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This talks about you,Jalae!You can expect many other songs!I have them lined them up! P.S.In case you're going to ask,I'm not a người hâm mộ of Miley's.....Just of her songs:)
It's for you,Jalae!Totally dedicated to you!It's like it describes what I feel like about you!I think that you'll like it! P.S.It has the lyrics!I didn't understand all the words until I saw the lyrics!
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You're a huge friend of mine,jalae!And this song talks about bạn and your beliefs!
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Christina Aguilera
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Hard. I mean, everyone has their own opinion on what the word "friend" means. For me, a "Friend" is someone who listens, is kind, sweet, helps bạn out through tough situations, and is just plain awesome! I have many Những người bạn with that awesome quality, but, today, I will be talking about an awesome girl that I am really glad to know, Jalae.


J- Joyful and always full of life.
A- An awesome girl I will never forget.
L- Loving, sweet and caring are 3 awesome qualities about you.
A- An adventerous and one of a kind person.
E- Everyone loves bạn for who...
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 We tình yêu Jalae!
We love Jalae!
Hi my sweet friend Jalae!I decided finally to post an bài viết for you!It is not so much long,but it contains very tình yêu inside.

You were the first one here on Fanpop(when you've comed)that was so shy,sweet and kind to the others.
You were the only one who supported me when I had a fight with those who where supposed to be my "Best Friends".
You gaved me courage,you gaved me power to go phía trước, chuyển tiếp when I did had those fights.
You cared about me,like I was your little sister.
We always supported each other,when we had problems.
Not only me,but I've never saw bạn start a fight.
Everyone fights and...
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I saw the bài viết that bạn wrote for me and i decide too share what i'm feeling and believe about you......I am not making this because bạn have already make one for me.....i wanted to make this bài viết for a long time,but i didn't know what i must say about you...but know i deside to make it!

1.You are:

The sweetest

The best

The most caring

The most affectionate Person!
The most mature

The cutest

The most sensible

The most lovable

You are for me:

My best friend

My sister(you're like a sister to me)

My protector(i didn't forget the time that i say to bạn that someone hurt me and bạn đã đưa ý kiến to me that...
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