Sighing, I got up, picked up my white backpack and walked out, followed bởi my older brother. I closed my eyes because of the sudden light of the bright sun. I wouldn't keep them closed for long, though, because of my excitement to see Zinonos city again...

What I saw when I opened them again seemed completely different from what I remembered. Only one single thing hadn't changed.

The city was floating.

That would probably seem weird to most people. Even I, who was born in Zinonos, sometimes found it weird. My grandfather told me that the members of the Grand Ecclesia made the city float. It was because of Foissel, whose trang chủ was very close to it. The monster could destroy the city anytime, that's why they decided to protect it bởi keeping it in the air. No one seemed to be afraid, as the spell those members had used was one of the strongest ones.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I started examining my surroundings. The place was really crowded, I couldn't see where we were clearly. All I could see were the small houses around the station, the white benches near it, and a few thêm floating buses tiếp theo to the one we were on. I remembered going to the station before, but it was never that crowded.

Deciding to not confuse myself more, I turned to my brother, "Ermi, where are we anyway?"

"Oh bạn know this place well" Ermi said, a bit louder so I could hear his voice above the people's, "This, as bạn probably remember, is the entrance to the Plaza Road"

"The Plaza Road?" I asked, confused, "Isn't that supposed to be away from the station? Near Aige Square?"

"Yes, it was, but nothing in the city stayed the same after the attack of the shadows" Ermi said, "Everything had to be rebuilt. So, now, the Plaza Road is tiếp theo to this station, and ends at Aige Square, which is now near Zinono's Station"

"So we will have to go there?" I asked.

"Probably" Elisa said.

"Oh, man..." I said, sighing. I never really liked going through the Plaza Road. It was always so crowded and loud. It's not easy to enter a store hoặc even look through the cửa hàng windows. There were always a lot people in only one store, which made it hard to buy what bạn wanted, hoặc even look at it. Things on Earth were so much easier...

"Say say, are bạn going to the palace as well?" Dafni asked. Turning to face her, I realized that she had asked me.

"Oh, uh, yeah, I am" I replied, a bit nervously. I wasn't quite used to talking to people I didn't know...

"Coincidence!" Jessica said, smiling, "We're going to the palace as well!"

"Really?" I asked, surprised, "Um, I'm sorry for asking, but, why?"

"Oh it doesn't matter to ask, we're going to be walking through the Plaza together for a while anyway" Dafni đã đưa ý kiến with a shrug, then reached her hand into her jeans' pocket and took out a Crystal, which had a bright green color, "Y'see, we came here to take permission bởi the King to..."

"Go to Belendia?" I interrupted, my lips forming a small smile.

"Yep! We're here to receive a mission!" Jessica said, taking out her own Crystal. This one had a light blue color.

Looking at them with wide eyes, I take out my Crystal, which I was keeping in my jeans' pockets, "Same here!"

Suddenly, the girls' faces became even brighter, "That's awesome!" they exclaimed in unison.

"Say say, what kind of fairy are you?" Dafni asked me, leaning forward.

"What color are your wings?" Jessica asked me, hiển thị her curiosity.

"How old are you?" Dafni asked.

"When did your Crystal started glowing?" Jessica asked.

As they kept asking questions, I kept growing nervous. I tried to memorize all of their các câu hỏi but it seemed even harder as they kept asking more.

"Sooo?" the both asked in unison.

"Um...." I said, trying to hiển thị with my expression that I was confused, which became understood.

"Oh, did we ask too many questions?" Dafni asked, blushing in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry...ah hah ah..." Jessica apologized, laughing nervously.

"It's okay, bạn just got a bit curious..." I said, although I didn't know how someone can get so curious about something..

"Well, I guess we didn't have a nice start, did we?" Jessica asked, smiling politely, "So, as bạn probably already know, my name is Jessica. I'm a Water Fairy, coming from Waterich Village"

"And I'm Dafni!" Dafni started with a friendly smile, "As I have already told you, I'm a Nature Fairy, and I come from Leina city!"

"Nice to meet you, both of you!" I said, smiling at the two. I don't know why, but it was a bit hard for me to make friends, so I was really happy right now, "My name's Maria, I'm a Wind Fairy and I come from Zinonos, meaning this place!" I introduced myself, then gestured to Ermi, who was standing tiếp theo to me, "The tall one here is my brother, his name is Ermi"

"Nice to meet you" đã đưa ý kiến my brother with a wave.

"And I'm Elisa!" đã đưa ý kiến the little fairy with her high-pitched voice.

"Nice to meetcha!" Dafni happily said.

"Same here!" Jessica đã đưa ý kiến equally happy.

"Oh, there's also someone else I want bạn two to meet" I said, looking up at the sky. Smiling at the figure that was flying above us, I pointing at it, "Sandilia!"

At the sound of its name, the white dragon flew down at us and landed right tiếp theo to Ermi, who then petted its head with his pale hand. Turning to the girls, I could see their surprise just bởi looking at their faces.

"Whoa, isn't that a không gian Travelling Dragon?" Dafni exclaimed, looking at Sandilia wide-eyed.

"That must mean that you're a không gian Traveller!" Jessica exclaimed pointing at us.

"Actually, no. Only I am" Ermi said, lifting his hand up.

"Yeah, he's the only person in the family who's riding on không gian Travelling Dragons" I said, looking back at my brother and his dragon.

"But now that's enough for that, let's get going" Ermi told us, walking towards the entrance to the Plaza Road.

"Aww...." I moaned. I actually wanted to talk with the two for a little longer...

"No worries, we'll be walking at the same road together for a while anyway" Dafni said, smiling at me friendly.

"Yep, no need to worry" Jessica said, giving me a thumps up, "By the way, bạn seem like a fun person!"

"Friends?" Dafni asked.

"Friends? Geez, are bạn sure that you're 14?" Jessica asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"Hey I was just trying to be polite!" Dafni đã đưa ý kiến pouting.

"Guys, are bạn coming hoặc what?" Ermi called, being way ahead of us.

"Comin'!" I called back, then turned to the girls with a bright smile,

"Let's catch up, my friends!"

Author's Note: Now this one's quite small. Oh well, tiếp theo one's going to be uploaded soon, I hope. XP