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Elena, Jeremy and Ric were sitting at the phòng bếp, nhà bếp bàn having dinner. Well, Jeremy was eating. Elena was stirring in her thực phẩm and Alaric was looking at her.
“If bạn wanted mashed potatoes bạn could’ve asked” he said. Elena looked up distracted. “What? No, it’s good. It’s really nice” she said.
“How would bạn know?” Alaric asked. “You didn’t eat yet”
“It looks really nice” Elena đã đưa ý kiến shrugging.
“If you’re not hungry, that’s fine” Alaric said. “You don’t have to eat. But if there’s something else, I want bạn to tell me”
Elena looked down at her plate,...
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Caroline was making homework, yes homework, when someone rang the doorbell. Her mother wasn’t home, so she’d have to get up.
As soon as she opened, she wanted to close the door again, but Ronnie stuck out her foot.
“Five minutes” she said. Caroline sighed and opened the door. “What?” she asked.
“I, eh,…I want to apologize” Ronnie started. “The way I harassed you. I was going too far. I know you’re close with Tyler and I jumped into conclusions. I assumed bạn knew where he was”
“And I told bạn I didn’t” Caroline replied cold.
“Yeah, I know” Ronnie said. “That’s...
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Five days later.
Derek was rushing through the kitchen, setting the breakfast bàn when slow footsteps were heard on the stairs. Derek raced to the stairs and tried to help Damon keep his balance. Damon tried to push him away, but was too weak.
“I made breakfast” Derek said.
“Gee, thanks” Damon mumbled sarcastic. He shuffled to the phòng bếp, nhà bếp and fell down on a chair. He looked down at the bàn and picked up the blood bag. “This is breakfast?” he asked Derek.
“You have to drink it, Damon” Derek insisted. “It’s been five days. bạn will die if bạn don’t”
Damon shrugged. “Then...
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Tyler opened his eyes and gasped for air. The night was slowly giving in to the ngày and Tyler was still tied onto that chair.
“Good morning, sunshine” Klaus said, who was sitting in front of him in Indian style. He had a small flask in his left hand. “I hope you’re hungry”
“Can’t bạn just let me go already?” Tyler said, who was having trouble breathing. Blood came streaming from his eyes. What was wrong?
“I can’t let bạn go” Klaus said. “Not before bạn had breakfast” He continued, waving the flask. He scribbled up and opened the flask.
Tyler pressed his lips together, but Klaus easily separated them and poured the blood that was in the flask into his mouth.
“Now bạn won’t be so eager to run off, now will you?” Klaus đã đưa ý kiến as he untied Tyler.
A couple of hours later
Elena was lying in Damon’s arms, when the door opened and Stefan and Katherine appeared in the doorway.
“Damon? Can I talk to you” Katherine asked careful. Damon nodded, but prevented Elena from leaving. “In private?”
“It’s okay, Damon” Elena sighed and she freed herself from his hold. “I’ll be back” she đã đưa ý kiến with a faint smile. She walked away from the giường and followed Stefan outside.
“Elena, I’m sorry” Stefan said.
“Not now, Stefan” Elena said.
“Yes, now” Stefan said. “I know bạn hate me and bạn have every right to. bạn should hate...
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Damon almost let go and fell back, but Stefan tightened his grip on him and pulled him up. They were outside, standing in the wreckage that used to be Bonnies house. Damon jerked his hand and walked away from his brother.
“Damon, wait…” but Damon walked to Katherine, who came his way. She lay her hands on his upper arms.
“Are bạn alright? How do bạn feel?” she asked worried.
“Like someone who’s been tortured” he đã đưa ý kiến with a faint smile.
“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help you” Katherine said. “I had to keep an eye on Stefan”
“It’s okay” Damon reassured her. “Elena...
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Once again Elena pulled Damon’s arm over her shoulder.
“I can walk myself now” Damon said, but Elena ignored him.
“You’re not strong enough yet” Elena said.
“Geez, Elena, just admit bạn can’t resist touching me” Damon joked. Elena’s cheeks turned red, but she recovered quickly.
“Good to know bạn can make jokes again” she said. They walked further.
“Can I ask bạn something?” Damon said. “How did bạn find me?”
“I had a dream” Elena began to explain. “In which your voice guided me to you…In my dream bạn died”
She paused to breath. Then she carried on. “Anyways,...
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Tears rolled over Elena’s cheeks as she held Damon in her arms. This could not be happening. This had to be a nightmare, one she needed to wake up from. She closed her eyes and memories of her and Damon flashed through her mind.
“I’m coming with you” she said. “Really?” Damon asked suspicious. “Damon, I ran through the rain. I’m soaked. Don’t go câu hỏi my honesty now” Elena said. “Okay, I just… I assumed you’d stay with your friend” Damon đã đưa ý kiến still surprised. “You assumed wrong” Elena đã đưa ý kiến calm. Damon focused on the car again, with no success. “I can’t...
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Elena scribbled up. Damon’s voice had faded away and she tried to find it back.
Elena’s breath went faster and she started walking when something was holding her back. She looked down and saw how twigs of hoa hồng wind around her legs, thorns stinging in her flesh.
Elena grabbed the twigs, ignoring the pain and tried to break them. But they were too strong.
Knowing Damon needed her gave Elena some extra strength and she let herself fall down on the ground. She pulled the twigs that grew bigger and bigger and winded around her body. Before she was completely immobilized...
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Jeremy was standing in front of Bonnies house. Caroline had told him about the party tonight and he planned on offering to escort Bonnie to it. Part of him đã đưa ý kiến ‘Screw her, dude. She dumped bạn to hook up with Damon Salvatore, the dick that killed you’, but another, much louder part said: ‘You still tình yêu her and despite what she’s done bạn want to give her another chance. She would do the same for you’
But after knocking several times he understood his ex wasn’t home. He considered going back home, then figured it wouldn’t hurt if he just waited inside. And so he opened the door...
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“Can bạn repeat…basically everything bạn just said?”
Katherine told Damon what she heard in Caroline’s room.
“You spied on my friends. That’s rude” Elena đã đưa ý kiến shocked.
“That’s not the point, Elena” Damon said, raising his hand to silence her. “Are they really going to try to set me up with that piece of nothing?”
“Hey, those are my best Những người bạn you’re talking about” Elena đã đưa ý kiến upset.
“Elena, shush” Katherine đã đưa ý kiến as if she was talking to a dog. She looked back at Damon. “Caroline will call bạn at 7pm and she will tell bạn that Elena wants to meet bạn at her...
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“I tried, Bonnie, but like I đã đưa ý kiến it didn’t work”
Caroline and Bonnie were sitting on Caroline’s bed, a large bag of kẹo between them. “Well, then bạn didn’t try hard enough” Bonnie snapped. “Why did bạn have to bring Elena with bạn anyway?”
“I’m sorry?” Caroline said, getting up from the bed. “I wouldn’t have been there if not for Elena. She’s the one that dragged me to Ric’s loft in the first place. You’re the one that butted in without an invitation”
Bonnies face changed from angry to upset. “I’m sorry, Caroline” she đã đưa ý kiến soft. She bowed her head...
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“Open the door now, Stefan! I need to talk to my sister!”
Stefan opened the door after Jeremy had banged it about twelve times.
“Alright, alright, don’t get all up tied” Stefan đã đưa ý kiến as he opened the door, a blood bag in his hand. “Now, what brings bạn here? Something about Elena, I assume?”
“I need to talk to her” Jeremy repeated. “And bạn know why”
Stefan shrugged. “Why didn’t bạn come here last night?”
“Because I knew Elena wasn’t here. I knew she was with Alaric and her friends, I didn’t want to make a scene” Jeremy explained.
“And bạn were also chicken that...
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These doors need to be oiled, Keith thought as he opened the door of Bonnies room. He walked to the giường and sank down.
Bonnie turned on her back in her giường and opened her eyes a bit. When she saw Keith her eyes widened and she sat straight.
“What the hell are bạn doing here? Go away! I’m going to call security! Get out!” she hissed.
“Ssshh” Keith said. “I’m just here to watch bạn sleep. Isn’t that romantic?”
“No!” Bonnie whispered loud. “Not if you’re the one watching”
“So, you’re not going to sleep, because I am here?” Keith asked. “Well, in that case, we might...
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Stefan looked around him. Rebekah had brought him to a party for which they weren’t invited. But she had used her charms to have the owner of the house to invite them in. “What are we doing here?”
“Doing groceries” Rebekah replied. She let her eyes glide over the guests as if she was comparing products.
“I have blood bags” Stefan said. Rebekah gave him a disgusted look. “I’m not eating deep fried food. I prefer it to be fresh. Sure bạn agree”
“Blood is blood” Stefan said.
“There” Rebekah pointed at the corner left from Stefan. “He looks yummy”
“Rebekah” Stefan...
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Tyler parked his car on the parking lot of the Mystic Grill. He saw Caroline leaning against the tường outside drinking some Bourbon. He hoped she wouldn’t look up. But as he made his way to the entrance she looked up.
“Tyler?” she đã đưa ý kiến surprised.
Just keep walking, Tyler thought.
“I know bạn can hear me, Tyler” Caroline đã đưa ý kiến uncomprehending. “Why are bạn avoiding me?”
Tyler stopped and walked towards Caroline. “Caroline, hi” he forced himself to say. He scratch his hair, feeling uncomfortable. “Don’t you…don’t bạn have school to go to?”
“Lunch break” Caroline explained....
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Caroline and Tyler watched Bonnies house collapse to the ground and they ran towards it.
Jeremy was stuck underneath the bricks and Tyler helped him out. “Are bạn okay? bạn need to go to the hospital?”
But Jeremy shook his head. “Elena and Damon are still down there”
Damon was still lying on hàng đầu, đầu trang of Elena. She gently pushed him off of her. “Look, the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy stopped” she said. “Jeremy must’ve pulled it off” A whiff of pride was heard in her voice, but Damon didn’t reply.
“Did bạn hear what I just said?” Elena asked frustrated. “We’re an toàn, két an toàn now. Jeremy killed...
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After what felt like hours they managed to dig a whole big enough to jump in. The moment Elena landed on the ground, which was pretty low, her phone rang. “Now what?” she đã đưa ý kiến agitated. She looked at the screen. “Not now, Ric” she mumbled in herself and she pressed decline. It was then she saw she had two messages on her voicemail and Damon had tried to call her. She listened to the latest one. “Oh, shut up, Damon, you’re not going to die” she đã đưa ý kiến with a fierce determination. Then she listened to the một giây one. She let out a cry, grasped her throat and dropped her phone.
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“I’ll be back” Bonnie said. “Don’t try to go anywhere, bạn know what happens if bạn do”
She walked out of the cage and left. She reappeared in the ICU of the hospital where Jeremy lay in coma.
She walked to the giường and lay her hand on his heart. She felt how it heated up and soon the curves on the monitor went flat and a long tune was heard. She disappeared right before the medical staff rushed in.
She reappeared in Damon’s cage and gasped. Even in this darkness she could see the cage was empty. He was trying to escape.
Damon slowly walked alongside the rough walls, his fingers...
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Matt banged on the door and Tyler stumbled out of bed.
“I’m coming!” he shouted. He walked to the front door and as soon as he opened he saw a fist aiming for his face. The tiếp theo moment he lay on the ground, Matt standing over him.
“What the hell?” Tyler muttered, touching his nose.
“Stay away from Caroline” Matt đã đưa ý kiến threatening.
“What the hell are bạn talking about?” Tyler đã đưa ý kiến as he scribbled up and his nose was healing.
“She told me bạn were with her” Matt đã đưa ý kiến shaking.
“Where?...Oh” Tyler started to understand. “Look, Matt, it’s not what bạn think. It’s not...
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