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Spirited Away 2

Disclaimer: I do not own Spirited Away hoặc the characters except Mimi she is mine.

By: Marissa Barlow

"What will bạn do?" Chihiro asked. "Don't worry i'll have a talk with Yubaba and tell her i'm going to quit being her apprentice." Haku said. "I'm fine i have my name back" Haku said. "Will we meet again sometime?" Chihiro asked. "Sure we will." Haku said. "Promise?" Chihiro asked. "I promise." Haku said. "Now go and don't look back until you've past through the tunnel." Haku said. Then their hands that were once locked together are letting go. 6 years later.

Its been

6 years since...
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Nightmare 23 is a Max Headroom/Nightmare On Elm đường phố, street (Robert Englund version) crossover screenplay. But fear not! This is not one of those simple Meg Said/Peg đã đưa ý kiến scripts that has no visual descriptions and makes bạn wonder where it's taking place....

A Nightmare on Elm đường phố, street / Max Headroom Crossover



The lab is quiet. The only sound is that of a Network employee typing
away on his computer. There is an occasional pause as he stops to think
for a few moments, then resumes his rapid typing.

Why do I always let Edison talk me into...
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posted by PonyChan66
Hi, I'm doing an MLP fanfiction collab, one that's comedy slice-of-life themed. I need 10 authors, and I'd like anyone interested to post a nghề viết văn sample from what they consider their best work as a comment. I will only be accepting authors who use proper grammar and spelling, and no pornography, gore, crossovers, hoặc any combination thereof will be permitted in your chapter. bạn will have to write a chapter of at least a thousand words starring your OC hoặc ponysona, and it will be đã đăng on FiMfiction. I reserve the right to reject any material that I believe is poor quality.
posted by vanelandsisters
Chapter 2: Confusion
Three hours later, I can't leave my bedroom. bởi the way, Miles wasn't knocked out. He's just not feeling well. Anyways, so two hours ago, Father and Stepmother Vanilla finally wake up. My siblings and I are all talking in the living room. Our stepsisters are at their friend's house for a week-long sleepover. Yeah, we're allowed to have those... Stepmother Vanilla nudges my father, and he goes, (sigh) "What did bạn want earlier, Sonia-Anne?" Annoyed, I respond, "If bạn cared about me and the others, you'd have let me answer when I came into your bedroom earlier." My siblings...
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posted by vanelandsisters
Told By: Sonia-Anne J. Aleena

Chapter 1: Basic Facts
I wake up in my bed, with lots of wounds and bruises. I get up, to get some band-aids. Soon I see my twin sister looking in the mirror, trying to cover her wounds. I ask, "Amelia-Rose, are bạn alright?" She nods at me and says, "Yeah, I'm fine. I just don't know where all of these wounds came from." I nod at her and go to tell Father what's going on. He's still asleep with Stepmother Vanilla, so I tap on him and whisper, "Father. Father?" He turns and whispers back, "What do bạn want, Sonia-Anne? It's two in the morning." I reply with 'never...
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