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posted by jdmer12
 He already Mất tích her once; he is not going to lose her twice.
 Soft, it was quick, kind of like a habit, bạn know like we’d do it every ngày for the rest of our lives.
 From now on, bạn can expect that I’m gonna hiển thị up, even if I yell, even if bạn yell, I’m always gonna hiển thị up.
 Pick me , choose me, tình yêu me
 She’s got my McDreamy & my McDog. She’s got my McLife.
 I’m not gonna get down in one knee. I’m not gonna ask a question, I tình yêu bạn Meredith Grey and I wanna spend the rest of my life, with you.
 Seriously!
You know you're a Grey's Anatomy người hâm mộ when...

1. bạn start McNaming all your McFriends and everything else in your McLife.

2. bạn don't do anything on Thursdays except watch Grey's Anatomy.

3. bạn cry when they cry

4. You've decided bạn want to be a surgeon despite your lack of science skills (mhm, that's me!)

5. bạn can randomly quote Grey's anytime, anywhere. (haha my Những người bạn hate it)

6. Seriously. Seriously?! SERIOUSLY!!!!

7. bạn think it'd be a sin for Meredith and Derek not to be together (it's totally a sin! *ahem Shonda*)

8. bạn want to cut open Rose with a scalpel (yes please)

9. bạn cried when...
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