Eevee evoloutions
Most people(well all people) know there are 7 evoloutions for eevee!Or is there? Glaceon is not an evoloution of eevee! This is because an eevee needs some kind of stone to evolve! Flareon:Fire stone, Vaporeon:Water stone, Jolteon:Thunder stone, Espeon:Moon stone(in ngày time) , Umbreon:Moon stone [in night] and Leafeon:Leaf stone! All these stones exist! But does an ice stone exist? No!!! In pokemon ngọn lửa, chữa cháy red, leaf green and waterblue version, there are only 3 evoloutions of eevee! thêm over, is eevee a legendry pokemon? All the status provs it is a very strong pokemon because in the game there is only one eevee, it has 6(or 7) evoloutions and much thêm skills. So I think yes. What do bạn think?