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posted by sasusaku-fan
 Girls rock the music!
Girls rock the music!
Hi there my name is sasusaku-fan and i'm the runner of this whole thing! I need to tell bạn guys some rules about the show....
1.Don't copy people songs.
2.No fake singing.(if bạn are caught doing this bạn are disqualified.)
3.No thêm than 2 ppl together singing.
4.No picking Những người bạn if bạn are a judge to win unless there good.
5.No cyber bulling this is a nice contest so no fighting.

And if bạn are interested in being a contestent tape a video of bạn hát and add it here ,and me and 2 other judges will watch bạn and vote.

If your interested in being a judge just send me a message and i'll get back to bạn (please note that i can only have 2 judges more)

I hope this helps and good luck to all!!!!!
 Boys rock the music!
Boys rock the music!