This is my interpretation of nàng tiên and their magic, personality, and culture.

nàng tiên live in Fairyland. It is a place full of nature and magic. nàng tiên can travel to our world whenever they wish, but we cannot go to their world unless one takes us there.

nàng tiên are typically kind, peaceful and wise, but there are also the small fairies, the pixies, who are thêm playful and mischevious. Pixies enjoy traveling to the human world to play tricks on people without being seen. Their only form of magic is their fairy dust, which they can use to do just about whatever depending on how skilled they are at using it. All nàng tiên have fairy dust, but most nàng tiên have other forms of magic as well, but since the pixies use only fairy dust all the time, they can handle it better than most all other fairies.

There are also the dark fairies. Good nàng tiên have been battling with the dark nàng tiên since the beginning of time, but for the past several hundred years, the dark nàng tiên have lived on their own in secluded areas of the forest, forced into hiding for fear of being kicked out of Fairyland, as many of their ancestors were. There they practice their dark magic and learn many secrets that normal nàng tiên would never dare learn.

The magic of nàng tiên depends on the type of fairy. The 6 main types of nàng tiên are: light, night, water, fire, nature, and air. Light nàng tiên have control over various aspects of light, such as rainbows, the brightness of light, the way the sun hits the leaves, etc. Night nàng tiên are nocturnal and can di chuyển the stars to create new constellations. Water nàng tiên live in hoặc near the water and control the various types of water. They can control where it flows, when it falls, etc, ngọn lửa, chữa cháy nàng tiên can control ngọn lửa, chữa cháy and spread it wherever they desire. Many ngọn lửa, chữa cháy nàng tiên become dark fairies, but the ones that don't use their powers to protect the other fairies. Nature nàng tiên watch over động vật and have control over the growth of plants. Air nàng tiên can control the breeze as well as natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes. For thêm on the types of fairies, see my other article.

The culture and personality of nàng tiên greatly depends on the type. Pixies (That is it's own type. Pixies do not fall under light, night, water, fire, nature, hoặc air.) are very social and often live in fields of flowers. Pixies care a lot about community and often come together to sing and dance hoặc the pixies with particular skill will perform for the others. Pixies also like to plot their tricks together and perform them as a team.

The personality of light nàng tiên varies greatly, but they are typically kind, optimistic introverts. They are very helpful to eachother and enjoy spending time together.

Night nàng tiên are solitary nàng tiên who's yêu thích passtime is to fly around the night sky, hoặc sit on a cây branch to look at it. They are very quiet, observant people who rarely interact with others.

Water nàng tiên are generally calm and wise. They, as well as night fairies, are very mysterious and enjoy keeping to themselves. Water nàng tiên are, however, far thêm social than night fairies.

ngọn lửa, chữa cháy nàng tiên are typically bold and fierce. They are passionate about what they believe in and speak their minds. They are also very social.

Nature nàng tiên are quiet, beautiful, graceful, mysterious, and of course very sweet and kind. They are talented singers and often very romantic and poetic. They are friendly to other fairies, but prefer keeping to themselves.

Air nàng tiên are difficult to describe. They are kind, quiet, and very, very intuitive.