I know I'm going to regret nghề viết văn this, but I realized this ship is really được ưa chuộng on here, and I decided to share my opinion on it, so I'm sorry. I am going to try not to be a chó cái, bitch about it, and I'm sorry if I offend bạn in anyway, I'm really trying not to. If bạn know that this bài viết will offend bạn please LEAVE.

Let's start shall we?

Same Reasons for Shipping

I understand that there are people who have deeper reasoning for shipping, but it seems like there aren't that many reasons to ship it. I hear things like "same powers" and "similar looks" and "both are older siblings", but it really doesn't go that deep.

I'm sure there are other reasons, deeper reasons, but I can't really find any. The deeper ones I have found, just don't make me want to ship it. Each reason is easily arguable, and I just don't like it.

Jelsa petitions

This comes to hiển thị how out of control some những người hâm mộ can be, and there have been millions of Jelsa petitions sprinkled across the Internet, for Jelsa to be in Jelsa to be in Nữ hoàng băng giá 2.

Will it work? Ha ha, no.

I mean, in fanfiction and fanarts, it's fine. But please, don't try to force people who don't like Jelsa to watch a Jelsa movie, because a small amount of những người hâm mộ want it.

Plus, it won't happen. As it has clearly been pointed out many times, Disney and Dreamworks are rival companies, and as much as bạn can "hope" they will team up, it won't happen. Disney hardly does crossovers within their own companies, what is the likelihood that they would do a crossover with a different company

Two Different Personalities

I know the whole opposites attract thing, but these two are just too unalike, that I don't think it would work. I mean I can see them as friends, perhaps, but they are just too unalike. They would constantly get mad at each other because one has a calm, ladylike personality, and the other is a hyper, fun loving kid at heart.

I mean I've heard people say "well Elsa can teach Jack to be thêm mature and Jack can teach Elsa to have fun! It works out!". This leads me to my tiếp theo point.

They don't fit each other's story

I get I can change the story in fanfiction, but personally they are parts of their stories I rather not change (remember this is why I don't ship Jelsa). I mean I tình yêu Anna and the Guardian's roles (Anna is my yêu thích character in Frozen). And plus, I don't see Elsa as the person to believe in anyone and it certainly seemed like nobody believes in Jack Frost in years.

And it annoys me how they take Elsa's mature nature and turns her into a teenage fangirl.

Shipping war with Jackunzel

I hate shipping wars, and particularly with ships I am no người hâm mộ of. This is one of those cases. I really hate how rude Jelsa and Jackunzel những người hâm mộ are to each other. There is really no point to it, to be honest, and it really does get annoying.

In conclusion....

The his was NOT meant to offend Jelsa fans, it was just a way to express my opinion about this very được ưa chuộng ship.