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posted by Depressed671
I know it's cheesy, but i have no other way to put it
bạn see me cry,
bạn see me bleed,
bạn see my hurt,
so why wont bạn talk to me?

bạn see me look at bạn when bạn walk by,
when you're not looking, i sit and cry.

How does it feel,
when the one bạn love,
thinks you're a freak?

You're the person,
that makes me smile,
but also make me sad,
and when bạn smile,
at that other girl,
why does it hurt so bad?


Tell me, are bạn in tình yêu with someone who thinks you're weird? Tell me..... Please, because when he walks bởi me, I feel like my world is falling apart because he doesnt even like me back :'(
posted by SweetestSilence
This was my poem, I wrote it and it was not directed to anyone, I swear, it was just a bad day.

If I died tomorrow,
Would bạn care?
Would bạn miss the way I smile?
hoặc the smell of my hair?
If I died tomorrow,
Would bạn really miss me?
Would bạn miss times we walked?
hoặc every time bạn kissed me?
If I died tomorrow,
Would bạn be to blame?
Would bạn come to the funeral?
And hang you're head in shame?
If I died tomorrow,
Is there anything you'd want to say?
Maybe that bạn tình yêu me?
And want me to stay?
posted by SweetestSilence
I feel dizzy,
But no pain,
My tim, trái tim is racing,
But I can't feel a thing,
The blood drips,
From my wrists to the floor
I begin to stumble,
bạn reach the door,
Walking inside
bạn see me bleeding,
bạn want to help,
But I'll deny,
Don't save me,
I want to die,
bạn can't believe,
The words I just spoke,
But bạn walk away,
bạn return,
I'm still alive,
bạn could help me,
But I cry,
I still don't want you
I never did,
Now leave me be,
I'm better off dead,
bạn leave again,
Tears in your eyes,
bạn loved me,
And bạn were letting me die,
An giờ later,
bạn walk back in,
I'm lying on my bed,
Eyes staring blankly,
I watch you,
bạn could have saved me,
If bạn wanted to...
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