Name:Braie And Stewn (will be finished)
Description:Stewie Builds A Machine That Can Swap Minds,And Stewie And Brian Trip In To It.
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(Shows Griffin House Then Cuts To Stewie's Room) Stewie:Your Not My Boss Rupert,I Wont Give It A bow Tie. [Brian Walks In]Stewie:Oh,Hey Brian,I Just Finished My Device. Brian:I Just Got A Pie From The Kitchen,You Wanna Piece? Stewie:Sure,But Can bạn Get Some Cool Whhip On It? Brian Yea Su-Did bạn Do,--Do That On Perpose? Stewie:Do Whhat On Perpose? Brian:You Did Again,Why Are bạn Putting Emposis On The H? Stewie:Im Not,Im Just Sayin,You Can't Have A Pie Without Cool Whhip.
Brian:Whip. Stewie:Whhip. Brian:Whip. Stewie:Whhip. Brian:Say Cool. Stewie:Cool. Brian:Now Say Whip. Stewie:Whip. Brian:Now Say Cool Whip. Stewie:Cool Whhip. bạn Know What,Forget It. Anyway,What Did bạn Make? Stewie:A Mind Swaper. Brian:Swaper Who Says That?!?! Stewie:It Does'nt Matter. Any way,It Can Swap Minds. Brian:hmm. I found a bone in the yard. [Brian Drops Bone And Walks Forward,Hits Stewie,And Knocks Them Both Into The Mind Swaper.They Fall Out.] Brian In Sbv<stewie's body and voice>:Well,Stewie,That Didnt Work. Stewie In bbv:Yes,It Did,Brian look Down. [Brian Looks And sees Stewies Feet]Brian in sbv:F***. Stewie In bbv:Damn Right. Brian:God,This Is Worse Than The Time Peter Fell In tình yêu With A Mirror (shows peter in front of a mirror)Peter;God,You're Hot. Lets Make Out. [peter trys to Kiss the edge and cuts his lip] Peter:Ooooooh!Sassy!(cuts to kitchen,all are at table)Lois:Peter bạn look Drunk. Peter:Oh Yeah? Well-Well You're Fat.....Huh,Huh? Pe-Peter One...You-You-Whats You're Name? Lois:Lo- Peter:You Know What,i don't cake. Lois:Don't bạn Mean Care? Peter:Good For You,Meg. [Lois Punches Peter] Peter:Sexy. Lois:Peter,Im Tired Of bạn Drinking ALL THE TIME! I am CUTTING bạn OFF BEER!!!!!!!! Peter:Oh No! Brian In sbv:Oh No... Stewie in bbv:Oh No! Chris:Oh Boy,Oh God,Oh NO!!! Meg:Oh No! [Kool-Aid Guy Break Through Wall] Kool-Aid Guy:Oh Yeah! (Everyone Stares At Him,And He Slowly Walks Backward,Out Of The Hole.){COMMERCIAL BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!}(Music,Then Back To Kitchen)Peter:I've Been Off edge,Brian.I can't stop think of Beer. Stewie in bbv:Shut Up,Fatman I don't Care What The F*** bạn Do.(stewie in bbv goes into living room,and sits on đi văng with brian in sbv)Stewie bbv:heey...budd-Brian in sbv:Im Not Talking To You,You Little Bastard. [Stewie in bbv grabs rupert and goes up to his room]Stewie In bbbv;I Screwed Up,Rupert. And I'm Gonna Fix It. Like Fix-It-Felix. (shows the game fix it felix,and wreck it ralph is on a window,and fix it felix is on ground)fix-it Felix:Hey,Stop That. Wreck It Ralph:Why? f.i.f:CAUSe GUESS WHOS GOTTA CLEAN IT UP?!? ME!!!!!!!