(So this is about Em's Hoboken life, but will include many flashbacks from when she lived in England. :P The ngày is January 5th 2005, Emma is 6, nearly 7, though quite mature for her age. She still has her powers in this. A few other Ocs will be mentioned, as they are crucial to the story. This is a bit of an introductory chapter, with just the technical stuff but it will get better. :3)

Darkness. It was the only thing Emma had seen for weeks. She curled up in the corner of her crate, staring at the dark pile of stinking cá which was supposed to be her food. She sighed and picked one up, forcing herself to eat one.

"Ew." She remarked, shivering as she swallowed the slimy trout. She crossed her flippers and stared at the wooden floor. She had no idea where she was going, all she knew was that her mum, dad and younger brother, Tom, had been transferred to another Zoo, taken from their trang chủ in England. She thought about her friends, the ones who she had known since she was a little chick, and blinked away a solitary tear.

Back in England, Emma had lived at Twycross Zoo in Leciestershire, which had a massive chim cánh cụt enclosure. In that enclosure lived 16 penguins. (18 when Skipper and Rico were still there.) There was 5 families, Emma's family, and 4 others. One was her close friend Liam's family, (Which consisted of him, his mum and dad, and little brother.) her best friend Sam's family, (Sam, her grandma, and her two little brothers.) Zoe's family. (Her and her mum.) and Ryan's family. (Him and his dad, his twin brother lives with his mum.) Zoe, Sam, Ryan and Liam were Emma's best friends, who she had known for a very long time. She had known Liam since she was born, Sam and Ryan since she was 3 months old, (that's when they were born) and Zoe since she was 1. (Zoe is the oldest, but was transferred to the Zoo when they were all 1.) Because of her good memory, Emma roughly remembered when she was born, and met her family, and Liam, though it was very hazy.

Roughly 6 and 3/4 years ago.

Emma's eyes opened for the first time, and was met bởi darkness. She looked around with wide eyes, and held out her flipper, where she felt it come in contact with a smooth, yet delicate surface. She tapped it gently, and it quickly began to crack. As a beam of sunlight met her eyes for the first time, she squealed in surprise and tapped furiously, falling over, and tumbling into the light. She quickly grew tired and fell asleep. When she opened her eyes, she saw a male and female chim cánh cụt looking down at her, smiling happily. The female scooped her up, and patted her head gently. Emma giggled in response and watched the penguins curiously.

"Let's call her Emma." One of the penguins said, and the other nodded in agreement. Emma turned her head and saw three smaller penguins watching her curiously. One was flat headed, one had a little spiky tuft of feather, and the other had lots of spiky feathers.

"Can I hold her?" The flat headed one asked eagerly.

"Sure Skipper." The male agreed, passing Emma over gently.

"Hey little sis." Skipper said, a little shyly. I'm your big brother, and there's your other brother Rico, and that's Liam. He'll be your friend." He explained.

"She doesn't understand bạn yet." Rico reminded him.

"Shut up Rico!" Skipper hissed. He turned back to Emma and smiled, tickling her little feet. Liam watched in wonderment, and tried to waddle over, but tripped on his little feet. (Liam is only 1 tháng and a few weeks older than Emma.) Skipper smiled at Liam, and sat Emma down tiếp theo to him, gently holding his little sister up. Liam cocked his head to the side, and Emma copied. Liam rubbed his beak, and Emma copied again. Liam giggled and held out his flipper to Emma, who did the same until their flippers touched. They both smiled, and the other penguins watched, beaming at the little chicks. Emma grew tired again, and fell asleep.

Present day.

Like when she was born, a beam of light seeped into the dark crate, and Emma covered her eyes in surprise. She felt herself being picked up, and she uncovered her eyes slowly, noticing a human, who was carrying her gently. She saw a sign above which đã đưa ý kiến 'Hoboken Zoo.'

I guess I have to make a new start. She sighed. It can't be that bad, can it?