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posted by SmilesKillMe
Here are some emo usernames I've came up with! (Note: some might not sound emo, but yeah..)

1. SmilesKillMe (My username)
2. Uncureable
3. CorruptedColors
4. Monochrome
5. SatanicPossession
6. RainOnMyHappiness
7. EmbraceTheDark
8. WoundedAndBroken
9. HalfAlive
10. StitchedDoll
11. VoodooHeart
12. DeadOrDeath
13. HappinessLies
14. HappinessExpires
15. HeartsAreNothing
16. PurelyHated
17. IAmNothing
18. WitheredMascara
19. WiltingRose
20. WiltingLife

Please if so, leave a number below saying which username(s) bạn liked the best!
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Hi I thought I'd create some nice, unusual user-names for people who want something different and unidentifiable. hope bạn enjoy reading, and that bạn use some of these tên người dùng ideas:) Could bạn please become a người hâm mộ of me and bình luận on this:D thankyou xxxx
Of course these user-names may already be taken. If so, then just add a number/nickname on the end. hoặc bạn can take some words, re-arrange and improvise:)
The ones with the * beside them are my favourites:)
Enjoy x
WoundedNight *...
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posted by SmilesKillMe
Here are some thêm emo/vampiric usernames, yet again preferably for girls:

The ones with ♥ tiếp theo to them are my favs!

1. INeedAGod
2. GiveMeHope ♥
3. DeathAura
4. ReviveMyHeart
5. ReviveMySoul
6. BeatMyHeart
7. PatchedHeart
8. ItsAllLies
9. DevilWithin ♥
10. PureSkull
11. VoodooDoll ♥
12. Nightwish (and yes, this is a name of a band.)
13. CorpseWithin
14. WeakVeins
15. PainWithin
16. MonochromeTears
17. LiveLaughDie
18. StitchedTeddy
19. PinsAndNeedles ♥
20. BloodAndScimitars
21. KnivesAndPens (yes, this is the name of a Black Veil Brides song. I just tình yêu this band, so, yup.)
22. BloodLoveGore
23. NoInspiration
24. NoEscape
25. GodessOf[add word here]
25. SatansPuppet ♥
26. EveryonesPuppet ♥
27. IdioticSoul
28. CallOfTheNight
29. BringThePain
30. DesirableFreak
31. Imprisoned[add word here] ♥
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posted by 123meshe
i feal so sad no one gets me i cry ngày and night and yet it is like i am not there i am a sung meint of the mind that no one thinks is a real person that some one can ever tình yêu just to shame me is people life i wish the sad-ness whould go away leave me alone let me be me and be true to my self and no one else is my whis my way my life cause i am emo and that is all i willl ever do JUST LEAVE ME BE LET ME BE ME I AM EMO.

P.S to be emo is a from of culture tình yêu and sad-ness no one can take the pain but they can at least understand me us emos all around the world for us to just be free and under-stand us is all we ask all we need to be free and let us say xin chào I AM emo AND HAPPY TO BE emo THANK bạn AND GOOD BYE
posted by i-love-rping
I'll paint my mood in shades of blue
paint my soul to be with you
ill sketch ur lips in shaded tones
draw ur mouth to match my own
ill draw ur arms around me waist
And then all doubt i shall erase
Ill paint the rain that softly lands
On the crescents of ur hands
ill trace a hand to wipe away ur tears
A calming look to quell ur fears
A silhouette of dark and light
while we hold each other tight
ill paint a sun to warm ur heart
swearing that we'll never part
I'll paint the stars n the evening sky
draw their light into ur eyes
I'll draw a striking touch of grace
that shows the gentleness of ur face
I'll trace ur...
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posted by Mallory101
Seven eighths
Seven eighths halfway there
Sticks and stones through the broken windows
Like táo, apple pie left for a week
Toss it in and hope it swims

But it’s the things at the bottom bạn need to worry about
If bạn sink they lurk down there
Tangle around your legs and hold bạn down.
So jump on in

Seven eighths, four thêm to go
One táo, apple is rotten, so throw the whole barrel out
Seven eggs gives nineteen chickens
But only if they’re in the bushes

Last in line, theres nothing left
All sold out, waited too long
Next time, push in and get your serve
Like the others did to you...
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