Emma woke bright and early the tiếp theo day, and sat up in her bunk. She popped her head out, and saw that only Skipper was up. She took a deep breath, woke herself up fully, and walked over to him.

"Hey Skips." She greeted brightly. Skipper gave her a surprised look, and turned back towards the bunks.

"Why are bạn up so early sis?" He asked wonderingly.

"Well I need to tell bạn something that i'm not sure you're gonna believe, but bạn need to know." Emma told him, picking her words carefully. Skipper perked up and he put his cá coffee on the table.

"What is it?" Skipper asked, his face growing serious.

"Urm, well...." Emma trailed off, not sure how to put this lightly.

"C'mon tell me." Skipper interrupted.

"Tia's evil!" Emma blurted out, quickly glancing to see if she was awake. Skipper just looked at Emma in surprise, and chuckled, earning a surprised look from his sister. She couldn't remember the last time he laughed.

"Pfft, you're joking right?" Skipper replied, grinning. Emma just stared at him, and the grin slipped from Skipper's face. "You're not joking." He realised, staring at Emma with confusion.

"Skips, she's the màu hồng, hồng creature that's enemies with the equa's in disguise." Emma explained.

"How would bạn even know that?" Skipper asked a hint of irritation and doubt in his voice.

"Because of a dream I had....." Emma began, only to be silenced bởi her brother.

"Emma, dreams are only dreams, they don't always tell the future." He đã đưa ý kiến dismissively.

"Well they do for me." Emma replied, her voice raising little. "And yesterday, her eyes flashed pink!" She added.

"You were probably hallucinating, now stop being stubborn, and get it through your head that she's completely normal!" Skipper said, his voice raising to a shout.

"Well she isn't!" Emma yelled, her face flushed with anger at her brothers blindness. Skipper Mất tích his temper, and slapped Emma's face with all the force inside him. Emma stopped immediately, and stared at him, in hurt and surprise. Skipper had never slapped her before, not even when she was being a pain. She put a flipper to her cheek, and her eyes became big and sad as tears stung the back of them. If felt like someone had thrown a sharp rock directly at her. Skipper looked at her and a flashback to when they were little entered his mind.

12 years ago..

Emma ran up to Skipper, her eyes full of tears.

"Woah what's up sis?" He asked, hugging her gently.

"I fell over." She whimpered, pointing to her flipper, which had a small cut on it.

"Aw, let me get bạn a bandage. Skipper said, taking her over to the first aid box, and wrapping a small bandage around her flipper, patting her head as he did. Emma began to smile, and Skipper smiled at her warmly. When he finished Emma hugged him tightly.

"Thanks Skipper!" She squealed, smiling up at him.

"Anytime, Emma, you're my baby sister and i'll always be there to protect you, and make the pain go away." He promised, hugging her back.

Present day...

Skipper felt awful, he had just done the opposite of what he promised her all those years ago. He hugged Emma tightly and she hugged back, a few tears falling from her eyes. He guessed that because of Emma's usual toughness, and independence, he forgot that she was still his little sister. It didn't really help that she was taller than him either. But the expression in her eyes then was the expression of a hurt, innocent toddler who looked up to her big brother like a hero.

"I'm sorry sis." He said, looking ashamed. He stared at her cheek, and looked up at her in concern. "It doesn't hurt too much does it?" He asked worriedly.

"The pain will go away soon." She told him, wiping the last few tears from her eyes.

"Now sis, I still don't believe you, but I shouldn't have done that, I crossed the line." He admitted. "I'm supposed to protect bạn and then I do something like that."

"It's ok, bạn just Mất tích your temper for a minute." Emma told him reassuringly. Skipper hugged her again, and smiled at her.

"It's still not ok for me to have done that." He remarked.

"Well you've đã đưa ý kiến your sorry, and that's what matters." Emma told him. She looked back towards her bed. "I'm going back sleep now. But Skips can bạn promise me one thing?" She asked.

"What is it?" Skipper asked.

"That bạn don't tell anyone what I told you, especially Tia." Emma replied.

"I promise." Skipper đã đưa ý kiến a solemn look on his face. Emma climbed back into her bunk, and turned to face the wall.

Well that didn't work. Emma thought sighing a little. I guess me and Kowalski will just have to prove it. She thought, closing her eyes and falling back sleep.

Emma trudged out of bed, and judging bởi the amount of chatter coming from the cinder-block table, everyone but her was already up.

Well I guess that's normal. She thought with a smile. Kowalski turned around and smiled warmly at her, before hugging her tightly.

"Morning Em." He whispered, stroking her hair.

"Morning Kowalski." She whispered back, enjoying the warmth of his feathers. She pulled away and smiled shyly, before sitting down at the crowded table. As usual, Ava was sitting with Ashley, and the two kept glancing at eachother when the other wasn't looking. Emma couldn't help but grin at this, as she tucked into her breakfast. She struggled to keep this smile in her face, when she caught Skipper gazing dreamily at Tia whilst she was talking. She exchanged a small, grossed out look with Kowalski, then plastered her bright smile back on her face.

"So are we training again today?" Tia asked hopefully.

"Yep, we do everyday." Ashley told her cheerfully, smiling at the new arrival. Tia smiled back, and looked up at Skipper.

"So when do we go and start again?" Ava asked curiously.

"In about 10 minutes." Skipper answered, looking towards the fishbowl. The others finished their food, and in no time whatsoever, all of the động vật were climbing up the fishbowl, chattering away, eagerness in their voices, and anticipation in their eyes.

"So what are we doing today Skippah?" Private asked eagerly.

"Well, today, we're going to practice fighting whilst on water." Skipper began.

"Don't bạn mean 'in' water?" Tom asked.

"No, 'on' water." Skipper corrected, earning a confused look from the troops surrounding him. He gestured to a large pile of floats behind him, and Emma squealed in excitement. "They're not for playing on." He đã đưa ý kiến sternly, looking directly at his sister. Emma's excited smile slipped from her face, and she tried not to roll her eyes.

"What are they?" Maya asked, staring at the colourful shapes in bewilderment.

"Floats, they keep bạn above the water." Skipper explained. Maya's face cleared and she nodded in understanding.

"Can we choose, which, urm, float we have?" Dustin asked, his bright yellow eyes focused on the biggest float at the back. Skipper nodded and the penguins and equas, rushed past him, and started grabbing some floats. Dustin grinned triumphantly when he took the biggest one, and dived into the water. Tia walked over calmly, a few giây after the others and saw only one left. She looked up at Skipper in confusion, who looked at the pile and put a flipper to his forehead.

"Oh shoot, I must have forgot to get another." He told the female penguin, his eyes darting to the left.

Yeah, sure, bạn 'forgot' Skipper... Emma thought sarcastically, steering the float over to Kowalski, Ashley and Ava.

"I guess I'll have to share with you." Tia decided brightly, blushing a little. Skipper smiled, and took the last float, diving into the water as he did. Tia followed him, and they sat on the float together. Emma tried not to gag at this.

"So I want bạn all to stand up, and try and keep your balance." Skipper instructed. The group got up cautiously and Michael fell immediately, causing a massive splash, that soaked Rico and Sky.

"Bloody hell, that's harder than it looks!" Michael exclaimed, trying to avoid the death-stare he was receiving from Sky, as he stumbled back onto the float. Eventually, they all were standing and Skipper looked around at the proudly.

"Good, now try punching without falling over." He ordered. When they all managed it, he smiled in satisfaction. "Now, steer your float along, and try to attack everyone else. Your goal is to knock everyone else off their float, and when your off your float, bạn can't get back on." He told them. Rico's eyes lit up with excitement and searched around for the closest victim. He smiled deviously, when he saw Tom, a little to his left.

"Mwhahaha!!" He laughed mischievously, as he began to steer over to his little brother. Tom noticed, and steered away urgently. Rico began to follow and soon caught him. He kicked Tom's float and sent him flying through the air.

"Woah, Rico calm down a little, it's just a training exercise." Private reminded him, staring at the taller chim cánh cụt in alarm. Meanwhile, Sky had just knocked Michael off, and she grinned at him.

"That's for splashing me!" She said, swimming off swiftly.

She reminds me of Rico. Skipper thought, grinning a little. About 30 phút later only Skipper and Tia, and, (surprisingly) Ashley were left. Ashley stared at the two penguins with determination, and steered over bravely. He went to knock their float over, but Tia stopped him, and knocked his, causing him to fall off, and end up with the float on his head. He burst into giggles and grinned up at the winners. They grinned back, and Skipper gathered everyone around their float.

"Well done everyone, that went well, but Rico, and Sky, tone it down at bit, it was only a game." He told them.

"Okay." Rico agreed, and Sky nodded.

"Can we have free time with the floats now?" Tom asked eagerly, his eyes on Rico. Skipper sighed and nodded in agreement. Emma let out an excited sound, and jumped back on her float. They all began to mess around, splash eachother, and knock others off. Tom smiled evilly, as he pushed Rico into the water. Emma splashed Kowalski playfully, and tried to swim away when Skipper started chasing her.

Meanwhile, Marlene was watching from her habitat, and she glared at the new penguin, jealously.

"I really should have told Skipper before this new girl came along." She sighed. She watched longingly, before going back inside, a few tears rolling down her cheeks.

After training, Emma decided to visit Marlene. With all of this business with the equas and their unexpected new arrival, she hadn't seen her best friend in a few days. A thought crossed her mind about Skipper and Tia, and looked towards Marlene's habitat in concern.

I guess I'll have to tell her lightly. Emma thought, strolling out of the chim cánh cụt habitat, and making her way over to Marlene's. She smiled as she climbed the tường and made her way over to the cave. Emma had always thought that Marlene had the prettiest habitat in the zoo. She knocked on the side of the cave loudly, and was surprised when she got no answer.

"Marlene?" Emma called curiously. She heard a faint sobbing sound, and stepped into the cave cautiously, her mind on the alert. She stopped in astonishment, seeing Marlene sitting on her bed, her face buried into her paws. "Oh my goodness, are bạn ok?" Emma exclaimed, rushing over to her.

"Urm.. yes, I'm ok." Marlene faltered, hastily wiping her tears away. Emma gave her a doubtful look, and Marlene sighed. "I saw Skipper with that new penguin, and I guess I got upset over it." She explained quietly. Emma hugged her comfortingly and a few thêm tears fell from the otters face.

"Trust me, this new girls not around to stay." Emma reassured her.

"Really? Why?" Marlene asked, looking a little brighter. Emma took a deep breath and wondered how to explain the tiếp theo bit, without Marlene panicking over Skipper's safety.

"Well, urm, bạn know those alien Những người bạn of mine that I met through that portal?" Emma began.

"Yes." Marlene answered, looking curious.

"Well she is their enemy from another planet in disguise." Emma finished, trying not to wince at Marlene's expression.

"Wait if bạn know this, why are bạn letting Skipper be all dreamy around her still?" Marlene asked, an angry look crossing her face.

"I've told him, and he doesn't believe me, and I can't prove it." Emma explained, a hint of frustration in her voice. "Me and Kowalski are trying to figure out how to prove it." She added.

"I really want to help with that, but I think if I started turning up at the HQ every single day, they might catch onto us." Marlene đã đưa ý kiến sadly.

"Well what if we install a hidden camera in your habitat, which faces our HQ, so if she sneaks out at night hoặc something, we'll be able to prove it." Emma suggested, beginning to grin.

"I like that!" Marlene remarked, grinning too.

"I'll go and get a camera soon." Emma promised.

"Well do bạn wanna stay here for a bit, and paint?" Marlene asked, hopefully.

"Sure!" Emma agreed, smiling at her friend. She looked towards the cave entrance, and a few giây later her drawstring bag came whizzing through. Emma smiled as it landed in her lap, and she got her painting kit out.

"Admittedly I still find it strange that bạn can bring that to bạn with your mind, but nothing else. And that it fits anything in." Marlene remarked, getting her own paint kit out.

"Same here." Emma giggled. The two Những người bạn began painting, and chatting, temporarily forgetting the problems arising all around them.

An giờ hoặc so later, Emma installed the tiny camera, and hid it in a bush. She turned it towards the chim cánh cụt HQ, and took a few steps back.

"Hehe bạn can't even see it from here, let alone my habitat." She chuckled, smiling brightly at Marlene. Marlene smiled back, and stared into the small bush, trying to spot the camera.

"So are bạn going back, to keep an eye on Tia?" Marlene asked.

"Yeah, I think it'll be best." Emma replied. "If she sneaks out at night though, the camera should catch it all." Emma added with a smile. She đã đưa ý kiến goodbye to Marlene, then headed back to the HQ.

Hmm, I might have to try and stay up tonight, just incase she sneaks to another room in the HQ, and plots something. Emma thought, a little reluctantly. She loved sleep nearly thêm than anything, but if this was how they were going to catch Tia in her schemes, then so be it.

That night, everyone was heading to bed, and Emma explained her plan quietly to Kowalski.

"Ok, but tomorrow night, I'll stay up so bạn can have sleep." He told her sweetly. Emma smiled and hugged him tightly before whispering goodnight. She hopped into her bunk, and looked around. Ava was the last in the HQ, as she was just saying goodnight to Ashley, a shy look on her face. Emma smiled at the two animals, before settling down. The lights went off, and she began to read. She held a small light up to the book, and engrossed herself into it. But she kept an eye and ear(hole) out for any strange movements, hoặc unusual sounds. She heard a bang, and jumped suddenly, hitting her head on the ceiling. She poked her head out of the bunk, and looked around. Her eyes fell on the fallen Miss Perky, who Rico had stood on one leg, and had stayed up for a few hours. But doll hoặc not, an object can only balance for so long. Emma sighed and regarded it as nothing. This was gonna be a long night........

A few weeks passed, and Emma still couldn't get anything on Tia, no matter how many nights she stayed up. Skipper and Tia were growing closer (as were Ashley and Ava), and she couldn't do anything to stop it. It disgusted her. The only thing keeping her from giving up was the help from Marlene and Kowalski. On the 28th of July, (Exactly 3 weeks since the Equa's had arrived) Emma crawled out of bed, and grumbled. Another uneventful night had gone, and she was really starting to miss her sleep. She trudged over, unable to stop her grumpy mood from showing.

"You ok lass?" Ashley asked in concern, noticing Emma's droopy eyes, and unhappy expression. Emma just nodded unconvincingly, and began to eat her breakfast slowly. Ashley scooted over, and put his flipper on her shoulder. "You don't look like it, you're usually smiling when bạn wake up." He pointed out.

"I'm ok Ash." Emma reassured him, flashing a smile. Ashley was usually naive enough to believe people, especially Emma, but even he was watching her suspiciously, a hint of doubt in his bright green eyes. He knew her too well to be fooled this time. Emma ignored this, and tried to focus on the Tv. Private was watching the Lunacorns, so Emma turned away immediately. She let out a barely audible sigh, and attempted to keep her eyes open. She glanced around her and saw that everyone was up, except for Kowalski, and surprisingly, Skipper.

Well Kowalski's probably resting for his watch night. Emma guessed. She looked towards the bunks, and saw a flash of movement in Skipper's. He got up cheerfully, and strolled over to the table, and stopped in surprise.

"Woah, sis bạn look like hell." Skipper blurted out, his eyes looking Emma over worriedly.

"Well thank bạn Skipper." Emma mumbled sarcastically. Skipper's eyes widened, and he looked even thêm concerned. Emma had never called him Skipper before, she'd always called him Skips, even when they were little.

"You.. bạn haven't been sleeping well have you?" He realised.

"I'm fine." Emma said, forcing her eyes open, and putting on the brightest smile possible. Skipper just rolled his eyes, and shook his head, walking over to Tia, There was no reasoning with Emma when she was in a bad mood, he knew she didn't get enough sleep, but she was just too darn stubborn to admit it. Kowalski got up soon after, and the bàn was crowded as usual. Emma was used to the loud chatter and the squashed feeling at the table, but part of her couldn't wait to have the peaceful HQ, back to normal.

"So are we heading to training now?" Tia asked cheerfully. Skipper nodded and beckoned to the others as he climbed the ladder. Kowalski put down a half eaten cá and gave Emma a sympathetic look as they followed the leader. Skipper had begun with thêm advanced training with the newbies a few days ago, but he was in a lazy mood today, so he just made them practice basic punches. A while into the session, Kowalski began to feel dizzy. His vision blurred and Emma looked at him in worry.

"Kowalski are bạn alright?" She asked, her eyes full of concern. Kowalski barely even heard her and flopped to the floor. The other gathered around in in shock, and Emma shook him in fright. Kowalski made a moaning sound, and closed his eyes. Sky got out her medical kit, and looked him over. Back on their planet, Sky was one of the medical equa's who helped the sick. A few moments later she looked up.

"It looks like he's had some really bad fish, he'll be unconscious for 24 hours." Sky told them. Emma's tim, trái tim sank, and she thought about his watch night. Then a thought came to her, and she watched Tia suspiciously out of the corner of her eye. Could she have done this? She thought about the fish, and realised he only ate half of it.

What if he ate all of it? Could it have killed him? She thought desperately, a ball of fear forming in her stomach. Rico carried him into his bunk, and Emma watched him sadly.

"Hey Skipper can I talk to bạn tonight?" Tia whispered. Skipper blushed and nodded. Emma overheard this, and narrowed her eyes. Her attention was suddenly caught bởi Tom, who was waddling over to Skipper.

"Can I have a sleepover at the Chameleons tonight?" He asked. Skipper rolled his eyes and nodded.

"Just be careful about the snakes." Skipper warned him. Tom nodded in understanding, and ran over to his bunk, to get some things.

For the rest of the day, Emma was on edge. She was tired already, and she would have to stay up another night, and she had a bad feeling that Tia was plotting something tonight. The only thing that was making her smile was Ava and Ashley. They still hadn't admitted they liked eachother yet, but Emma felt it might be soon to come, they were so shy around eachother, but spent every waking moment with eachother. Emma couldn't help realise that she used to be the same with Kowalski. (And Private at one point) As the ngày rolled into night and everyone was getting to bed, Emma noticed Tia and Skipper going down the sub levels. She looked at her giường and resisted the temptation to flop in and fall asleep. As they disappeared and everyone else got into bed, a thought crossed Emma's mind. A while back, she and Kowalski invented a non harmful pill which could keep bạn up at night.

Why didn't we think of those before? She wondered. She went into the bathroom, which was in a room within the lab, and opened the little medicine cabinet, She took out one of the pills, glancing at the label, and swallowing it. Suddenly, she felt very tired and dizzy. She looked thêm carefully at the label, and saw that it had been ripped and was coming off at the edges. She picked up the sleeping pills and noticed the label on that was ripped too. Someone had obviously switched them.

"Oh Tia, bạn crafty little...." Emma trailed off as she fell to the floor, falling asleep instantly.

Skipper hopped out of the lift into sub level 11, and Tia looked around curiously.

"Wow!" She exclaimed, gazing at all of the dark long aisles, which made up the sub level. It looked a bit like a supermarket, but the nicely coloured thực phẩm was replaced with weapons of all kind, some capable of mass destruction, and some barely able to harm a fly. Tia stared around, and noticed Skipper smiling warmly at her out of the corner of her eye. She blushed and looked at him shyly.

"So what did bạn want to talk to me about?" He asked.

"Urm well......." Tia began, her cheeks flushing a little. Skipper took a step closer, and held her flipper.

"Go on." He encouraged, his stomach feeling strange and giddy. Tia looked like she was in deep thought, and she eventually looked up at him, and took a deep breath.

"I.. think I've got a.... crush on you.." She managed, looking towards the floor instantly. Skipper blushed and took her other flipper, stroking it softly. He smiled, and brought her chin up gently, so she was looking directly at him.

"I've.. got a crush on bạn too.." He admitted, his cheeks blushing a little at those words.

"Really?" She asked, smiling at the flat-headed chim cánh cụt shyly. Skipper nodded, and she hugged him tightly. It took him bởi surprise but he hugged back. Tia smiled at him, and closed the distance between them both, as she kissed him. Skipper blushed and his eyes widened in surprise, but he soon returned the kiss, closing his eyes in happiness. Whilst they were kissing, Tia's little chim cánh cụt tail grew in length and picked up a nearby frying pan. (Which Emma decided, after watching Tangled, was a deadly weapon and should be put down in the weapon level, much to Skipper's amusement.) When Skipper was least expecting it, she hit him as hard as possible on the back of the head with the frying pan, knocking him unconscious. Tia stared down at the leader, and smiled devilishly. She began to turn back to her normal form, the usual faint gargling sounds echoing around the vast aisles. She grabbed a handful of weapons, and dragged Skipper into the elevator, a thin trail of blood coming from his head.

Ah well, he'll survive... for now.. She thought, smiling deviously. She pressed a button, and in a few short minutes, the elevator opened and she put a gas mask on, as she threw a handful of grenades towards the bunks. She then went into the spare room, where the equas were and threw a handful in there. You never know if they were just pretending to be asleep.. She thought, picking them all up with ease and slinging them over her shoulder. She then turned into a large pigeon, and flew out of the fishbowl, towards Central Park.

12 hours later...

Emma woke up groggily, yawning loudly, as she blinked a few times, trying to remember what happened.

Wow, what a good nights sleep... She thought dreamily, not yet fully awake. As she glanced around the small bathroom, her thoughts began to flow back into her head. She got up, and poked her head into the HQ, worriedly. The room was completely deserted, it seemed like not a single soul had set foot in it for a few weeks. She glanced towards the bunks and saw a small note on Tom's bunk.

Please say you've all gone out for snowcones. She pleaded hopefully. She grabbed it and her tim, trái tim sank.

Guys, I'm gonna be at the Chameleon most of the day, so if bạn need me I'll be in the reptile house. Tom. Emma read, as she stared at the note.

"At least Tom is safe." She thought, brightening a little. She turned the note over and scribbled on it.

Tom, Tia's the evil alien in disguise, and she's kidnapped everyone. I don't know where, but if I'm not back in a ngày hoặc two, try and convince some of the other động vật to help. Please don't come running after me, I know bạn handled the snake situation well, but if anything happens to me, your our last hope. Stay an toàn, két an toàn and look out for Tia, in her chim cánh cụt form hoặc alien form. Emma. She then sat down, and wondered what to do. She had no idea where to start, Tia could be anywhere in the world, she may not even be on the world.

"Okay so I need to think...." Emma đã đưa ý kiến to herself. "She obviously has some sort of shape-shifting powers. And she may have good technology, since she got to Earth from her planet. But there might be a portal on her planet too." She thought aloud, sighing. She fell into deep thought and closed her eyes. Without realising she fell asleep.

Emma stared around her, and realised she was surrounded bởi fluffy whitish, màu hồng, hồng clouds,which seemed to be dancing in the breeze. She walked across one cautiously, and noticed a distinctly chim cánh cụt shaped one in the distance. She walked towards it instinctively, and it began to take shape more. After a few thêm steps, the đám mây turned into a very familiar face. Emma stared in surprise and a massive smile lit up her face as she ran over to her Great Great Great (etc) Grandmother, Eleanor Louise Rose, who's flippers were outstretched. The young chim cánh cụt hugged her tightly, and looked up at her. Eleanor looked very similar to Emma, but her beak and feet were yellow, and she only had on blue miếng bò hầm, bít tết in her hair, which was held up bởi a yellow bobble. She also wore a little blue necklace, had less spiky hair. But they had each others eyes, beak shape, feathers, and smile.

"W.. what's going on?" Emma asked. "The last time this happened was about two years ago." She realised, thinking back to when she was so confused about her identity and who she cared about that her long dead ancestor appeared in her dream and told her all of the answers.

"I can only come at certain times, I can't decide when sweetheart." Eleanor explained, a little sadly.

"So.. bạn have some information on Tia?" Emma asked hopefully. Eleanor nodded and she pulled out a little book from nowhere.

"Tia's name is really Tiatra, and she's of a species called Zyka. She is the leader of a lava planet, which although has advanced technology, Tiatra keeps it to herself, and her subjects, live in mud huts, just waiting in fear for the tiếp theo núi lửa to erupt. " She explained, looking a little sad.

"Go on." Emma encouraged.

"Anyway, she's jealous of the equa's green planet, which is why she has tried to defeat them many times. Then when she discovered Earth, because of bạn falling through the portal, she wants it even more, because it has cities and green areas. She has figured that the humans aren't particularly smart, aside from the few, so she assumes she just has to go through the equas and penguins to get the world." Eleanor continued.

"So where is she now?" Emma asked.

"Somewhere in Central park, on an invisible ship." Eleanor replied. "Please be careful darling, I don't want to see bạn up with us too soon, bạn have your whole life ahead of you." She warned, looking worried.

"I'll be careful." Emma promised. "How can I find the ship if it's invisible?"

"I'm afraid I don't know sweetheart." Eleanor answered. "This is all I know."

"Well thank you." Emma sad, hugging her ancestor. "When will I see bạn again?" She asked, as Eleanor began to walk away.

"When bạn need to my child." Eleanor replied, as she disappeared. Emma woke up, and her face grew serious. She knew what to do.