"MOM!!!!" Eevee had to find her mother. FAST!! "Eevee? What's wrong sweetie?" Espeon regards her daughter's frightened look. Then she sees IT! A massive vortex of high winds plows through trees, bushes, and anything in its way like how sonic the hedgehog does when he does a sonic boost! "eevee run! Hurry!!" Eevee makes a mad dash for her mother to keep up but the winds strong pull suddenly grabs hold of her! "MOM!!! HELP ME!!!!!" Eevee cries. Espeon rushes over to help her daughter bởi extending her tail out towards eevee. "Grab on eevee!!" Eevee gripped her mother's tail but not strong enough to get a good hold on it. Eevee started to let go! "Mom I'm slipping help me!!" "Eevee, sweetie... I can't. The winds too strong...." "but mom.." eevee was shocked... was her mother really gonna let her go?!? Eevee began to cry. "Eevee, listen to me, don't cry. I promise bạn I will go and find you, I would risk my life to protect you... because I tình yêu bạn sweetie..." "I tình yêu bạn too mom.. promise bạn will find me? No matter what?" Eevee asked tearfully. The mother and daughter lock eyes.. "i will stop at nothing to find you!" "Now, go with goldeen and find someone who will take care of bạn two." "I promise I will find someone.. I'll do it for bạn mom." Eevee licks her mother's cheek then lets go.... "(sniffing) mom..." eevee is sent flying towards a tropical island in the middle of the ocean some miles off the sinnoh region and eevee lands in the water with a splash..