẹo "You must be imagining things" Then all of a sudden, the windows shut bởi themselves making the living room...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
That night, at the chim cánh cụt lair, all the penguins were asleep. All was quiet until Skipper woke up. "Boys, get up!" he said. "But Skippah, it's the middle of the night" đã đưa ý kiến Private. "I know" Skipper said. "But my guts are telling me that something is not right!" "What do bạn mean?" asked Kowalski. "I think that villainous scum Dr Blowhole is onto us!" Skipper said. "I mean he could pop out of no where sometime right now!"

At that moment, I used a laser on my segway to cut open a giant cá heo sized hole through the supply closet door. Then I came in wearing my dragon gear. "Hello worthless...
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Once the penguins returned back to the HQ, Skipper had expected Kowalski to be giving out các câu trả lời to what this creature was doing, where it came from, and how it lived. However, this was not the case, as Julien had tried to sneak into the HQ to "borrow" their tv, but was huddled up under a table, as the penguins saw why he'd been hiding. Kowalski was in a fit of rage it seemed, he was taking a baseball bat and destroying every single radio and intercom, as well as packing every single exit with dynamite, he grunted whenever the bat got stuck in a radio that was broken into. This was enough...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
Dr Blowhole, Candy, and I went up to the moniters. "Red one" đã đưa ý kiến Doc to his lobster. "What has kẹo found?" "Let's see" đã đưa ý kiến the tôm, tôm hùm trying to find the footage. "Aha" he đã đưa ý kiến "Found it!" He turned on the recording.

"Ok everyone listen up" đã đưa ý kiến Candy. "When the penguins say something that they are scared of, start planning" We started watching the penguins. They were in their headquarters having a small conversation about their fears. "Kowalski" đã đưa ý kiến Skipper "how about we start off with you" "Oh okay" sighed Kowalski. "I'm scared of paintball!" "What?!" blubbered Rico. "It's true! I was...
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posted by CuteCuddly
The động vật of the zoo gathered near the gate, chattering, and conversion. Marlene stood near the stage with CC.
"You nervous?" Marlene asked.
"Mm, slightly."
"What if it's a fail? Like game night almost was?"
"Game night ended up perfect, and this will too," CC assured her. She gazed at all the animals, then realised something.
"Where's Rune?" CC asked. "Has she not come yet?" She went into the crowd, and found Mort.
"You happen to know where Rune is?" she asked the chuột lemur.
"Rune? Oh, she's gone to um... China!"
"Tell me the truth."
"Ok! She's hiding in the volcano. But don't tell...
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posted by stlouisfan
The tiếp theo few hours for Dave were worse than being stuck in the crate. At least in the thùng he was just uncomfortable. Now in the vet's office he was uncomfortable and going through pain. Not only did Dave require a couple of shots, but the vet also needed to extract blood from him. He also needed a check-up to make sure he was healthy. And to hàng đầu, đầu trang everything off Dave was quite sure that the vet was a little sadistic. After everything was done, Alice placed Dave into a pet carrier and carried him off to the con rái cá, rái cá habitat.

It was late afternoon and the crowds had gone trang chủ for the day. At least...
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