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posted by lightingcyber1
shadow found out that he was no longer
on earth but a new world of the naga
shadow was a hedge-NAGA
what were am I thought shadow
lay in a nest like giường the den like trang chủ was in
a cave in a forest full of emeralds glowing
what ever this place is shadow new this was his
new trang chủ and he was happy to be a way
from gun the humans hoặc MOBUIES
all shadow new he add change into
a half hedgehog -half snake with long tail
and this place he was in seem full of magic
shadow yawn as he rub his eyes
are bạn the 1 bạn BRUNG me to this world ask
shadow yes bạn forgotten about me sweet
huh đã đưa ý kiến shadow ah lighting but I thought
that I know but now we are together
lighting jolt cyber chaos the hedge-NAGA
alpha omega male ultimate life form
albino white yellow quills like neo sonic
yellow round his ngọc lục bảo blue eyes
đào chest tummy
yellow lighting marks on his arms quills for head
long HEDGE-NAGA tail
end of part 1
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It has come to my attention that my gift for words has been failing me miserably these past few days. What I mean to impart is coming off as bitchiness rather than humerous hoặc helpful.

For that, I want to apologize. Especially to Harold, who works hard for this site and didn't deserve to feel like he was under attack at all. I'm an idiot. I would offer to smooch and make up, but I'm too old to be getting beat up bởi anyone's wife...

Now, having đã đưa ý kiến that, I am going to go over a few things that might be responsible for this mood lately. I simply feel like I am banging my head against the wall...
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posted by laurensman
 crude biểu tượng :(
crude icon :(
as many of bạn noe i was almost bannished of fanpop forever! this is due to my bad behavior towards otha fanpoppas and makin rude picks. i have apologed to the fanpop lord and he is a very very forgivin man let me tell bạn unda one condition: NO thêm CRUDE BEHAVIOUR!! i mean it! i use to go round n about actin as if i had no concirn for yo feelins buh i really do.. very much! i have been thinkin n thinkin.. layin dere.. and it has come to my attention i must be sent here bởi da fanpop lord. dis means i must be nice to every1 n be a người hâm mộ of every1 here on fanpop.. dis i am workin on rite after...
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