At least that people believe (I’m not one of them) people are calling a horney chó cái, bitch I mean what the hell with the hate? Everyone now especially stelena những người hâm mộ hate her because she gave up on Stefan so easily they hate her and they are so disappointed in her because she knew he was under “compellation”, she a selfish chó cái, bitch because she isn’t willing to spend her whole life saving Stefan really??

I mean just look back from S1 until now, look at what she had to endure and put up with Stefan, the guy comes to her life and from then lies to her about what he is, who he is, who he was. He lies to her about being a vampire, about why she got his interest in the first place (because she looked like Katherine) he lies to her about being add potted, he lies to her about his blood lust about all the bad things he has done, he makes her think that his brother is the worst vampire in the world that he only wants to hurt her, he tries to kill himself and through all of that she stuck bởi him never left his side, never thought he could ever harm anyone, don’t forget dying so he hoặc anyone she loves and cars about wouldn’t. she run to the people who wanted to scarifies her and made deals with them to prevent any harm that could happen to Stefan, she let him feed from her so he would get used to drinking human blood, she put her life at risk to save his no matter what, and never once complained hoặc gave up on him, she’s been there for him through good & bad not once that she have any doubts about him, her ant was almost killed because he was strong enough to really break with her instead they did their little play and it almost cost her anut

All summer long all she ever did is look for him, any kind of clue she found about him she went to Damon so he can help her find him, all she did is apposes about is how can she get Stefan back, I mean she barley stayed at her birth ngày party for an giờ and so than she went back to Stefan searching she was looking for Damon to ask him if he found something stumbling on the truth that Damon have been tracking “Klaus” this whole time, and even when she learned the truth that Damon have been following Stefan victim’s not Klaus’s, she still didn’t gave up on him ( I mean his brother just basically told her “the tình yêu of her life” is a cold blooded killer) but she still đã đưa ý kiến “I tình yêu bạn Stefan, hold on to that” I mean just look how amazing and big her tim, trái tim is, tiếp theo ngày even though she learned that Stefan killed Andie she still went looking for and put herself one of the most dangerous situations a person would put themselves in, she went on a tìm kiếm party in a full moon in a mountain FULL OF ma sói with possibility of running to Klaus who wants her dead and she took that risk knowing she, Alaric, and Damon might get hurt hoặc worst killed but she took it anyway not knowing even if she did find Stefan if will come with them hoặc not she still had faith in him, ngày hoặc so later Damon takes Elena to windy city because he had a trail on Stefan while in the road trip he tried to prepare her for to expect so she wouldn’t be shocked her tried to give her idea what she about to face and not let her go in blind, they arrived to Stefan’s apartment and yet again tried to open her eyes bởi hiển thị her Stefan’s victims danh sách and all she had to say to Damon is “what were bạn doing in 1920’s paving the way for women’s liberation?” , the guy tells her yet again he’s a killer and she doesn’t even as much say “oh that sick” hoặc anything instead she’s trying makes an excuse for him and thinks that the something worse than what Stefan did, while đọc riper Stefan’s diaries she was almost discovered bởi the vary vampire who killed her, her aunt and destroyed her life 2 months ago, anyone would run away and never look back but she stayed to try and talk Stefan even if it meant 5 mints, she was willing to risk her life & Damon’s for freaking 5 mints of talking to Stefan and hope that the fact she loves him and that she took this big risks would be enough but all Stefan did is break her heart, and basically telling her that her tình yêu for him and all her efforts is not good enough. Even after that she was still holding on to him (she didn’t took her chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm off) and don’t tell me to protect herself with vervain she can easily drink it, she doesn’t need the vervain chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm she was still wearing it because she still couldn’t let go of him, and even though she developed feelings for Damon she wouldn’t admitted to herself, she is not even allowing herself to have feelings for him (feelings are not something a person controls, a person just have the) but she’s fighting her feelings for him as hard as she can that she is lying to herself that’s how loyal she is, she will just put her feelings in box and lock with a key and through way, then we come to 3x05 I know all of bạn will say but Stefan was compelled he couldn’t help himself blah..blah..blah….. my point is he almost killed her compelled hoặc not Stefan almost killed of all the people that Elena would be worried hoặc scared that they might hurt her hoặc kill her Stefan is one of those few people she knew at her hurt would never almost take her (yes he was compelled) but she had to deal with the fact that the guy she has been with last năm is now of those people that she can’t trust, one of those people that she has to be extra careful around them, and Stefan was one of the people she would always go to whenever she has something on her mind hoặc she had a bad ngày and just want to site him in silent and now she Mất tích that probably forever (it’s bad enough she Mất tích all of her 4 parents and her aunt but now she has to deal with person who is Stefan in every way but not Stefan at all) but she still didn’t give in, the tiếp theo ngày after one of worst nightmares come to live she picked herself up and went into training to protect herself, she is not giving up on Stefan but she’s not an idiot too she preparing and training herself because now she can’t count on Stefan to save her and she will be dammed if she let herself be the dismal in danger if she had too she will at least ready to fight for her life from Stefan hoặc any other vampire who tries to hurt her, and with her new senesce of power she had a plan to save Stefan to bring him back, the plan fell apart but at least she tried, after that lexie came to her and showed her the proper way to help get Stefan back, and even though it would have hurt her to put him through that kind of pain she was willing to do it no matter how LONG it took her to get him back on the right track, and finally the last and final plan to save him which worked out one way hoặc the other but guess what he didn’t go to her because of “all the bad things he didn’t, he couldn’t face it” blah..blah…. I a sure bạn if Stefan went back to Elena & Damon after with he did (which to Damon & Elena was “bad” because they DON’T KNOW THE TRUHT) but I’m 100% sure that if he explained to them they both would welcome him back with open arms, Elena wouldn’t have left his side for one mint of he went back to her but guess what cowered as always Stefan ran way (as usual whenever his dark side shows, like in 1x20 he was going to kill himself, because he thinks nobody will tình yêu him anymore which is kind of ironic since everybody loves him whether he’s in the good hoặc bad side) but instead HE chose to run way HE made that choice freely after everything she & Damon been through to get him back and just walks way they almost died trying to get him back and he walks way, so finally after everything she just had to let go (we still don’t know if she really let go) that’s what was left just to let go to have some kind of peace of mind, she can finally breath again she can finally live again because now she knows that she has done everything on her power to get him back, hoặc would rather she becomes a silly Bella from twilight and try to kill herself because he moved on with his life, would rather that she becomes this silly weak person that everyone petties her because that will happen if she didn’t let go of him and she’s way too strong to be pitted bởi people.

“I think your goanna be the one who saves him from himself, It wouldn’t because he loves it would because he loves you” Elena to Damon about Stefan 3x08, and as we saw in 3x09 it really was Stefan’s tình yêu for Damon that saved him, Stefan’s tình yêu for Elena wasn’t strong enough to make him want to get his humanity back so even if she spent her whole life trying to get him back to his old self it would have never worked he would never have wanted to back to his old himself so for once since she get involved in this whole mess (no it’s not the whole Stefan thing, it also the whole her being a double ganger) she choice herself (so how in the hell is that selfish) , see unlike Damon’s tình yêu for Elena was strong enough to make him change hoặc at least try his tình yêu for her saved him.